For some people, a trip won’t be complete without their bicycles with them. Thus, there are those who go the extra mile to ensure that their bikes are properly packed if they need to fly out. Others make sure that they have ample space in their cars for their bikes. In line with this, below are some tips to help you prepare your car for your next cycling trip.

·         Get a Bike Rack

The first thing that you need to equip your car with is a bike rack, particularly if you plan on carrying your bike with you on every trip, apart from a planned cycling one. Even if you have a foldable bike that can fit snugly inside your car, having a bike rack is still much favorable. A bike rack will greatly free up some space in your car, allowing you to carry more passengers.

In getting a bike rack, you generally have two options. There are those that fit well at the rear of your car, while other bike racks need to be installed on the roof of your vehicle. Each comes with its own advantages and drawbacks. Those that are installed on the roof look neat but may hinder you from passing on areas with a low overhang. On the other hand, bike racks that are installed in the rear of your car are easier to install, but you may need to take extra precaution in turning because the bike rack becomes an extension of your car.

·         Organize your Cycling Stuff

Another thing that you need to do to prepare your car for your next cycling trip is to get a durable box where you can store and organize all your cycling stuff. Your cycling shoes and helmet, together with the equipment you need for your bikes such as a hand or floor pump should all be in this box. Your multi-tool or chain lube, as well as some wet wipes, should be included in this box too. In this way, it will be easier for you to find the stuff you need for cycling in your car.

·         Make space for food

Aside from a durable box for all your cycling stuff, ensure that you make some space for your food. A cooler is a great addition in your trunk, particularly if you are on your way to join a training camp. Your cooler will be able to store several bottles of water and sports drinks that can keep you hydrated and energized. Nevertheless, a cooler may not be necessary for a weekend cycling trip, but it still pays to have a space dedicated for your food items and other nourishing needs.

·         Sanitize your trunk

With all the things that you need to bring with you stored in your trunk, make sure that you sanitize it properly to keep it hygienic. As a cyclist, you are prone to excessively sweat and the sweaty clothes you take-off can be a host to bacteria, which is why it is important to sanitize your trunk by deodorizing it. Also, always bring with you a laundry bag where you can directly put the clothes you used in cycling, separate from your clean clothes.

·         Car Speakers

Having good and relaxing music while you drive is a good way to get you in the mood for cycling when you reach your destination. Thereby, prepare not only a playlist of good vibe songs to listen to while on the road, but also set up your car speakers or invest in new ones if you must. The vehicle experts behind believe that the best interior car speakers are those with clear audio and great sound quality. One with an impressive bass response and impeccable performance even at high volumes is worth every penny. To learn more about good speakers check out

·         Fluids

Before any long drive, check your vehicle fluids to circumvent any mishaps you may encounter while on the road. Check the oil of your car, as well as the radiator and brake fluids. The oil is critical in lubricating the moving components in your engine while the radiator fluid keeps your engine cool. Of course, you have to make sure that you have enough brake fluid to keep you safe and secure.

Aside from these fluids, also check for the power steering, transmission, and windshield fluid of your car. Your steering wheel may become less responsive if your power steering fluid is contaminated. Additionally, you may experience uncomfortable shifts if your transmission fluid goes bad. There is also, of course, your car’s windshield fluid that keeps your window to the road clear. Thus, before any cycling trip, make sure that your vehicle fluids are all-sufficient and uncontaminated.

·         Tires

Another thing that you need to do to make sure that your car is prepared for your cycling trip is to check the tires of your vehicle. Check whether the front and rear tires of your car have the right pressure. Low pressure may cause you to consume excessive gas, while too much pressure may cause a rather bumpy ride. Incorrect tire pressure may also cause your tires to wear out sooner than you expect them to be. Apart from the pressure of your tires, make sure to also check its rotation, or if your tires are nearing their replacement date.

Final Word

In planning your next cycling trip, make sure that your car is ready for it. As much as possible, get a bike rack so that you won’t have to worry about how you will fit your bike inside your car. Also, organize all your cycling stuff and be sure to make some space for drinks or food that will keep you nourished and hydrated. That being said, remember to sanitize your trunk.

But apart from this, it will help to equip your car with some of the best car speakers that you can find to make a long trip more bearable and enjoyable. Don’t forget to check for your vehicle fluids and tires as well, and consider a general maintenance evaluation to guarantee that everything in your trip will go smoothly. For professional help visit