Dirt biking is an adventurous sport that attracts youth to participate and win interesting cash prizes. But before you go on a ride, you must wear all the safety gear to keep yourself protected and clean. Undoubtedly, you will ride in muddy areas, and dirt can attack your eyes.

Therefore, you must cover your eyes with safety goggles and a helmet to avoid severe injuries. It is quite easy to buy goggles, but you must check whether it fits perfectly in all-size helmets. It is a common concern for riders because it is essential to wear safety gears that fit comfortably.

The dirt should not reach your eyes and affect your vision. Therefore, you need to take care of the size. In this write-up, we will discuss whether dirt bike goggles fit perfectly all helmet types or not. But before you purchase this gear, you must know how to wear it and determine the ideal size that works well.

Where to Wear Goggles on Helmet?


If you desire to purchase goggles to get protection from dirt, you must know how to wear them on head gear. While riding, wearing a helmet is a must to protect your head and avoid injuries. But you must wear the helmet’s goggles to fit it tight.

There is an opening in a helmet where you can put the goggles, and it will easily settle in that place. It works like a face shield because its size is quite large and covers almost the cavity space of the head gear. Instead of using shields, these goggles are preferred.

Method to Wear Eye Safety Gear on a Helmet

You might be thinking about how one can wear glasses over a helmet. It sounds complicated, but it is quite easy. If you prefer wearing glasses under the helmet, it may hurt you, and there will be no protection from dust.

After wearing head gear, you must loosen the strap to wear safety glasses. You must place the glasses in the cavity and adjust your strap accordingly. Let us discuss the steps for wearing safety gear on the eyes and head.

  1. Take out all the safety gear you must wear during dirt biking.
  2. Take your goggles and adjust the strap to its maximum circumference.
  3. Now, you have to wear the helmet and comfortably tighten the straps. Even if you ride on rough terrains, your helmet will always be in the same place.
  4. Afterward, put goggles on your helmet and place them properly in the cavity.
  5. Make sure you settle the glasses within the middle space of a helmet and adjust them properly.
  6. Slowly, you must adjust its strap, but it should not be too tight.
  7. After adjustments, you are ready to go on a ride.
  8. Before you leave, all your gear should be perfectly fit and comfortable.
  9. Whenever you buy goggles, it is essential to have enough slack so that you can pull them from your mouth when required. You only need this feature whenever you are on standby or having a conversation with any player.
  10. Sometimes, glasses can suffocate you during hot weather. You can slack or remove them when you desire a break. Many riders prefer to take a break and breathe whenever they get a chance during the ride.

Is it Possible to Fit Glasses on Every Helmet?


You must be careful while purchasing goggles, as their size should be compatible with the helmet. Even after extending the strap, it should fit over the helmet easily. If you are buying small-sized glasses, you cannot overlap over the helmet. The circumference should be enough to extend according to the size of the helmet.

Before purchasing the goggles, you must take the measurements of your helmet. You can check out the Motocross Goggles in NZ by Rzdlyf and buy as you need. Before purchasing any model, make sure you check the size and get the appropriate one.

Why Do You Require Dirt Goggles While Riding a Bike?

It is an important gear you must not miss while dirt biking. While riding on rough terrains, dust can enter your eyes, and you may struggle to see the path. In severe cases, it can also cause eye infections and irritation. It is essential to protect your eyes from dust.

If you prefer to ride without this gear, it can cause blindness. You cannot afford such a loss; therefore, wearing this gear is mandatory. You can also lose the game if you cannot see anything due to dust. It is better to make a perfect choice and purchase appropriate safety gear.

What Type of Goggles Should You Buy?


Generally, you will get four types of dirt biking goggles:

  • Tinted
  • Clear
  • Blue
  • Colored

If you are riding a bike for the first time, you must prefer the clear ones because you can see the path. You can get another one once a scratch appears on it. But if you are an expert rider, then you can prefer either blue or colored glasses. The tinted ones are anti-glare, and they can prevent extreme sun brightness.

These safety goggles are perfect to wear while bike riding on dirt or rough terrain. It may vary in cost, and one can buy as per the budget. One can easily pick any of your favorite safety gear for a comfortable and protective riding experience.

Final Thoughts

When it is about fitting goggles on a helmet, you need to check the size and buy the appropriate ones. Ensure that the straps of the glasses should stretch or extend properly before wearing them on a helmet. It should fit tightly and comfortably.

If you compromise with the size, you will be unable to see things clearly and lose the game. It is quite crucial for you to protect your eyes from dust. These glasses act as a shield that prevents dirt from entering your eyes. You must not forget to wear safety gear while bike riding on rough terrains.