Students have a tough time deciding if they should bring their cars along with them to college or not. This page tells you about alternative transports that can be used instead.
Many students go to further their education in colleges or universities that are pretty far from home. This means that getting around from home to school or even inside the college premises can be a bit of a hassle. And although some students have their cars which provide freedom and easy accessibility, many students would rather look for a safe and alternative way to school or university.

In a lot of cases, you discover that walking to class happens to be less stressful and faster than driving your car. Of course, you may think of the time you’d spend walking. But with so many health benefits walking provides, it’s just wise to make time for it. To do that, you can delegate your homework to services like

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Are you a college student or an aspiring college student and you have been having problems thinking of ways to get around? You have nothing to worry about.

This post will tell you about alternative safe transports for students who have no cars or who have cars but wish not to go around in them.

Alternative safe transport for students

Take the bus


Buses have been around for a long time and they are one of the least expensive transportation options around. Sometimes, universities even go as far as offering students free rides or discounted rides. Riding on a bus is convenient for students and you can use that opportunity to get some work done. If you have to write an essay or review the essay that has been done for you by EduBirdie, you can do all this on the bus conveniently. Many buses have free WIFI which adds more comfort to rides. But, don’t get carried away and forget your destination.

Long-Distance Transportation

If your place is far away from the campus, there are some safe transportation options that you can use to save your energy, money, and time.

Drive a Moped


On a lot of college campuses, mopeds are a super popular way to move around. If you want freedom and a bit of speed to get to your classes faster, this is a great option for you.

Mopeds usually have their parking areas close to the buildings and it is important to park yours where you can remember it.

Before you get a moped, check with your university to know how you can go about the parking. You might need to get a parking pass to enable you to park it in a regular parking spot at the lot or in a garage. Different states have different qualifications and regulations for driving a moped, hence, you should find out the regulations of your province before you invest in one.

Be very careful when driving a moped though to avoid crashing.

Make use of rideshare services


Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft have really changed the way people can get to their destination. They are an affordable, convenient, and reliable mode of transportation that can take you from one place to another with just a few dollars. They are a good backup plan also because other modes of transportation might be unavailable at the moment, but you can ALWAYS get a ride using Uber or Lyft.

Before you get into one of these rides, be careful and confirm that you have the right driver from your mobile phone.

Short and Medium Distance Transportation

Walk to your destination


Walking is one of the most convenient ways to get to your class with no hassles. You don’t have to worry about parking spaces, theft, or vehicular accidents. Also, walking is a great form of exercise which means that you’ll be burning some calories.

Ride a scooter


Riding a scooter is a great option if you want to navigate your way inside the campus. Scooters are easy to navigate and easy to carry about which makes them a perfect option to take you from class to class.

Scooters aren’t very pricey; they are easy to maintain and you can squeeze them into tight parking spots with no problem.

Scooters can be pretty dangerous though, so you have to be very careful when handling one so that you don’t have a crash.

Ride a longboard/skateboard


Remember how you used to cruise around on your skateboard when you were younger, well that skill can come in very handy in your college days. Skateboards and longboards are a great safe mode of transport because they are convenient, easy to use and you don’t need a parking space for either of them. Do not use this mode of transport if you’re not an expert skater because it can be very dangerous. It would be awkward explaining to your teacher that you had an accident on your skateboard.

If you want to take your skateboarding up a notch, you could invest in an electric skateboard as they require little effort.

Ride a biking


A bike is one of the best modes of transport to use within the campus premises. They are an eco-friendly option and they are faster than walking; but before you opt for biking, make sure to check the bike laws in your school’s state. A lot of colleges are bike-friendly and they have special lanes for bikes.

Bikes are also friendly to your body because they are a great way to get some exercise done; cardio to be specific. You should wear a helmet, register your bike and use a quality lock if you want to fully optimize and get the best out of it.


Although having a car is nice and convenient, you find out that there are limits to what you can do inside the campus with a car. It can be difficult to find a good parking spot and to get past pedestrian traffic. If you don’t own a car or you can’t decide whether to take a car to college, it is best to consider the options above first. They are more convenient in the long run.