As the owner or manager of an auto repair shop, you must feel hounded by the growing competition.

But there is a way you can quickly earn the trust of customers and grow the footprint of your auto repair shop. For this, you’ll need to get AAA approved!

In this guide, you’ll find out how to become AAA approved auto repair shop. From the basics to the intricacies, here you’ll find it all.

What Is The American Automobile Association (AAA)?

AAA is a private but not-for-profit association of motor clubs with over 60 million members and 42 clubs from the United States and Canada.

Founded more than a century ago, customers trust AAA to refer them to credible and reliable auto repair shops. The AAA Approved auto repair certification program gives millions of AAA members quality auto maintenance and repair services.

The approved members are known to have passed the strict standards of the auto club.

Members trust the brand to nurture a network of qualified repair service providers.

Why Should You Get Your Auto Repair Shop AAA Approved?

So first thing’s first…why do even need to become an aaa approved auto repair shop?



The most obvious reason why auto repair shops opt for aaa approval is to add a stamp of credibility. AAA is one of the most famous and well-trusted brands when it comes to automotive service excellence.

Getting their approval can add a degree of credibility and reliability to your auto repair shop that will help your business in standing out.

Win Your Customer’s Trust

We also talked about this earlier. An AAA-approved auto shop will find it easy to make a place in the hearts and minds of customers. The repair business is a tricky one and can also be dangerous at times.

Customers are always on the lookout for credible auto repair shops so they can avoid financial losses.

Quality Assurance

You can also get your auto repair shop aaa approved for internal, quality assurance reasons. The American Automobile Association holds auto repair shops to the highest level of standards.

This means that only a lean and premium auto repair shop will be able to earn their approval.

Becoming an approved auto repair facility also has business and financial benefits attached to it. It can help in growing your customer base and become a trusted name in the auto repair industry.

The Steps To Becoming An AAA Approved Auto Repair Shop


Not to scare you off, but earning the status of an aaa approved repair shop is not easy. The competition is intense and the procedure is strict.

But our step-by-step guide will help you in understanding how you can earn aaa approval for your automotive repair facility.

1. Hire ASE Certified Mechanics

The first step into the approved auto repair program is by hiring mechanics who are Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified. This certification can be obtained from the National Institute.

AAA holds this certification in high regard and considers mechanics who have obtained it, as capable of performing well at a repair facility.

To get the certification, your auto mechanic needs to have completed automotive technical training at a trade school or apprenticeship. They also need to have relevant experience, ranging between 1-3 years, depending on which line of automotive services they are working in.

The ASE has rigorous requirements which make this certification trustworthy for AAA. AAA interviews and checks ase certification of master technicians and other team members to gauge their expertise.

Also, AAA checks the credibility of the business owner so its best to ensure you have proper liability insurance.

2. Invest in High Tech Diagnostics


To get your repair shop AAA approved, you need to invest in high-tech, computer diagnostics.

This is because these tools are the hallmark of excellent customer service as they can diagnose the issue within minutes. Advanced computer diagnostics are also accurate and offer quality services.

The AAA program values repairs conducted in short periods of time, so getting these tools will help you in getting the approval.

3. Provide Excellent Customer Service

Without achieving optimal levels of customer satisfaction, forget about getting AAA approval. AAA performs surveys to gauge the customer satisfaction levels for your auto repair shop.

Customer trust also requires transparency so make sure you communicate all details about your auto repair facilities and services to customers.

Needless to say, a higher customer satisfaction rate is what you need to get the approval of AAA. Make sure you are transparent in your repair services, to ensure customer satisfaction levels.

You can also add adequate parking for customers and focus on continually improving your services.

Ensuring effective communication and digital accessibility for your consumers will also provide them with better convenience. Make sure you are following all relevant accessibility standards to provide your customers with a seamless experience.

To improve the efficiency of your company, you can also invest in a good auto repair shop software like Autoleap. You can find more details on AutoLeap’s website.

4. Follow Environment Standards


To get AAA approved, your auto repair shop needs to uphold environmental regulations. Generally, a lot of waste is produced in the repair area like motor oil, fluids, etc. This waste can prove to be hazardous, if not handled with care.

Hence, AAA checks if environmental rules are being followed. You should also try and have a clean waiting room for your customers too.

5. Aim For A Higher Rating From the Better Business Bureau

Another requirement for getting AAA approval is a high rating and accreditation from the better business bureau.

This is because AAA finds the bureau to be transparent and in line with aaa standards. You will need to create an account with the bureau and fill out the registration form to get started.

6. Offer Warranty For Your Auto Repairs

Another requirement of AAA is offering a warranty for the repairs conducted at your auto repair shop. This will also make the customers trust you more.

7. Contact AAA For Approval

Lastly, you will need to get in touch with AAA to initiate the approval process for your shop. They will ask you to provide business and contact details to get started.