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Whether you’re located on the side of the road or if you have just left your vehicle in a parking lot, car accidents could happen almost anywhere, no matter where you are at the moment or what time it is. Depending on how the automobiles collide, the accident can be categorized into several sections, all of which will influence the entire investigation and the claim you might want to make.

If you found yourself in such an unfortunate situation, you might be wondering – what are the different types of car accidents and how will it influence my claim? Fortunately for all people that found themselves in this situation, the article below might assist you. Let’s take a closer look at the list:

1. Head-On Collisions

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So, you’re traveling south down the road and suddenly, another car traveling goes to the median and starts heading right at your vehicle. At that moment, you realize that they have lost control and that they are afraid to make another move that might help them avoid a collision. Of course, you might react fast and steer right, which might help the other driver avoid your car. However, if this doesn’t happen or if you don’t react fast, you’ll experience a head-on collision.

2. A Rollover

When an SUV, car, truck, or van flips onto one of its sides, lands on its roof, or if it turns several times, it could cause the passengers and driver to be ejected from the vehicle. In these situations, there is little or no time to react, meaning that the vehicle will sustain some serious damages, but it could also cause some serious injuries to the occupants, and it also carries a huge risk of fatality. Keep in mind, if you fasten your seatbelt at all times, you’ll increase the chances of you and your passenger surviving a rollover.

3. A T-Bone Crash

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If there is a dangerous accident that you could experience, it is an at-bone crash. It occurs when one car crashes straight into another one. In most situations, this event happens mostly on the driver’s side of the vehicle that was hit, and this accident could easily cause several broken bones, a brain concussion, and in most drastic cases, fatality. Since this type of accident is usually unavoidable and happens extremely fast, your best chance of surviving the event or getting by with minor injuries is if you wear a seatbelt.

4. A Collision Involving Several Cars

Yet another drastic situation that you could be involved in is a collision involving several cars. In most cases, it involves 3 or more cars in a chain of events that lead to one single event. According to the experts, this collision could result in a wide range of injuries going from mild to severe, and like every other situation on this list, it could result in a fatality. Where you’ll end up will mostly rely on your awareness and reflexes that will allow you to avoid other vehicles on the road.

5. A Sideswipe Accident

No matter where you’re located – on a freeway or a random country road – driving past another car can be extremely dangerous and daunting. If you or the other driver experience any distractions while driving, it might prompt either of you to drift into the other lane, which can result in less damage to your car or some really devastating damages. To avoid these situations, you must ensure that you stay clear of all the blind spots that might come across your way, and keep an open eye on other people driving close to your lane.

6. An Impact From The Side

If your vehicle was hit in one of its sides by another vehicle’s front part, it is commonly referred to as a side-impact accident. Most commonly, this accident has been reported at various intersections, and yes, there are various eyewitnesses in these instances and besides the witnesses, there are usually recordings of the accident as well. In order for you to avoid this particular situation, you’ll have to strive to slow down at every junction, no matter if the lights turn green or not.

7. An Accident Involving One Vehicle

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As the name implies, a single-car vehicle is an accident that incorporates one car, however, you should know that it doesn’t mean that it’s the operators’ fault. In general, it’s caused by a driver reacting to certain obstacles, more specifically, someone avoiding hitting a certain obstacle, perhaps an animal or another swirling driver. In these instances, the weather is one of the hazards to blame, which is why you must ensure that you slow down whenever there is a curve, blind corner, or a road that you’re uncertain of.

When Should I Call a Lawyer?

If there is one thing that you should take away from this article, it’s the fact that no matter what situation you found yourself in and no matter if you are to blame or not, you must ensure that you call your lawyer as soon as you can. This means that no matter if you were involved in a T-bone crash or a head on collision, you must ensure that you speak with your lawyer. Hence, if you were involved in an accident, as soon as you get better, talk to your legal representative, advises

Why do you need to do this? Well, no matter if you are at fault or not, you’ll want to guarantee that you’re covered. And since you might not know what charges you might be facing, your lawyer will know exactly what steps you’ll have to take, which is why you must be completely honest with them.


There is a wide range of car accidents that you could experience and no matter which one you were involved with, there are different claims that you could submit. Keep in mind, before you actually submit a claim, it’s important that you talk with your lawyer in order to determine what your next step should be.

So, now that you’re aware of all the things you could experience while on the road, you shouldn’t lose any more of your time. Instead, if you were involved in some of the accidents mentioned in the article above, you should contact your lawyer immediately, and determine what you should do next.

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