The 1993 Monster was one of the most iconic bikes ever designed by Ducati. 2019 Ducati Monster 821 Stealth is a tribute to that bike. The basic philosophy behind the design is the same, powerful naked motorcycle with an overtly aggressive look.

A lot has changed in motorcycle production since 1993 and new Monster 821 Stealth incorporates a lot of gizmos that didn’t exist back then, making it a vastly improved version over the original Monster.

Monster 821 Stealth manages to look both sexy and beefy at the same time, which is a rare feat, especially with naked bikes, which by definition have a lot less exterior elements for designers to play with. The exposed frame and Ducati livery fully justify the name. After all, you wouldn’t expect anything named Stealth to be baby pink, least of all a bike.

With a dry weight of 389 pounds (climbing to 454 pounds when fully filled with liquids), Stealth is somewhat heavier than its predecessor, but engine improvements still provide it with a better weight to power ratio. Testastretta 11°, L-Twin engine with four valves per cylinder delivers 109 horsepower and 63 pound-feet of torque at 7,750 rpm.

The transmission is a 6 speed with Ducati Quick Shift up/down gearbox with the anti-slip clutch, which is essential for power control, making Stealth a tamed beast rather than a wild one. Braking power is delivered via dual 320 mm semi-floating discs with Brembo calipers and Bosch ABS system, providing a precision control of stopping.

Rear wheel has a somewhat smaller 245 mm disc. ABS system is a standard package on all versions. It is a part of the Ducati Safety Pack, together with Ducati Traction Control. Other safety features include riding and power modes, which are optional.

In another break with the tradition, but in line with modern times, the instrument panel is a TFT screen. All lights are LED, except a massive halogen headlamp. The design is complemented with huge 17” cast-alloy 10-spoke wheels. The front suspension is provided by Kayaba fork.

2019 Ducati Monster 821 Stealth will be available at dealers in Q1 of 2019. The MRSP is announced at $11,995, which is a sizeable chunk of cash but justified for all this bike has to offer.