Kawasaki has combined classic appearance with the performances and features of modern motorcycles with their new Kawasaki w800 Café. It was presented at 2018 EICMA for the first time and with the debut, we now know quite a lot about this model and we want to share it with you.

The preferences of buyers change all the time and Kawasaki studies the trends to offer the vehicle which will be appealing to many. It appears that retro machines are gaining popularity and the true motorists know how to appreciate café racers even if they don’t drive them. But what can we expect about the new w800?

2019 Kawasaki w800 Café Design

The new vehicle is based on the W1 which hit the market way back in 1966. In order for a retro look to be successful, Kawasaki added the wire wheels and blackout treatment. The front end of the new café racer is almost uniformly achromatic, but wire spokes and the brake disc are ruining the look.

The fork sliders and tubes are also darkened and the M-shape handlebar is finished in the same color. The shape of the bar takes us several decades back. While most of the motorcycle is finished in a dark color, there is a silver lining. And we mean literally. A silver bullet fairing is done in accordance with the stylistic language of café racers and the contrast created truly adds value to the w800.

Meanwhile, the saddle comes with a two-tone design – a brown pilot area and black pillion. Furthermore, a pair of J.C. handles is used to double as anchors for a bungee net that provides cargo capacity which can prove useful as small as it is. Last but not least, the rear fender is slightly mounted on the rearward lights and a tagholder. There is some similarities between the 2019 Kawasaki w800 Café and some Triumph models when they are looked at from the derriere.



For this new bike, Kawasaki plans to use the double-downtube/double-cradle frame which has been underpinning the model for years. However, the 2019 bike will get a newly-designed frame and with advanced dynamic analysis software, they will be able to determine the stress on each individual frame member.

One thing people forget is that café racers, although they are not powerful bikes used for circuit racing, are street racers after all. Their performance in an urban setting must not be neglected and this is an important category to consider when buying this bike. And Kawasaki did everything to improve the performance of their new model.

18-inch wheels are used and steel spokes and nipples are installed as well, to increase the strength of the motorcycle. The front disc comes with a dual-piston anchor, whereas an identical caliper is used for the rear wheel. These are all modern elements that are always welcome as they are much better than old-fashioned drum brakes.


The 2019 Kawasaki w800 Café brings an air-cooled parallel-twin engine but to complete the retro appearance, cooling fins are added to the jugs and there are also exhaust clamps. The displacement is 773 cc whereas both pistons move up and down in sync with a power pulse.

Kawasaki added a slip-and-assist clutch, while the unit is connected with a five-speed transmission. The output is currently unknown, but this model will certainly not produce more than 47 horsepower which is the maximum amount for A2-licensed bikes.

2019 Kawasaki w800 Café Price

The good news is that the new w800 café racer will cost under $10k. The exact price of the two-wheeler will be $9,799 whereas the buyers will have to be satisfied with Metallic Magnesium Gray with Galaxy Silver fairing and side covers.

What do you think of the new Kawasaki?