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Whether you are an advanced cycler or a beginner, you need to have the right gear. Using the right biking accessories enhance your experience and keeps you safe. The great news is that you are spoiled with options when it comes to choosing biking gear. Since the choices can overwhelm you, this article has come up with a shortlist of the most important accessories you need to have as a cycler.

1. Helmet

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This is an important accessory you must have as a biker. It determines the chances of surviving should you crash. Furthermore, wearing a helmet is part of the law for bikers and a safety standard that must be observed. When choosing a helmet, consider the size, safety, ventilation, and weight. This is a protective gear that you cannot compromise on. If you are a beginner there is a high chance that you will fall. So, it makes sense to go prepared with a helmet for safety.

2. Sunglasses

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There are sunglasses made specifically for the road. They are lightweight, have a wide scope of vision, and you can interchange their lenses. Furthermore, these glasses can’t fall off whether you are riding slowly or you are taking that risky downhill ride. Places like provide the best sunglasses for your cycling experience. Consider checking them out. Sunglasses keep you safe, improve your comfort and ensure you can see clearly while on the road.

3. Appropriate Shoes

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The shoes you wear will impact your comfort and performance. As a cycler, you must have the right cycling shoes. Bike shoes are lightweight, come in different sizes, and are stiff. When selecting the shoe, check the size, shape, ventilation, sole quality, and others.

Remember, the type of bike and pedals you choose will also decide the type of shoes you pick. It might also depend on whether you are planning to clip the shoes or not. If you want to clip the shoes on the bike, then a cleated shoe will do. A cleat is simply an attachment at the bottom of the shoe that clips on the bike for safety and stability.

4. Appropriate Biking Clothes

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Biking outfits are made specifically to fit perfectly on the body, improve movements and avoid chaffing. These clothes are made from different materials, and the important thing is being comfortable. When choosing biking clothes, think of comfort, weight, and breathability. In most cases, synthetic materials are used to make cycling clothes. You need to take care of your feet.

So, make sure you wear breathable socks to prevent getting blisters and keep off moisture. In this case, you can choose woolen socks for comfort. For more comfort, make sure you wear biker shorts. These shorts have pads that support you and prevent discomfort for longer rides.

Make sure the clothes you wear are bright-colored to increase your visibility to other road users. You can wear biker jerseys or any other type of jersey. Just make sure they are comfortable and will not get soggy when you sweat or get rained on. These jerseys are almost fitting to give room for resistant. They also have pockets at the back to ensure anything you put in the pockets does not interfere with your movement.

5. Gloves

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These are essential items you need to have to protect your palm. Biking gloves are fingerless and come fitted with pads on the palms for extra protection. The pads absorb the force even when passing over road bumps. They also offer protection in case you fall. Your palms cannot get scratches when you fall.

6. Tire Pump

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Whenever you are biking, it is important you have a tire pump. This will vary with the frequency of filing the tires. You never know what will happen on the way. So, always make sure you have a tire pump attached to your bike. This gear will be important if you have a flat tire on the way.

7. A Water Bottle

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You might not see the need of having a bottle cage or a water bottle but wait until thirty minutes later. You will realize that having these items is essential. You need to stay hydrated when cycling. So, you ought to ensure your bike has a bottle cage for holding your water bottle. If you are planning on cycling for a long time, then you might need more than one cage.

If you are planning to rise around the neighborhood, you can leave the water bottle at some point you know you will pass by again. However, for long rides away from home, it is better you have a water cage and a sizeable water bottle. Hydration is very important, especially if you are a beginner.

8. Repair Kit

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This has the same value with a tire pump. You are likely to need repairs on the way and this is an inevitable thing. Make sure your repair kit is portable. You will be able to take it with you when riding and handle minor repairs should something occur. A repair kit should have small things the tire pump and tire patches. In short, make sure you don’t get stranded when an accident happens. Ensure you can handle minor repairs by carrying your repair kit always.

9. Lights and Reflectors

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Whether you like riding during the night or the day, biking lights are a must-have. If you are riding on a road with less light, you will want to see well to avoid running into a ditch or knocking down a pedestrian. So, make sure you have bright light with you every time you are cycling. Biking lights enhance your safety and visibility. You will also need the lights if you want to be on the right side of the law. It is a rule that cyclers must have lights with them. You also need a visible reflector to indicate you are on the road.


These are not the only items you must have as a biker. However, they are the most essential ones you cannot afford to miss. They improve your comfort, safety and enhance your biking experience. Moreover, you need to ensure you are obeying the law, and one way is having the right gear with you.