Safety should always be the main focus when you are riding a bike. We all know how exciting it can be to drive a motorcycle on a highway or some off-road terrain. However, safety is much lower when we compare it to vehicles. Even a small mistake can lead to losing control and falling off your bike. That is why wearing a helmet with proper goggles is also very important.

The helmet will protect your head in case you fall, while goggles protect your eyes and face from dirt, water, bugs, and many other things. For example, if you are driving at high speed on a highway, and a piece of dirt or a bug lands on your eyewear, it can be an issue since you will have problems with the sight on the road. That is why you should always choose the right eyewear for different conditions.

Some models are perfect since they won’t collect dust and dirt, some are great for UV protection, and some are perfect for rainy conditions. If you are looking for the proper model for foggy weather, you should check out MX Goggles at Also, here are the best motorcycle goggles for rain in 2024.

1. Pyramex I-Force


When it comes to the main features, this model offers a convenient strap that can be easily set to be more comfortable. Also, the surface is resistant to scratches and provides the highest protection from UV lights. There are multiple layers in this eyewear. The outer surface will protect you from dust, bugs, water, and other things, while an integrated layer will prevent fogging.

With all of these features, this model is perfect for driving during the rain. You don’t have to worry about the water staying on them and messing with your vision on the road. Another detail that you should know is that this brand is known for providing high-quality goggles.

Also, this product is compatible with different types of helmets, which means that you should never have any issues while wearing them together. When it comes to downsides, it can be a problem that you don’t have the ability to change the lenses, while this model might be more difficult to clean as well.

2. Kemimoto


This is the perfect solution for people who are looking for a simple design. The main benefit of that is that it will be quite simple to combine them with any helmet. Another important advantage is the price. This model costs only around $20. Besides that, you have the option to replace lenses for different conditions.

There are different types of lenses available for rainy time, riding in off-road conditions, and more. On the other hand, it could be an issue for those who need prescription lenses since there is no option to install one in this model. Also, there are some conditions where fogging protection won’t be the best.

3. Wiley X Brick


The X Brick from Wiley offers a great combination of style and advanced features. That is especially the case with design. The appearance is similar to regular glasses, but this model offers additional features to adjust for your proportions and helmet. Also, it is a perfect solution for those who are looking for all-around protection because you won’t need another pair of lenses for different conditions.

It is great for protection against the rain, fog, dirt, dust, bugs, UV light, and more. The price is around $120. Moreover, there is an option to choose prescription lenses, which is an important advantage when compared to some other models, even those in the same price range.

4. Bobster Crossfire


The biggest advantage of Crossfire is convenience. This model is foldable, meaning you can wear it all the time without any issues. When it comes to the lenses, there is a multi-layer system installed that will provide all-around protection. For instance, it is one of the best models on the market when it comes to UV protection. There is also a special layer that will prevent fogging, which is crucial when driving at higher speeds.

Moreover, we have to mention flexibility, which can also be a problem with some models. This one will get into the shape of your head without feeling any pressure. Also, it is very cheap considering that the price is only $30. However, there is a downside, which is the fact that you won’t be able to install prescription glasses.

5. Belinous With Removable Mask


This model is also perfect for different conditions, including rain. The main benefit is that it is a one-piece model that will provide improved vision. There is a multi-layer surface that will protect you from fogging, water, UV lights, and dirt. The bonus is the removable mask that will provide more comfort during riding, especially at higher speeds.

Therefore, you won’t need to worry about dust, water, dirt, or other materials to end in your mouth. You can breathe freely while driving, which can be a problem with many other models. It won’t be an issue to combine it with other models as well since the price is only $15.

6. Outfitter


Finding a model with prescription glasses can be difficult and more expensive. Therefore, this model from Outfitter can be an excellent solution for people who need additional lens support for the vision. The best part is that you can keep wearing your glasses and simply put on these goggles over them.

The size is suitable for most of glasses, and it is a much better solution to keep them all the time when riding the bike, not only during the rain since they will prevent additional air that can go under your regular glasses.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there is a wide range of models that are suitable for rainy conditions. Therefore, all you need to do is to choose the right one according to your needs and preferences. A lot of models are quite affordable, which means that having a collection of them won’t be a problem as well.