Best Bike Helmet Lights

Are you an ardent cyclist? If so, do you have a reliable bike helmet light? As a passionate cyclist, you need an excellent bike and extra bike accessories.

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Brightside Bike Helmet Light. 2 in 1 Front and Rear Bike Light for All Cyclists....
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Topeak HeadLux Helmet Light
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CECO-USA: 1,000 Lumen USB Rechargeable Bicycle Headlight – FLEXIBLE MOUNT...
Brightside Bike Helmet Light. 2 in 1 Front and Rear Bike Light for All Cyclists....
Topeak HeadLux Helmet Light
CECO-USA: 1,000 Lumen USB Rechargeable Bicycle Headlight – FLEXIBLE MOUNT...
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Editor's Pick
Brightside Bike Helmet Light. 2 in 1 Front and Rear Bike Light for All Cyclists....
Brightside Bike Helmet Light. 2 in 1 Front and Rear Bike Light for All Cyclists....
Amazon Prime
Good Choice
Topeak HeadLux Helmet Light
Topeak HeadLux Helmet Light
Also Consider
CECO-USA: 1,000 Lumen USB Rechargeable Bicycle Headlight – FLEXIBLE MOUNT...
CECO-USA: 1,000 Lumen USB Rechargeable Bicycle Headlight – FLEXIBLE MOUNT...
Amazon Prime

According to HelmetAdviser, one of these accessories is a helmet light. And the second one is the best headphones for cycling.

Choose the best one for yourself from here. It is a necessity when riding a bike in dark paths or at night.

The question is: how should you pick the best helmet light? As there are numerous options online, you should be careful when buying. Consider the following things when shopping:

Now you know the factors you should consider when looking for the best light to mount on your bike helmet. Next, we will share a list of our favorite bike helmet lights. After reading it, you will decide the best one to invest in.

Top Picks of 2024

1) Topside Bike Helmet Light

Topside Bike Helmet Light

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The Topside Bike Helmet Light is perfect for all road cyclists. Besides being inexpensive, the light is stylish and technologically advanced.

It’s USB rechargeable and waterproof. As it has a rear light and a front light, you can use either or both depending on the amount of light you require.

Its bright 100 lumens CREE LED bulb can run for forty-three hours straight. When the charge is depleted, you should give it 3 hours to recharge fully.

Topside Helmet Light

After this, you can expect the light to run for more than 18 hours. This is adequate light in dark streets or when you are stuck in traffic.

This bike light is user-friendly and easy to install. Simply use some cable ties and straps to attach it to the bike helmet. At only 2.3oz, the Topside Bike Helmet Light is lightweight and won’t be uncomfortable when worn.

It offers five modes, including Constant, Constant Front Flash Rear, Double Flash, Constant Rear Flash Front and Fast Flash, allowing you to switch between modes as you wish.

Besides working as a helmet light, this appliance can also be attached to the handlebar. Its wide beam will still be visible to the other motorists. Although the beam is wide, it’s short-range.

If you want a bike light that will offer a wide beam and a long-range, this may not be it. All in all, it’s extremely bright. As it is water-resistant, you can keep using it even when it’s raining.

2. Ascher USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set

Ascher USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set

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This is another bicycle helmet light that costs less than forty dollars. There are several things to like about this gadget. It is an advanced device that is USB rechargeable and comes with a built-in 650mAh rechargeable lithium battery.

Also, the Ascher USB Rechargeable Bike Light is waterproof and rated to IPX4. Thus, it is protected against splashing water from all angles.

It consists of four light modes: full brightness, half brightness, flash flashing and slow flashing. You should simply press a one-touch switch to activate any of these lighting modes.

Ascher USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set

This Ascher bike light has two lights: the headlight and taillight. Each of these has a separate rechargeable lithium battery.

It is easy to install this light with the provided silicone mount straps with two openings that snugly fit around any seat post, handlebar, backpack, seat riser, or helmet. Once fastened, the light will feel safe and firm and you can loosen it easily to detach the light.

