Kawasaki recently introduced its new Versys 1000 SE LT+ model. This motorcycle is marked as an adventure bike. He is quite impressive in terms of long-haul driving and is really comfortable.

You can say that with this bike, Kawasaki has raised standards. That’s why we decided to present some details about the new machine from the Kawasaki factory such as design, engine, chassis and of course what most motorcycle enthusiasts are most interested in, which is the price. So, let’s start.

2019 Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE LT+ Design

We start with the design of a motorcycle, specifically with the front end that has a bird’s-beak fender. However, the fender is somewhat different from standard fenders because it covers the entire surface above the tire and in this way prevents negative effects that can cause dust from the road.

At the front end there are dual headlights that are excellent for all weather conditions. There is also a windshield as well as a TFT screen displaying all the necessary driving information. As for outlook, it is characteristic of the adventure bike, with a seat and fuel tank.

In addition, there should be mentioned footpegs that are folded and p-pads that provide a support to the passenger. All in all, the motorcycle looks really great and we have no negative comments on the design.


The twin-spar frame is made of aluminum, which makes this motorcycle light. The wheelbase distance is 59.8 inches, while the steering wheel is set at 27 degrees. Versys 1000 SE LT + castings also have 17 inches in size.

The bikes are also 310 mm disc brakes that are of high quality. The brake system on this motorcycle is Intelligent Breaking System, while Electronic Control Suspension is responsible for adjusting the absorbers.

It should also be noted that Versys incorporates 43 mm Showa forks and a new Uni-Trak monoshock that is part of the Electronic Control Suspension system.


Numerous things on Versys are controlled by electronics. For example, the Throttle Valve control or the Kawasaki Quick Shift that allows you to change speeds quickly without a clutch. There are also several modes of driving.

The Cornering Management Function mode attracted the most attention. It provides excellent cornering during driving. Also, another interesting feature is the ability to connect with your motorcycle via Bluetooth. Versys 1000 SE LT + has a motor of 1043 cc, which is liquid-cooled and has four 38 mm Keihin throttle bodies as well as 7,500 rpm.

But, what impressed us most is a very fast shifter. To change the speed, almost no need to touch the clutch. This is truly a great feature of this motorcycle, which is primarily intended for long journeys.


As far as Versys 1000 SE LT + prices are concerned, it will not be small. It will be $ 17,999, which is quite a lot. Customers will be able to choose between two colors, Metallic Flat Spark Black and Pearl Flat Stardust White. Of course, at this price you get a great package of accessories.


The main competitor of the Versys 1000 SE LT + is the Triumph Tiger 1200 XRt. The Tiger is really serious competition, especially if you pay attention to the fact that this motorcycle has a motor of 1,215 cc, as well as 139 horsepower. Considering that it has a stronger engine, the Triumph is more expensive and its price is $ 21,050.

He says

“I think the Versys is plenty powerful enough for what it’s intended for, which is touring and/or urban/suburban commuting. Gotta’ say I like it, even if the color selection is a bit of a snore. Oh, like the cornering lights too, that’s sharp as a rat’s turd.”

She says

“I have to agree with my husband. I like the look without the bird’s beak. The colorway extends to the quick-release panniers, so the whole look is coordinated and put together, not like the panniers are an afterthought. It has a nice big windscreen, and of course, everyone has a smartphone app now, but it’s the electronics that really steal the show here, with electronic control suspension (KECS), quick shifter (KQS), electronic throttle valve control (ETV), cornering management (KCMF), intelligent anti-lock brakes (KIBS), TFT screen and rider modes, and even a few more acronyms that escape me at the moment. It’s a veritable alphabet soup of electronic gadgetry.”