In the world of vehicle-manufacturing, a lot of procedures are carried out in order to ensure maximum safety and transparency for the customers. And when we say transparency, we really mean it. Motorcycle marking, or also known as “engraving”, is something that a lot of Motorcycle manufacturers utilize during the production process in order to make identification and recognition of their parts much easier.

The motorcycle suppliers rely on the unique and permanent engraving, which is basically an anti-wear physical identification mark, in order to confirm the legitimacy and authenticity of a certain motorcycle part. The marking or engraving can be anything that ranges from a serial number to an actual logo hidden somewhere on the not-so-visible area of the hardware part.

These types of engravings and marks serve for the following reasons:

  • Data logging that is carried out for safety reasons
  • Avoiding any possible warranty issues
  • Replacement of parts and reordering procedures
  • The ability to retrieve stolen vehicles

Although all of these are completely legitimate and valid reasons to engrave a motorcycle part, one of them takes the biggest credit, and you’ve probably guessed it right already, it’s the retrieving stolen vehicles one.

Engraving a car or motorcycle part is probably the most common and also most economical and popular way of identifying the vehicle in order to prevent theft, or retrieving it and handing it back to its owner after a theft already took place. Sometimes this method is so effective that when an intruder sees the markings, they are not even interested in stealing the vehicle anymore. According to, the reason for this is simply because selling motorcycles, cars or even separate parts is extremely hard if they have been engraved. Nobody would like to purchase something they know it is ninety nine percent stolen, and one hundred percent traceable.

“But why wouldn’t an imposter simply remove the marking from the part itself?” Well, just like we mentioned earlier, the engravings are made in such manner that removing them is totally impossible without damaging the surface of the car or motorcycle part. And anyone who has the slightest experience with purchasing used parts or even entire vehicles, knows that if the surface is scratched that the part was probably once engraved. There is a statistic which shows us that about forty percent of all stolen vehicles are being returned to their owners simply because of one engraving on a certain part. Not to mention that people like to engrave multiple parts in most cases, which makes their vehicle even more traceable and unlikely to get stolen.

Most of the engraving companies will let you choose between getting a completely visible or barely noticeable engraving, so you are completely free to choose whatever you prefer for your ride. Also, engravings don’t always have to be boring and be a certain combination of numbers that nobody knows the meaning of. Personalized engravings are a very frequently chosen option, so if you want your name written on a motorcycle, that’s a possibility as well.