This multifunction bike light is flexible enough to support your cycling trips as well as other outdoor activities, including camping.

Where visibility is a problem, you can depend fully on this Ascher bike light. Finally, you will receive an 18-months warranty. It works if you buy the bike light directly from AscherDirect, the manufacturer.

Although this is a bike light that is fully functional, its rechargeable battery cannot be replaced.

3. Bright  Eyes Fully 1600 Lumen Rechargeable LIGHT

Bright  Eyes Fully 1600 LumenAmazon button

If you an off-road bike rider, the Bright Eyes fully Waterproof 1600 Lumen Rechargeable Mountain bike light may be the right choice. That’s because it produces very bright light via its 1600 lumen CREE T6 LED Technology. This is exactly what you require when ridding in very dark areas that might not be safe.

As it is waterproof, you can continue with your journey even if it begins to rain. Water splashing cannot harm this helmet light at all. Using an upgraded battery that can last more than four hours on a High mode, this headlight is reliable.

It also offers other light modes: Medium and Low. On Medium, the device can work for over six hours while on Low it can last over sixteen hours. Thus, the Bright Eyes bike light is among the longest-running lights you can buy.

If you do biking, camping, hiking and running, this light set can be extremely helpful. It has an external battery (6400mAh) which is both waterproof and rechargeable. Hence, it can retain the charge long enough for you to complete your outdoor excursions. And you could click this for tips on beginner hiking as well to ensure a smooth outdoor excursion.

This bicycle headlight boasts a lifetime warranty policy plus a 1-year warranty on its battery. It is therefore user-friendlier and cheap to maintain. It can suit all handlebars too and comes with a free diffuser lens-strobe for safe daytime riding and helmet mount accessories.

4. Sigem Ultra-bright Led Safety Lights

Sigem Ultra-bright Led Safety Lights

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If you want to buy a multi-purpose bike light, then this option is the best. It consists of three compact lights: red, white and red. Each of these lights has 5 ultra-bright LEDs that run on two tiny batteries.

These can be produced extremely bright light that can last 100 hours. In addition to batteries that are built-in, you will find two extra batteries in the package.

Other accessories include a small screwdriver and three adjustable Velcro straps that will help you attach the lights to the bike helmet or any other thing.

Suitable for biking helmets of all kinds, these Sigem lights can also be mounted on baby strollers, kids scooters, dog leashes or collars, seat posts and wheelchairs among others.

sigemThat’s why they are bought by cyclists, joggers, hikers and anyone who develops an interest in them.

There is a clip attached to the rear side of each light to simply mounting even more. The three different lighting modes are Steady, Flash and Fast Strobe. As these are water-resistant, they will be easier to use when its raining.

Don’t use underwater or when it’s raining heavily though, to prevent damage. As this a versatile bike light, you can use it the way you want and when you want.

Finally, there is a 1-year warranty and money-back guarantee policy to help you shop confidently.

5. BrightRoad Rechargeable 800 Lumens Bike Light Front and Back Bicycle Lights USB Headlight & Tail Lights IPX6

BrightRoad Rechargeable 800 Lumens Bike Light

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The BrightRoad Rechargeable 800 Lumens Bike Light can help improve your safety when cycling in the dark. It consists of two lights: the Handy Headlight and Trusty Taillight.

The headlight is designed to illuminate the path ahead with 800 lumens. The light can cover an area of up to 650 feet at an angle of 85 degrees.

You can rotate the headlight a full 360 degrees with ease. Hence, even the darkest paths will be brighter. The Trusty Taillight will be handy when you are on the road and want other motorists to notice you.

It’s made to turn 220 degrees and illuminate an area of up to 650 feet. Also teamed up with 3 safety modes, the Trusty Taillight will tell vehicle users that you are present and increase your safety.

Both lights can continue producing light when it is raining or snowing outside as they are covered by a premium quality aluminum casing. Once you purchase this headlight for your bike helmet, a full-year warranty will be given.

