Urban cycling should involve adherence to a few ethics. Check out some of the Do’s and Don’ts which will make your journey with your city bicycle easy and comfortable.

Let the pedestrians Pass


Do – You should allow pedestrians to pass the same side as you would do when you are driving a car. Pedestrians tend to have a predictable trajectory and of course, they will be slow. It is possible that someone suddenly changes their direction. Thus, it is good to merge with the  flow of pedestrians and use the bells. 

Don’t – You shouldn’t be rude. Even if a pedestrian doesn’t change the direction, you shouldn’t yell. Do not become a ping pong ball as well which moves from a side of the sidewalk to another.

Choice of Clothes


Do: You need to dress for performance and comfort. The spandex shorts are quite comfortable. Wearing these clothes mean lesser resistance to winds. It is good to wear bright colored clothes which means you can be noticed. 

Don’t: You might be stylish and love to wear dark-colored or black clothes on a regular basis. But, if you choose to ride a bike in a black hoodie, black pants and a black hat, you will be totally invisible. It gets difficult to notice you. You might get hurt in such a situation.

Keep Safe


Do – Do not forget to buy safe locks. You need to lock your bike even if you are moving away for a minute. You have no idea when a thief comes, and you might lose your city bicycle soon and according to Sixthreezeero.com, you can also register your bicycle online.

Don’t – If you are buying a bicycle and you find it is coming a lot cheap, you should be suspicious. It is possible that it is stolen. Tomorrow your own bicycle might be stolen. Never buy any cheap bicycle and check online pages for their registration.

Leave your Headphones At Home


Do – You might love to listen to music, but if you choose to ride with headphones, do not forget to check if you are able to hear the background noises. Can you hear people talking or cars driving? It is recommended not to hear any music. You need to pay attention and keep an eye for traffic when you are on the road.

Don’t – You should never hear loud music or talk to your friends when you are traveling. If you do so, you will not be able to hear anything. You might get into an unpleasant situation.

Check for Animals and Children


Do – You need to pay attention to the road is quite obvious! You need to feel for the traffic flow and the pedestrians who are moving. You need to develop a habit so that you do not miss out animals or kids on the road. You need to pass them with great care.

Don’t – We all know that animals and children can be quite like bees. They can be unpredictable. Their actions are quite difficult to predict. They can be impulsive and lot predictable. Thus, you shouldn’t downplay their significance.