Many of us to choose to ride a bicycle during the summer months for healthy recreation. However, the main problem is the lack of bicycle parking spaces and the fear of theft of the bike or its parts. Therefore, an excellent solution for both – preserved nerves and good recreation is a folding bicycle.

Folding Bikes

These bikes have long been considered a product for smaller groups of users. However, with constant technical improvements, higher quality materials and better manufacturing processes – today, folding bicycles have become widespread and accessible for everyone. It can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to escape from congested urban environments and drive an environmentally friendly vehicle.

Its main feature is that you can always carry it with you. Apart from the fact that there are various models, they are all very practical. After all, you can assemble such a bicycle within fifteen seconds and carry it or put it in the trunk of the car – which is very important because we are all aware of a large number of bicycle thefts. The underdeveloped cycling culture opens the possibility for many to earn money on your stolen bikes.

Lightweight Yet Sturdy Construction

Before you decide to buy a folding bicycle, you need to know that you will spend more money than you would on an average bike – especially if you want a quality version of this bicycle. Although the prices may seem very high at first, the quality and the elaborate folding system are behind it. Otherwise, you can find them from $200 and up – which of course depends on many parameters such as the size of the wheel, the speed, the material it is made of, the weight, the brand of the bike and more.

Models And Basic Features

There are many varieties of these bikes, depending on the type, component quality and size of the wheels, which can be 16 “, 20″, 24″ or even 26” – like MTB wheels. There are many models. From urban through those you can ride around the world – to ultrafast modern-day road bikes. Their basic characteristics are exceptional mobility, speed, and above all fun.


We must emphasize the fact that people are very surprised when they buy them because they usually do not expect so much or are skeptical of these bicycles. Of course, the foldability, low mass, and size of these bikes make them practical for storage in an apartment, car, workplace, or wherever someone needs a bike that takes up little space.

Because it is foldable, you can carry it with you into most buildings and public institutions, so it can be difficult to steal. Also, it’s easy to put it on a train or bus, making it easy to travel for long periods, vacation, or help if it’s raining somewhere along the way.

Top 10 Best Folding Bikes

Do you want one folding bicycle to go to work or to enjoy and lift adrenaline when travelling off-road? If you want a more opinionated and more comprehensive guide to buying new folding bicycle models – you can find it at FoldingBikeGuru. With many new models, you can also get into the features of these practical bikes. We have singled out a few simpler models for you, that are tailored to everyone – even the beginners.

1. Brompton H6L

After trying one Brompton bike, there is no going back. You can sit upright. This bike is an ideal solution for those with a trump card elegance. Mudguards and six-speed gears are a good fit for most terrain and weather conditions.

2. Raleigh Stowaway

Very affordable and ideal for commuting or vacationing. Easy to use, convenient folding mechanism as well as a decent luggage rack.

3. Dahon Jifo

Ideal for those times when you arrive at the station and at one point you’re on the train, tram, etc. It has 16-inch wheels and is great for comfort riding. This bike is also very light and compact. It will conquer you easily and transport you without any problems for miles. So – it’s suitable for longer runs.

4. Carrera Prometa

Despite its relatively low cost, especially in the expensive world of folding bikes, Carrera’s bike is aiming for a great balance. It is firmly designed and light enough for fast and easy riding. The eight-speed transmission makes this bike suitable for all terrains.

5. Tern Link P9

A quick ride on the Tern Link P9 bike is enjoyable and fun. The built-in components are especially durable and of exceptional quality. This bike also has a smooth gear system and extremely fast brakes.

6. White Rhino Airnimal

Not much story about this one – if you want a folding off-road bike, it will cost you. This bike features 20″ BMX wheels, a reinforced frame and a serious suspension. You can fold it up within 45 seconds for everyday use.

7. Dahon Vybe C7A

This Dahon folding bike brings convenience and great ride comfort. It has 20-inch rims, great brakes, precise and compact gear lever – so this model will be a reliable companion to everyone.

8. Montague Boston 8

The Montague is a sleek, lightweight, full-size folding bike. The high-speed mudguards and upright driving position give the feel of urban riding, making it ideal for both – city and suburban-friendly ride.

9. Beixo Compact Low

This seven-speed bike fits absolutely into the plains and there is room for a travel bag. You will enjoy riding it.

10. Tern Link C7

This is a fantastic pair of wheels for zipping down the high street. It has everything you need, seven gears on the Shimano gearbox, a solid aluminum frame, and a total weight of just 12.4kg.

Dahon Among The Most Reputable Manufacturers

Dahon is the first and one of the most respected manufacturers of folding bicycles with almost 37 years of experience. The founder of the company is David Hon, who was an engineer at NASA and is also a fan of bicycles. There are also some other reputable manufacturers, such as English Brompton and Tern, founded by the son of founder Dahon.

The Celebrities Also Love Folding Bikes

Many celebrities enjoy riding folding bikes. For example, it is well-known that model Kate Moss rides Brompton and actress Scarlett Johansson rides Dahon. These bikes are very popular around the world, especially in Western Europe. For example, the German city of Berlin is full of Dahon, and there are also many of them in the Netherlands as well. One of the world’s most famous and inspiring Bike and Cycling Bloggers Bike Snob – also rides Dahon.

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