Generally, when you go car shopping, you have a semblance of an idea of what you’re looking for, at least as far as a brand. Many people today are very brand loyal, like the Ford audience is all about that lineup, and there are many in the target group for the legendary automaker.

The conundrum comes when you need to decide between buying a Ford privately or going to a professional ford dealer; check here for options.

You will find pros and cons for either when searching for a preowned car, depending on the terms and conditions you hope to receive with the purchase.

In a private sale, of course, there will be little perks considering warranties or guarantees. There is merely a handshake and a promise with an exchange of personal information and the title in most situations.

The new owner handles the logistics regarding tags and getting the car on the road. With a Ford dealership, there is more guidance the same as there would be with buying a new vehicle; more of a guarantee, the likelihood of a warranty, and receipt of a temporary tag and handling of all logistics so you can leave with the car ready for the road.

It’s kind of a no-brainer which might be a bit more convenient. Let us look a bit more at why working with a dealer can prove a more accessible option.

Reasons To Work with A Ford Dealer When Purchasing a Car


Purchasing a Ford car is exciting, but it can also be stressful since there’s much paperwork and time that goes into the process, so much so that some people prefer to buy privately to avoid the whole aggravation.

No one wants to spend hours upon hours waiting for documents to be processed at a car lot.

Sadly, when you find the Ford automobile that you want in a private setting, it can seem to be in great condition to you, but you aren’t skilled to make that determination, nor do you have anyone who can tag along to let you know whether there’s a problem with the car.

In this situation, you’re stuck taking the owner’s word or contacting a mechanic to go over the vehicle, which can be a significant expense on top of the price of the car.

You either risk it and buy it as is or take the risk and invest in the mechanic to ensure it is in decent condition, or you walk away from the specific car you want and turn to a dealer to search for the same car but without any question as to the condition.

Here is why you should work with a dealership:

  • Fewer hassles with a dealer


With a dealer, you do not have to question the car’s condition. There will be a guarantee and/or a warranty that comes with the vehicle in many cases. Plus, there is an inspection before the sale and the option to test drive before deciding on a purchase.

Many Ford sales reps will negotiate on price (to a degree), and you do not feel pressure to take something that you don’t feel comfortable with. At the very least, the sales rep gives you a few days to consider the vehicle before you make your final decision, and if you find that it’s just not suitable for your particular situation, you move on.

But if you decide it’s a go, all paperwork is handled for you (something not done in a private sale), including title and tag work, so the vehicle is road-ready when you come to pick it up. Your only concern is getting permanent tags when the paper runs out.

  • Quality pre-used vehicles


Buying a pre-used vehicle can save a lot of money, making the option sensible for most people since many individuals let go of great cars in their prime to move on to even newer versions.

The value for these automobiles is cut in half, allowing buyers to get an incredible deal on a high-quality car. Rest assured a Ford dealership rigorously tests trade-ins to ensure they are still quality examples before placing them on the lot.

Any repairs that dealers need to make will be made with original Ford manufacturer parts.

  • There will be a warranty


Dealers want to ensure that consumers are satisfied with their products and that there is a level of trust established which is why they provide a warranty when you buy an automobile.

It lets you know that there is financial support if something were to go wrong. That is not something a private seller will be prepared to supply, nor can they guarantee your purchase.

That means if the car is not of the condition that you believe or something were to happen, you will be entirely responsible. A dealer will typically provide a warranty allowing for possible defects but will ensure before purchase that the vehicles are inspected, and there are no issues before cars are taken from the lot.

If problems develop after purchase, the warranty will handle any issues according to its guidelines.

Final Thought

When you want to buy a specific Ford vehicle, you can buy it privately or from a dealer, depending on the conditions you hope for.

If you do not need a warranty and want to buy outright with no need for someone to do the paperwork and handle tags and title work, then you can buy privately with little worry unless the vehicle were to give you problems, then there is no one who you can turn to.

A dealership purchase provides you with a warranty and a guarantee that you have someone to turn to if something happens with the Ford that you purchase.

Someone handles the paperwork upon purchase, getting the vehicle road-ready with you having nothing to do until there is a need to obtain permanent tags.

It is your call whether you go with a private or dealer purchase, but essentially you have a guarantee . . . or you don’t.