What most people know is that Piaggio scooters are over-engineering their go-to-market strategies. In a way, manufacturers are looking to future-proof scooters such that they can be competitively priced without government subsidies.

Presently, several startups depend on government subsidies to leverage production and sell them at a competitive price point.

In a certain report, Piaggio UK manufacturers and sellers acknowledge the growth of scooters in the region. And they are interested in providing customers with a solution in the two-wheeler space, which makes more sense. More information you can find at

How It Works

Piaggio scooters are basically two-wheeled vehicles. A very small engine often powers them. While it has the same concept as motorcycles, they have several differences.

The wheels of Piaggio scooters are normally fastened to a short axle, not mounted between forks in a frame.

The engine is concealed, making Piaggio scooters quieter as well as less likely to get grease or oil on the clothes of a rider.

Generally, Piaggio scooters have little horsepower compared to motorcycles. Their effect is a little civilized, meant for everyday use.

Why Piaggio Scooters


People opt to go for Piaggio scooters for several reasons. One of the main reasons is the exceptional gas mileage they provide. Many models achieve better mpg (miles per gallon) ratings than every car.

Piaggio scooters are very convenient too. Navigating tight urban streets and the traffic in the city is much easier than in SUVs, not to mention parking will be the least of your problem.

Piaggio scooters are a perfect way to make short trips for individuals living in rural areas. They are much easier to ride compared to motorcycles. And their body panels ascertain that the rider’s clothes are not splashed with road dirt and mud.

In addition, Piaggio scooters are easier on the wallet. Brand new Piaggio scooters cost as low as $800, with most available for less than $1,800.

And for Piaggio scooter enthusiasts, it is just a matter of style. Its shape evokes a retro feeling, which most riders enjoy. Anyone considering themselves a Mod can’t go wrong with a Piaggio.

Common Features

Piaggio scooters are fuel-injected, powered by a 1500 cc air-cooled cylinder engine. It often gets its power to rear wheels through CVT automatic transmission.

Their brakes are drum rear and disc front. And the rear and front tires are 120/70 – 12’’. The controls and dash are laid out, and the component quality is unique.

How to Buy

Like Vespa, Piaggio scooters are cheaper to buy. They are easier to maintain and fun to ride. However, there is definitely more to the scooter purchase.

From identifying which type of Piaggio scooter is suitable for you to viewing bikes and giving very serious consideration, there are tips to help you make the right choice. Some of these tips include the following:

  • Look at the Safety Gear


Because you are exposed to different elements while on your Piaggio scooter, you should invest in quality safety gear. This is true, especially if you plan to use the two-wheeler regularly.

As a legal requirement, you will have to invest in enclosed footwear that can’t slip off. Plus, you need to get a quality helmet, which fits well.

  • Have a Reasonable Budget

Your budget greatly determines what to buy. It is worth noting that used Piaggio scooters cost less than new ones.

If you prefer second-hand models, put some money aside and have it checked to avoid potential stresses down the line.

If you could, ensure you take a good friend with mechanic knowledge along. You will get your friend’s opinion.

But if you go alone, do research. The research should involve looking at potential faults as well as what to look for. This is going to save you some cash when it comes to repairs and maintenance.

  • Check the Noise Difference


Determine whether there is a different sound when starting an ignition. There might be unusual noise if there are issues with the battery and spark plug.

If its battery is weak, there might be difficulty to start your scooter. This sound will be unusual too. However, the sound difference can as well be caused by the following:

  • Issues of Bendix drive engagement mechanism
  • Bent crank
  • Bendix cup
  • Prioritize Maintenance

As you think of purchasing a Piaggio scooter, look at the maintenance aspect. Well, maintenance may include a lot of things.

A scooter’s performance and lifespan depend on how you properly maintain it. Remember that you can make your Piaggio scooter faster by investing in several high-performance parts.

  • Find a Bargain


You may check websites like Gumtree, AutoTrader, and eBay for local dealerships and listings. The moment a scooter leaves the showroom, it devalues. So finding a recent model will be a great idea.

In general, anything from the past 6-7 years onwards will be perfect for used bikes. They are new enough that you may find them in good condition. And they often use recent features and technology.

But this shouldn’t be a rule. There are still new bikes, which have been trashed, and older ones that have been well-maintained. For instance, you can own a 2010 scooter that has done 10,000 miles and still works like new.

  • Choose How Faster Your Scooter Should Go

It is important to determine what kind of engine size you need. Piaggio can come in 50cc, 150cc, or 300cc engine displacements.

In order to make the right decision on engine displacement, you need to base your choice on several factors. These may include minimal engine displacement to access, top speed, and license type required to ride.

For heavy commuters, consider a Piaggio with a 200cc displacement. With such an engine, you will keep up with the traffic.

In a Nutshell!

Whether it is a road trip or a crowded highway, choosing the right Piaggio scooter model is a good idea. That is because you will be able to enjoy swift travel and less traffic. Not to mention, you can easily weave through traffic congestion as it is swift and light-weighted.