Lexus owners admire their cars, be it ground-breaking performance or its stellar looks. They love it all! EXCEPT, however, the expensive maintenance that comes with it. Maintenance issues can be unexpected, making them a dark-horse for your wallet, leaking money, and draining your financial budget.

As Lexus has so many features, they have inevitably maintenance at some point. For this purpose, many owners turn their heads to the Lexus extended warranty plan. Let’s look at the benefits of an extended warranty and why it is worth getting one.

Why an Extended Warranty plan is worth it for a Lexus owner

Lexus is undoubtedly a highly reliable brand, but that doesn’t mean it won’t bring up maintenance issues after a while– after all, it is a machine; and machines inevitably face such matters from time to time. It might concern you as Lexus owner to know that a single Lexus repair costs between $358(usual minimum) to $3276 (usual maximum).

A new NX compact crossover charges somewhat over $35,000; hence, if you’re planning to pay for maintenance yourself, know that if things go wrong, you might end up paying maintenance for the new Lexus price.

That is why an extended warranty should be the right pick for a Lexus owner. You let the coverage company worry about such issues while you drive your car peacefully. Go to search for the best extended warranty provider on on

Relief from Hefty fees for unexpected repairs

As a Lexus owner, you’d know that you will have to pay for further repairs once your vehicle’s factory warranty expires. However, this won’t be the case if you buy an extended vehicle protection plan. Once your vehicle is covered, expenditures experienced due to maintenance or repairing will be covered by the plan.

You’ll only have to pay the due deductibles. They usually range from zero to a hundred dollars. For repairs, you’ll have the privilege to choose a repair shop that suits you. Remember hefty fees mean a burden on your budget plans; small maintenance troubles can cause big blows for your wallet.

Lexus Extended Warranty Plan/s

So, you’ve decided to get the plan. You’ll want to know various plans that are available for the convenience of a car owner. Each plan satisfies a specific list of benefits. These include:

  • Power train
  • Bumper-to-Bumper
  • Special Coverage
  • Tech Package

If you’re uncertain and want guidance for choosing the right plan, you can always seek a Protection expert.


A bumper-to-bumper warranty is the most extensive of all the Lexus extended warranty plans. It covers almost everything in-between the two bumpers (front and back). Likewise, many owners purchase the bumper-to-bumper warranty before their factory coverage expires. Once it expires, the bumper-to-bumper warranty kicks in. Moreover, the plan also provides extra coverage that might not be included for factory warranties.

Power train Warranties

A power train warranty covers all the components used to drive your vehicle into motion (parts of a car that make it move). They often prove cheap as they’re only linked with motional components. A power train generally covers your vehicle’s Engine, Transmission, Drive Axle, Water pump, and transfer case.

Extended Tech Package and its benefits

Lexus Tech package includes various computers and electronics embedded into the vehicles; these include Smart Screens, sensors, and other automatic vehicle functionality. Technical components often have an age limit. Once crossed, the embedded components start malfunctioning and hence need repairs. If you buy an extended Tech package for your vehicle, all related repairs are paid by the plan.

Special coverage- Specific coverage for your vehicle

Special Case coverage are designed for car owners that need warranties in certain specific cases. These cases may, in some way, be intended for that car owner. Consequently, the plan provides coverage according to their specifications. If you covet further guidance, a protection expert should be your best guide.

Additional protection plans:

Lexus, along with its extended plan, offers you additional plans that enhance protection for your Lexus:

Prepaid Maintenance Plans

A pre-paid maintenance plan is proposed for new cars without a factory-backed maintenance plan, along with used cars that are sold by the dealership. These plans cover maintenance available in the vehicle’s owner manual. A car owner should check the potential pros and cons before deciding to buy a pre-paid maintenance plan.

Guaranteed Auto Protection

GAP might be offered when you’re purchasing a car. The insurance covers the difference between what you owe to your auto loan and what the insurance pays if your vehicle gets damaged or totaled. Before buying the plan, ask where the plan is specified in the contract. If it’s not explicitly mentioned in the agreement, you might not be required to buy it.

Tire & Wheel Protection

Tire & Wheel Protection plan provides you with added protection for your vehicles from road hazards. Tires, wheels, and rims are replaced/repaired by the insurance plan in case a road hazard occurs.

Extended warranties regarding new vehicles

New Lexus owners can also opt for extended warranties. This doesn’t interfere with the manufacturers’ warranty and enables when the other expires.

This prevents a potential delay in coverage and is recommended if you aim to keep it past-factory coverage. The factory coverage usually lasts for four years or fifty thousand miles, after which it expires. It also includes many benefits that have been left out in your factory warranty.

Let’s peek at some of these excluded benefits.

Excluded benefits in factory warranty plans

As a car owner, you might assume that factory warranties cover almost everything, right? Wrong. Factory warranties cover only the mechanical aspects of a car. They won’t pay for your batteries, Fluids, AC’s, Tiers, spark plugs, etc. And we all know how often these parts face trouble.

For such phases, The extended warranties provided by third parties prove beneficial; they not only cover car-parts such as batteries, fluids, spark plugs, manual clutches, body, interior, rotors, tires, vacuum hoses, brake pads, wheels, radar detectors, covers, and vents but also those components that are insured by the factory warranty. Hence a Lexus extended warranty would not only provide factory protection but also added protection for your car. Click here for more information.