Not all car dealerships are worth the partnership. Some options are better than the rest.

So, you should be smart in deciding where to buy, especially if you’re bringing home a used car. Before you rush the process, go through each dealership and check the choices. Once you encounter these red flags, you might want to change your mind.

There aren’t too many options


New dealerships on the block might not have too many choices. They are yet to invest in more cars. You will have limited options, and you won’t want to partner with them. You also don’t want to take home a model that doesn’t match your needs. Start by approaching dealerships that have been around for a while; you won’t feel limited with your options based on what they can offer. For instance, has used cars in Utah that you will love.

Dealers won’t let you take the car out on a drive


Whether you buy new or used cars, you should be given the opportunity to go for a test drive. Tell the dealership that you hope to perform a test drive before closing a deal. It’s likely that there will be overwhelming requests, and you might have to wait until your turn.

However, it’s still better than being denied to drive the vehicle in the first place. If the dealers outright say no, it’s a red flag. It shows how fearful the dealer is about you discovering something wrong with the car. You can’t let it slide. Leave the dealership immediately once your request gets denied.

The dealer won’t even let you negotiate

If brand new cars are up for negotiation, there’s no reason to deny your request for one.

Used cars don’t have a fixed price, as it depends on the current market value and the condition of the desired car. Therefore, the dealers should be open to negotiations with you. Don’t hesitate to ask for a lower cost. You don’t want to keep moving forward if the dealer won’t meet you halfway.

They won’t let an expert inspect the car

You’re not a car expert, and you can’t inspect every detail yourself. Perhaps, you will choose the nicest-looking car on the lot. It’s best to allow a mechanic to do the job. You need someone to look into the car parts and see if there are issues. You will be better positioned to negotiate and move forward after having an expert inspect the car. If the dealer denies your request for an inspection, it’s okay. You can ask your mechanic to come over to check it. If the response is still no, it’s a red flag. Again, you’re not the best person to judge the car’s value and quality, and if you can’t have someone take over, it’s an issue.

The price is too high or low

Compare the cost of the same model across dealerships, and the results will tell you the average amount. Say no if you’re looking at a dealership where the vehicle is too expensive. You know you’re getting the same option elsewhere at a lower price.

Conversely, it can also be a red flag if the price is set too low. There might be too many issues, and you don’t want to buy that car. Sure, you got a discount, but you will spend more on repairs in the long run. Worse, the vehicle won’t even last a year before issues begin to manifest.

The dealer is too rude


While looking at the cars, you must get the best customer service. You may not buy immediately, but you’re still a potential buyer. If these dealers don’t treat you well from the start, you should leave. You will still have more conversations and negotiations. If it’s already a terrible environment initially, it won’t get better as you move forward. So you better cut it now and save time.

Reviews are terrible

You are yet to know the dealership better. The only way to see if you’re in the right hands is by reading reviews. Other people will give you an idea about the type of partner you will have. If the reviews are generally negative, you might want to find another dealership.

These people wouldn’t go out of their way to write a bad review if they were satisfied with what they got.

Apart from reviews, you may also consider referrals from friends. They might have had a similar experience before, and they can point you to the right dealership. If they had an unpleasant experience, your friends would hesitate to refer the dealership. You can cross that option from your list.

There are illegitimate fees


You don’t need to pay an extra amount when you buy a car except if they’re optional.

Warranty and additional insurance coverage might make you spend more, but you also have the choice to opt out. Leave if the dealer asks you to pay more than the initial amount. The dealership will always try to make more money off you, so make sure you don’t fall for it.

You receive verbal warranties

When the dealer offers a warranty, everything should be on paper. If you only receive a verbal warranty, decline the offer. It shows that the dealers aren’t serious about their offer.

You won’t claim the warranty later either, and you’ll have nothing to back your claims up.

Instead, ask your dealer to write everything on paper and sign it. Most dealerships still use paper trails, and it’s not a red flag. Remember that you have several choices, and you don’t have to stick with a dealership that doesn’t give you what you need. You’re also going to spend a considerable amount to bring a quality car home. Don’t settle for anything less.

Immediately take some dealerships out of your list for these red flags. You will feel good about your decision once you start driving the car you love. You can also refer the dealership to your friends if you feel satisfied with the services. These dealerships deserve to receive more customers if they provide excellent services.