There are a lot of motorcycle lovers around the world. They can see new models every year or new releases of some older models on some of the world’s most famous motorcycle shows such as EICMA or INTERMOT.

But for bikers in the US, even models presented on motorcycle shows can be a problem, because there are many machines that are not intended for the US market. This is a big problem for them, so we were inspired by this issues to create a list of 20 bikes that are not available for motorcycle enthusiasts in America. So let’s start.

20. YAMAHA XJR1300

The YAMAHA XJR1300 is a motorcycle that can provide you a complete and quality ride experience. This is a powerful bike with a four-cylinder engine capable of producing 71.9 KW. Also, this machine has a steel frame, a five-speed transmission as well as a dual disc brake. We can say it’s really sad that one such bike is not available for bikers in America.

19. BIMOTA DBX 1100

BIMOTA DBX 1100 belongs to the category of expensive engines. Its main features are TTX forks, monoblock disc brakes, and frame made of carbon fiber. This carbon fiber makes it the lightest motorcycle in its class. As for power, the engine has 95 horsepower. Also, we have to say that this is a redesigned DB10 B-Motor model from 2011.