Not a lot of things can make you as cool as a motorcycle. Celebrities far and wide have embraced the biker culture from the very start of it. Biker gangs hanged with rock stars, while countless movies and TV shows glorified motorcycles. Biker clothing will probably never go out of fashion. People like to see their favorite stars ride cool bikes. Some of them even caused the sales to increase. Let us see some of the coolest celebrity/bike combinations captured in photographs!

25. Olivia Munn

The famous actress and model was first a television journalist before acting. One of her two brothers owns a custom motorcycle shop, but she did not like bikes that much while young. She first started riding as an adult, as she said that it feels scary in traffic. She preferred riding around her neighbourhood, but is now much more relaxed.

24. Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor is a famous biker, nearly as he is an actor. He rode them ever since he was a kid, often with his friends. He has a motorcycle travel shows ‘Long Way Round’ and ‘Long Way Down,’ with his friend Charley Boorman. He has a nice collection of Moto Guzzi bikes. He is such a fan, that he is also a brand ambassador.

23. Keanu Reeves

The Matrix star has an impressive bike collection. However, he also has his own motorcycle company. Teaming up with Gard Hollinger, a bike builder from California, they formed Arch Motorcycle Company. They developed and later released Keanu’s first original design, the KRGT-1. Since then, they have created two motorcycles more, the 1S and Method 143.

22. Christian Bale

Famous for his unique Bat bike, Bale is a big fan of motorcycles off screen as well. He stopped riding in the street after his daughter was born, a wish made by his wife Sibi. He did continue racing on the track, and stopped that as well after an accident. The former Batman has screws and metal parts in his body now, so it is maybe best if he stops for good.

21. Orlando Bloom

The famous actor has a deep passion for motorcycles. He is a long-time fan of BMW motorcycles, and owns and rides many different models. He also has some old classics, but the most famous of his collection is probably the custom-built S1000R. He sometimes brings his dog, Mighty, on rides.

20. Gerard Butler

An accident in 2017 did not stop him from riding bikes, as he seems to be a true motorcycle lover. He went on many awesome bike trips, for example to India and Indonesia, countries with some of the most dangerous roads in the world. His personal favorite is the one when he rode through Zion National Park in Utah.

19. Pink

The pop singer’s husband is a moto cross rider and a freestyler Carey Hart. She proposed to him through a pit-board during a race. Pink eventually fell in love with bikes herself. She once posted “Some girls like diamonds, I like heavy metal and carbon-fiber and chrome.” She regularly rides a Harley-Davidson Sportster, or a modified Triumph T100 Bonneville around Los Angeles.

18. Bear Grylls

The famous survivalist Edward Michael “Bear” Grylls is legendary for his adventures. He is also obsessed with bikes, which should not come as a shock. He has done some rather crazy stuff on his shows, and everyone is familiar with his love for adrenaline. He first started riding at the age of 16, and rode all sorts of bikes. Triumph chose him to present their Tiger 800 bike, because who better is there for an adventure bike promotion?

17. Justin Timberlake

This one is maybe a surprise, as he does not seem like the motorcycle type. The singer and actor likes to escape the media and ride his motorcycle. He surely does not do it to be cooler, as he is cool in so many ways without the bike. He just enjoys it, which we perfectly understand.

16. Alanis Morissette

Bikes helped Alanis Morissette to get through her breakup with Ryan Reynolds. He also loves bikes, so maybe he introduced her to them. She seems to be a big fan of Ducati, as she was seen in LA riding several models. One was the Monster S4Rs, a very entertaining motorcycle.

15. Bradley Cooper

The ‘World’s Sexiest Man’ by People magazine in 2011, Cooper is one of the most famous actors in Hollywood, with some major hits to his name. He is another celebrity who loves the Triumph Bonneville. His sense of adventure comes to surface here, as he takes the bike with him even when he is shooting blockbuster abroad.

14. Michael Fassbender

The German/Irish actor grew up the right way, as he has been riding his entire life. After ‘Prometheus’ he went on a 3000-mile motorcycle holiday with his father. They travelled around Europe for two months. He rode a BMW GS, as his Triumph Speed Triple 1050 was stolen a while back. His dad rode a Triumph Tiger during their journey.

13. Jewel

She has been absent lately, maybe due to the fact she has been riding across the states. In one of her interviews, she mentioned the difference between cars and bikes. “When I drive a car, I am able to let my mind wander to worry about work, or even to write a song. But on my bike, safety is first, and it forces me to focus and live in the present, and so the scenery and the day and the air and curve in front of me fill all my senses — it’s great.” We would not add anything else here.

