Frankly, there are countless reasons car enthusiasts would consider sports utility vehicles as the epitome of automobile evolution. Many reasons make drivers look into buying SUVs, as they offer spacious passenger seating, large luggage capacities, a sense of security, and better handling of off-road driving.

SUV’s have proven to be one of the most popular car types in the automotive industry. While it is true that SUV’s are practically petrol engulfing machines, they still appeal to those who can afford it. Furthermore, there are numerous hybrid SUVs available on the market; these part petrol engine part electric motor-based vehicles don’t just cut running costs but are also much more eco-friendly.

Of all brand names, Ford stands as one of the most prominent names in the automobile industry and the SUV category specifically. They have more than 5 SUV models, each showing great potential in their markets.

The EcoSport, Explorer, Flex, Edge, Escape, and Expedition are all cutting edge vehicles and can be found at, new or used. The range of features varies, with the EcoSport model being the cheapest in the lineup, while also appealing to the environmentalist drivers. to the end of the spectrum with the Expedition, standing out as the biggest and priciest. You can customize your dream car according to your budget by using its customizable inventory search tool online. 

2019 Ford Expedition:

Despite of being one of the most expensive cars in its category, the Expedition has remained on top of the sales charts. This machine is the full package any SUV fan would be looking for. It is a 5 tons behemoth with a pretty powerful, yet agile V6 engine, which is mechanically at a neck to neck competition with V8 engines. Purchasing this baby would set you back almost $60K, but you’ll find that the overall feel you’ll have behind the wheel incomparable to any other car. 

Ford Escape SE Sport Hybrid 2019/2020:

This American masterpiece is so popular with millennials; it is ranked as one of the top 50 models in 2019. This model has brought Ford back to its golden days of top-notch machinery. This selection has remained true to Ford’s affordable prices, starting at $28,000, while being on the same level as some of the pricier options mechanically.

The reasons for its phenomenal success are the fact that not only is it a hybrid, but it also comes with a plug-in that can be charged from the applicable outlet, which will enable it to run petrol-free for 30 miles. Its sleek design and applauded performance are also two of the reasons you should consider it. This beautiful specimen can be found in dealerships all over the world.

Ford EcoSport 2019

That is probably the best crossover attempt pulled off by a brand name. Recently Ford has been adding to its lineup in its small-car segment. The Ecosport is a small yet decent SUV and even comes with a 4-wheel drive. For starters, it’s based on the Ford Fiesta, which has a pretty good design model and uses a selection of the same engines. The Ecosport gives buyers a choice between three different 1.0-liter petrol units or two 1.5-liter diesel, the 123bhp version of which is offered with four-wheel drive.

The problem with vehicles that aim to provide the compactness of hatchbacks, along with the spacious and mechanical dominance of SUV’s, is that it rarely works out. That has been the case with Ford and other companies since the inception of the crossover idea. However, all reviews suggest that the new EcoSport 2019 is a game-changer. A primary six-speed manual gearbox is available in all Ecosport versions. An automatic gearbox is offered only with Ecoboost 125. Starting at $17,000, this is one of the cheapest cars on the market today.

Ford Edge 2019

After Ford’s rather prolonged break from the broad SUV category, it introduced the sleek designed Edge back in 2006. The Edge has undergone many facelifts since then and is currently competing fiercely in a market that’s rather saturated with giant SUVs. To an extent, this might be the reason why Ford stopped making new large SUV models after the Expedition back in 2001. However, the new 2019 Edge has set itself away from the competition with its ingenious engineering and impeccable design.

It is the pinnacle of Ford’s engineering with 335hp and 380 lb.-ft. Of torque,* a 2.7L V6 turbocharged EcoBoost® engine, wireless charging, and Ford Co-Pilot360™ Technologies. Whatever power output you choose to run on, the automatic eight-speed gearbox is available by default. It powers the front wheels in the 148bhp entry-level, whereas the 235bhp ST-line and Vignale move with four wheels. Each edition can tow a braked trailer of up to 2000 kg despite the difference in strength.

Despite it performing a bit worse than some of the other options in its category, when it comes to speed, the Edge has remained on top of popularity rankings by petrol heads. For one, it isn’t a seven-seater like other models, which means it doesn’t cost that much money to drive it when compared with the Expedition, for example. Furthermore, the interior is so well designed that almost no one would have trouble adjusting their seats to their preferences. The steering wheel provides a lot of maneuverability with height and reach, while the sitting is electrically adjustable 10-way and is supported with four-way lumbar.

To conclude, the sheer amount of SUV options available on the market is overwhelming. As a person considering buying an SUV, it can be not very clear to sift and research through endless models. However, to summarize it for you, the above two models are the best options currently out there, and we thought potential buyers should look at them, thus saving you the hassle of endless research.