A kick scooter is basically a mode of transportation in which children have to stand on a deck similar to a skateboard, grip the handlebars, and swing their legs in kicking motion to propel the vehicle forward. These are extremely popular among children, and if you are looking to buy a kick scooter for your kid, then check this site.

What are the Benefits of Kick Scooters?

Following are some of the major benefits associated with kick scooters
  • Provides Balance and Direction – They are powered by your kick, balance, and direction. This way, these vehicles can help in enhancing the coordination among the children.
  • Helps in Increasing the Height and Bodily Function – Riding this bike is somewhat like an exercise that helps in making kids stronger. It promotes overall bone growth, especially the development of long bones. Additionally, riding these bikes enhance blood circulation as well.
  • Provides Body Strength – Riding a kick scooter allows your spine and joints to work efficiently with skeletal muscles. As opposed to cycling, you are not focusing on lower parts of the lower part of the body; rather, it allows you to stretch your entire body. This constant motion enables you to strengthen the body and its functioning.
  • Facilitate Healthy Movement – When you are riding them, the muscle corset along your back gets the maximum benefit from it, considering that you are bent forward for the most part of the ride, breathing can be easy and deep, thereby rendering a positive impact on the lungs. Furthermore, the muscles of your arms and legs are constantly used during the leg kicks, so the results are almost immediate.

How to Select the Right Kick Scooter?

For your kid to enjoy the kick scooter, you have to ensure that you get the right model. Every kid is different; while some can learn to ride it, some might need assistance. There are a lot of them out there, and we are sharing some important tips that will help you in choosing the best one for your kid.

Before that… Is Your Kid Ready for a Kick Scooter?

Along with age, the answer to this question also depends on the physical capabilities of your kids. Typically, children above the age of three are considered fit to ride it. However, at times younger kids than that age can also safely and securely ride them.

If your kid is able to walk through a straight gait and runs a bit, he or she can work with a kick scooter. However, there are multiple other factors as well that help you ascertain whether or not, it is right for you.

The Style of the Kick Scooter

There are various kick scooters available in the market. Each model has features that make it an excellent choice for your kid. Additionally, there are certain demerits associated with them that you should not overlook.

Typically, there are two types of scooter, namely the two-wheel and the three-wheel scooter. And each of them comes with their own sub-styles, which is especially true in the case of the three-wheeled kick scooter. Following are certain styles that you will see in three-wheeled kick scooters –

  • Two front wheels and one rear wheel accompanied with lean-to-turn steering
  • Two front wheels and one rear wheel along with bicycle turning mechanism
  • One front wheel two rear wheels paired with a v-shaped design
  • One front wheel and three rear wheels complemented with bicycle turning mechanism

When it comes to the two-wheel scooter, the design is pretty much the same. One wheel is embedded on the front and the other on the back. Moreover, between the two wheels, there is a deck that connects them.

Two-wheel bikes are considered the most challenging bike to ride among all other variants. The riders need to exert more strength to push it to an adequate velocity in order to maintain the balance. Moreover, he or she also needs to keep steering the scooter in order to direct and maintain the balance.


The size of the wheels in the scooter is proportionate to the size of them. A small one will feature small wheels, whereas a large one will come with larger wheels. The size of wheels that you get include:
  • Very large wheels – Above 210 mm
  • Large wheels – 190 mm to 205 mm
  • Medium wheels – 145 mm to 185 mm
  • Small wheels – 100 mm to 125 mm

Note that smaller kick bikes, especially the ones that come with aluminum wheels and are designed to bear more weight. Moreover, when it comes to handling, the smaller sized scooter is better because it is more nimble, thereby easier to ride and steer.

Foldable or Non-Foldable

If you lack the storage space in your house, then you should opt for the kick scooter that can be folded. However, if space is not an issue for you, then you can invest in a non-foldable kick bike and park it into your garage space.

Footboard Length

The footboard length is associated with the overall length of the bike. The length of the footboard doesn’t have to be extra wide or long. Instead, it should efficiently accommodate one foot comfortably. A wider foot would restrict the rider’s pushing strength, whereas the long footboard reduces the agility of the scooter.

Adherence to the Safety Standards

Along with all the above factors, you should consider the safety standards that the scooter complies with. Consider the ergonomic handles, safety features, flush bolts, etc. to ensure that your kid has safe and comfortable riding experience.

Whether you are looking for kick scooters online or offline, you are likely to come across a myriad of options. Above, we have mentioned all the relevant information that will help you in finding the right kick scooter for your children.