12. Hugh Laurie

Laurie is ultra-popular around the globe for the lead role in the medical drama ‘House,’ which made him the highest paid TV actor. He is a longtime fan of motorcycles, and another celebrity who likes Triumph Bonneville. He rides it regularly on the streets of Los Angeles. He also owns a Yamaha’s XJR 1300 and a Honda CBR600RR.

11. Richard Hammond

Everyone who likes vehicles of any sorts has to know about Richard Hammond, one of the most famous car journalists in the world. He is a key member of the Top Gear and Grand Tour trio. He was always very passionate about motorcycles. In one episode, he raced a steam train and a Jaguar XK120 on a Vincent Black Shadow. He started to ride on a Honda MTX 50 when he was 16. Currently, he owns a nice collection of many different brands and styles.

10. Jay Leno

Leno’s love and enthusiasm of cars and bikes is legendary. His collection is among the most impressive in the world, and counts hundreds of cars and about 100 motorcycles. They are of many different styles and from different eras. He owns a 1932 Henderson Four, many Vincents and Brough Superiors, and a jet-powered Y2K. It is said to have melted a bumper of the car that happened to be behind it.

9. Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds has a huge passion for these machines. He rode a Honda CB750 at 15, and never looked back. When he moved to Los Angeles as an 18 year old, riding was his way to avoid the overload the city. This is also one of the reasons he rides today, to clear his mind. Reynolds loves café racers, and owns custom bikes, which are real art pieces. He once compared riding to yoga, saying, “There’s nothing to do on a bike but ride and breathe.”

8. Tom Cruise

This A-list Hollywood superstar is known for riding motorcycles in movies, and performing most of his movie stunts. He also rides off the screen, as bikes are his passion from when he was a kid. His favorite one is the Vyrus 987 C3 V4. He likes to live on the edge, and his go-to adrenaline fix is cruising on the road on the super-fast two-wheelers.

7. Norman Reedus

Most famous for playing the role of Daryl Dixon on the ‘The Walking Dead,’ where he changes several bikes, he has another show on called ‘Ride With Norman Reedus.” The guy loves motorcycles. Reedus is obsessed with the Triumph Tiger, and he rides it to work, takes road trips and just has fun overall. After the first season, he had ridden it for more than 30000 miles. His next one was of course a customized Tiger 800 XCA. He lives and breathes adventure and bike culture.

6. Brad Pitt

Like many, Brad Pitt likes the freedom that bikes provide their riders. He once revealed how much he enjoys anonymity while he is riding through the streets of Los Angeles. He blends with the people and hides from the media as soon as he puts on the helmet. He owns an impressive collection that contains Harleys, Japanese monsters and Italian exotic bikes.

5. Adam Levine

The lead singer of Maroon 5 singer once posed nude on a motorcycle. This is not it, as he also loves to ride bikes as well. His favorite are big black V-twin bikes. He rides a Harley-Davidson FLSTF Fat Boy. This is a perfect bike for someone who belongs to a band, and has sick tattoos.

4. Katee Sackhoff

Katee Sackhoff, known as Captain Kara “Starbuck” Thrace from Battlestar Galactica, has a superb motorcycle, a custom Honda XL600R Enduro by Classified Moto. She gave them the permission to make whatever they liked. The bike was revealed on Café Racer TV, and was sopopular that she did it again, which resulted in the KT675.

3. Joshua Jackson

He played Ben Tyler in the movie ‘One Week,’ a guy diagnosed with cancer. He channels the news and the shock by deciding to ride a Triumph across Canada. He actor also loves bikes off the screen, where he also rides a Triumph. He does not tour Canada, but takes short trips and rides in B.C.

2. David Beckham

A former English National soccer team captain, Beckham is one of the best to ever do it. Today, he enjoys family life, and riding bikes. He has many customized Harleys today, but he started the passion on the seat of a Triumph in “Into the Unknown”, which was a documentary by BBC. In this film, he took a trip to Brazil for the World Cup with some friends. They rode modified T100 Bonevilles, sporting high2-1 exhausts, Metzeler Karoo tires, and custom bars and seats.

1. Tyson Beckford

Beckford was only 12 when he rode a bike for the first time. Obviously, he loved it, because his passion lasts to this day. He did a number of bike riding roles in both movies and music videos. He combined his love for bikes with a charity, when he took part in Kiehl’s LifeRide for amfAR. Several times he rode a hog around the country to raise awareness and money for the cure for HIV.