6. Cycloving Super Bright LED – Bicycle Headlight and Tail Light

Cycloving Super Bright LED

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This is a functional bicycle headlight and taillight that doesn’t cost much. It is dual-purpose light that will illuminate the road in front of you and help make your bike visible to other cyclists. The Bright Front Light features a 400 lumens aluminum encased headlight with CREE XPG LED.

The four light modes, High, Low, Strobe and SOS, will let you adjust the Front Light based on your visibility needs. The Rear Light is made of aluminum too and is rechargeable. It ensures that other drivers become aware of your presence.

Cycloving Super Bright LED Light

There are five modes for the Bright Back Light: Strobe, Slow-Flash, Single-Cruise, Double-Cruise and Breathing.

Each of these can run for a given number of hours. Unlike the other bike helmet lights we have discussed above, this one has a Battery Warning Reminder.

It will produce a green sidelight when the battery is full and produce a red flash when the battery charge is less than twenty percent.

Once you buy, a 100 percent Satisfaction Guarantee is assured, as well as Money Back Guarantee and 12-months product defect-free replacement warranty.

Buying Guide – What You Need to Know?

Available types of helmet lights

Headlights are the most common. These lights face forward and are mounted on a helmet or handlebar. As an off-road bike rider, you require a light that can mount on your helmet.

Luckily, most headlights work as helmets and handlebar lights. Rear lights or tail lights are other options. They are developed to make a bike rider more visible to the other motorists.

They are mounted on the seat post and could double as helmet or backpack lights. It is also possible to find a combination light device with a headlight and rear light.

Illumination power

To know the level of brightness a certain bike helmet light offers, read the label to see the lumens. If you are looking for a great commuter light to use in the city, 300 to 500 lumens light is fine.

For off-road cycling, get an advanced LED technology bike light with nothing less than 1000lumens. Also, consider how wide the light beam is as it is just as important as the brightness. A wide field of view is obviously more superior to a narrow field of view.

Light modes

Once you start exploring bike helmet lights from various brands, you will note that some have up to five lighting modes. These are the best devices to buy as they can give you the flexibility to increase or reduce the brightness based on where you are at any given time.

A good device should offer at least the flashing or pulsating light mode as it can maximize visibility and allow other motorists to see you.

Mounting method

Mounting helmet light

You want the selected helmet light to fit tightly and comfortably and be easy to detach. A bike headlight is mostly mounted on the helmet or handlebar.


You obviously need a less bulky headlight for your helmet so you can be comfortable wearing it. As you will use it at night, it needs to be lightweight to fit in your backpack or pocket all through the day.


Most bike lights are powered by AA or AAA batteries. However, the most modern bike lights use a USB-rechargeable battery. It is usually recharged via a USB port included on the light device.

To avoid disposable batteries, buy a USB-rechargeable bike headlight. If you opt for a rear light though, it will most likely use a lithium-polymer battery pack.

This is smaller and flatter and is less bulky compared to other types of batteries. Considering the type of battery is crucial but so is battery life.

If you ride a lot, you require a battery with more battery life to use for hours before recharging.


waterproof helmet lights

If a bike helmet light is waterproof, consider it a good option. It can be useful when you get caught in the rain and cannot stop. These lights will not get faulty even when water or mud is splashed on them.


To decide which of the aforementioned bike helmet lights is best to buy, first understand your cycling needs.

Do you require a headlight for commuting on the roads only? If so, the Cycloving Super Bright option can be a good pick.

It will illuminate the road ahead of you and produce a rear light to help vehicle users see you.

If you are an off-road bike rider, then you should buy a headlight that produces a strong and wide beam to ensure you see all obstacles.

The Bright Eyes Fully Waterproof 160O lumens bike light would be a perfect choice. As you select your helmet light, consider an option with longer battery life as well as one that can be attached to the handlebar, backpack, seat post and almost anywhere.

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