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There’s nothing worse than walking into the store, buying ice cream, only to find out a minute later that your bicycle is gone. Not only do you have to walk your way back home but you’ve also lost a significant amount of money. And all that because you were too lazy to buy a cheap bike lock!

This actually happened to me and each and every individual who heard this story told me: “Why didn’t you buy a bike lock?”

This is why I compiled a list of the best cheap bike locks – it will save you precious time on the one hand, and help you find the cheapest and most efficient ones.

1. Aduro Sport Bike Lock

Aduro Sport Bike Lock

This bike lock is very easy to install – one of the most frustrating things about these products is that they are sometimes so complex you’re feeling like an MI6 agent. Joke aside, you can use Aduro Sport with any kind of bikes, and it will always provide high security.

This bike lock is also very lightweight, so transportation will not be a problem. Thanks to a high-strength wire surrounded by PVC, this lock should provide enough resistance and give you time to come back and face the perpetrator… okay, this last thing is not necessary, but braided wires are standard when it comes to cheap bike locks, and this one will do the job.

You’ll also get the signature 4-digit lock, but you’ll have to include one symbol, one uppercase letter… wait.

Finally, you can use Aduro Sport cheap bike lock with any kind of objects that need safety. This is actually one of the cheapest products on this list – about 10 bucks which is a rather good price.

2. Master Lock

Okay, we were a bit hasty when we said that Aduro bicycle lock was one of the cheapest ones on this list – Master Lock is a champion in this category – costing only about 5 bucks.
It looks kind of the same as the aforementioned one – it has the same standard four-digit code (no keys are used), the combination is pre-set (it cannot be changed) so you’ll have to stick with the one that the manufacturer has set.

Once again, the wire is “coated” with PVC, and it’s made from steel- which will deter any kind of thieves from stealing your bicycle. The coating will also prevent any kind of scratches (because the steel wire tends to damage things).

3. Kryptonite Keeper


If Superman had a bike he would protect it with Kryptonite Keeper 785. This product looks kind of strange (the wire is surrounded by something that looks like a sock). But inside the sock is a 7mm chain, made from manganese steel (this sounds so robust and strong).

Kryptonite actually patented its end link design, which is the critical point in all bike chains. It also has a high-security cylinder, which is resistant to drilling and picking. It is locked by a key – some people will find this convenient (me) others not so. Needless to say, keys tend to get lost, so you’ll also receive a replacement one.

Kryptonite is also weather-resistant, thanks to nylon sleeves (this is the sock we were referring to), and this part will prevent scratches.

This bike lock isn’t as cheap as the two we’ve mentioned already, but it’s not that expensive either.

4. Titanker Bike Lock

Titanker Bike Lock

If the preset 4-digit locks are something you hate, you’ll love Titanker, as it gives you the option to set your own! Just be careful not to forget it. Titanker bicycle locks come in numerous colors: blue, white, black, etc., so you should have no problems with finding your favorite color.

The New Titanker model has an innovative mounting bracket, allowing you to adjust the bike lock for the pole’s diameter.

5. UShake Bicycles Lock

We’ve just had to include this product on our list, due to its innovative and efficient U design. There are no wires, PVC, etc., that can be cut. Whoever wants to steal a bike protected with UShake will have to work hard!

The shackle is made from thick, 10mm alloy, and it will resist everything that bike thieves have to throw at it. Moreover, the shackle has a 4mm PVC coating, which will offer even more protection!

This bicycle lock is a bit heavy (3.7 pounds), so if convenience and lightweight is what you search for, UShake might not be the best option for you.

One of the best things about this bike lock is the guarantee it comes with- you’ll get a 12-month warranty, and request a refund if anything goes wrong.

Like most other products on this list, this one also has a 4-digit code, that can be reset.

6. Malone Lockup

Some of us have multiple bikes that need to be protected. Malone’s 10’ locking cable will protect any number of bikes you have.

The cable itself is heavy-duty (12mm), stranded steel cable, corrosion-resistant. It also has a vinyl sheathing, which will protect it from the weather conditions.

You’ll be able to loop this cable and get to the best locking points. Finally, Malone comes with a one-year limited warranty, which is one big plus for this bike lock.

7. Thule Cable

Another long product on this list – Thule is 6ft long, and it can be attached to bike frames, racks, and various other kinds of products.


There you have it – if you cannot choose the product you like from this list, then you deserve to have a bike stolen. Just kidding, but the market is indeed so oversaturated and diverse that you might as well get lost while searching for the best bike lock for the bike rack.

We’ve chosen some cheap bike locks, and some which aren’t so cheap, so you should be able to choose the one that suits you the best. If you ask us, we’d go with the remarkable U-shaped lock that just seems unbreakable.

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