Wondering why Americans go crazy for Honda vehicles? Learn what makes Honda one of the most demanded automotive brands in the USA.

Being an American, if you have traveled to Europe or Asia, you might have noticed one very different thing: their automotive styles. People in those continents prefer cars from manufacturers like Mitsubishi, Toyota, Corolla, Nissan, Ford, etc. over Honda.

According to the CEO of World Article, Honda is the second most-demanded vehicle brand in the USA. Why is this? What are the reasons that you can see Honda cars in the majority of the states? In this article, we will learn about some major factors that have contributed to the popularity of Honda in the USA.

Reasons for the Popularity of Honda in the USA

1. Cheaper in Price


The primary reason for the consistently high demand for Honda in the US is due to their affordable price range. Honda undoubtedly offers some of the best quality vehicles at a cheaper price compared to other manufacturers using the same technology. Even their luxurious vehicles are very affordable, making them convenient for their target customers. Affordability is what makes this car available on most of the streets of the States.

2. Reliability

In 1959, Honda inaugurated their very first showroom in Los Angeles, California, and the rest is history. Although there are many other brands of vehicles available nowadays, the majority of American lower-middle-class and middle-class earners trust Honda when it comes to quality with affordability. According to Consumer Report, Honda has been awarded Most Trusted Brand for vehicles. Honda drivers have peace of mind which has been built over the years with quality.

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3. Safety Features


Honda’s unique safety features do not cause Americans to think twice before purchasing. As the world moves forward and technology develops, Honda is incorporating more advanced safety features into their vehicles. Of course, safety was there before, but it is always improving. Their policy of having the highest safety standards led them to install features like:

  • Collision mitigation braking system
  • Safety sensing suite
  • Lane-keeping assist system
  • HondaLink
  • HondaLink is a unique feature that sends a notification to first responders if your vehicle is involved in a collision.

4. Lower Maintenance Cost

Not only is Honda an affordable brand, but their vehicle will save you money in the long run too. For other vehicle brands like Toyota, Nissan, and Ford, maintenance can overweigh the vehicle’s original price. Honda vehicles do not require exorbitant maintenance and repair, which is one of the reasons their popularity continues.

5. Attractive


You can’t deny that Honda makes some of the most stylish and versatile vehicles on a budget. To match the taste of car owners, Honda has developed their vehicle style every decade. The current Honda vehicles are sleek and compact, with many modern touches. To fit your style and personality, Honda has kept a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from or customize from. Whether you need a family car, truck, bike, or luxury car, Honda has the best of all types for you.

6. Environment-friendly

Americans are becoming more environmentally conscious, as this is what the world needs now. To fit the psychological needs of their customer, Honda has been developing eco-friendly cars for a long time. For this, Honda has received a few accolades like fifteen years of nominations for America’s Greenest Vehicle and the Green Factor Environmental Achievement award. Honda’s creations are popular for being highly eco-friendly and fuel-efficient.

7. Superior Performance with VTEC Technology

Honda has never compromised with the performance of their vehicles. Hondas are exclusively made with an improved VTEC engine system to increase the volumetric efficiency of the four-stroke internal combustion engine. As a result, the vehicles benefit from a higher performance at higher revolutions per minute (rpm) and lower fuel consumption with increased mileage at lower rpm. This means you can drive more with lower gas consumption, which cuts costs. To benefit from even more gas mileage, you can choose from Honda’s hybrid car options.

8. Aftermarket Parts Are Widely Available

Another important reason for the popularity of Honda automobiles is their versatility with aftermarket or non-OEM parts. When a part is broken or damaged, you don’t have to search several places online or offline to purchase a part. You can replace the parts with any aftermarket part that can be found in any local automotive parts store in the States; you don’t have to wait for days for the manufacturer to deliver Honda parts specifically.

9. Parts are Interchangeable in Most Cases


Not all, but most parts of Honda vehicles are interchangeable, such as the wheels, transmission, engine, and suspension. It becomes convenient and cost-saving for people to change just a certain part when needed rather than to replace the entire set of parts.

10. Has Good Resale Value

Lastly, Honda’s constant popularity is driven by its vehicles’ great resale value. When it comes to reselling it, you won’t be disappointed with the return. The brand has also been awarded the Kelley Blue Book Best Resale Value Awards, which already speaks for its vehicles’ net book value reliability at the end of usage.

Final Thought

Whether you are an American or not, if you haven’t had a Honda before now, we hope all these reasons for Honda’s popularity in America are enough to convince you to buy one. Rest assured you are going to have the most reliable and performative experience with your vehicle. And don’t forget to pick your favorite design and color!