Car decals are used by many people for several reasons. For one, they are an awesome and cheap way to give your vehicle a unique and personalized look. Car decals can be easily removed and reapplied, which is quite convenient, as it allows you to make upgrades and changes whenever you want without a hassle. Besides, you can use car decals to efficiently promote your business. If you are considering getting decals, here’s how you can choose the right ones for your car.

What’s the Purpose of Your Decal?


When you attach decals to your car, you are making a commitment and a public statement that countless people will see every day. Choosing to display your loyalty to a certain brand, show religious symbols, express your love to certain characters, shows, or movies creates an invisible tie or connection with people of the same interests. Your choice of decal can be an attempt to get a reaction out of people, inspire a conversation, make others laugh, or simply make their day. When you are getting a car decal, consider the purpose behind it. Think about what you want to get out of it. Do you want to promote your business or express brand affinity? Or are you just looking to take a stand, or express your interests, or a part of your identity? Decals are an extension of who you are; it is the more apparent version of a tattoo, for instance. Think of them as a way to “dress up” your car.

Likewise, we choose what image we went to set or what we want to say about ourselves through the way that we choose to dress. Even if you are just getting decals for decoration purposes, it is important to keep in mind the message that you want to send across. Think about how your decal will make others react, or how it will make them feel, and think whether that’s the response you’re seeking.

Applying a Decal

To guarantee easy removal in case you change your mind after installation, or are looking for a change, you need to apply your decal correctly. Before installing a decal, you need to decide the location on which you want to install your decal and clean it properly. Then, carefully peel the backing film from your decal, making sure not to touch the backside so that you don’t get dirt on it. Place one side of the decal on your vehicle and use your hand to slowly smooth it out until it’s entirely installed.

Consider the Purpose of Your Vehicle


Before getting decals for your car, you must first reflect on the purposes you use your car for. If you use your car to go to work, drop your children off at school, or attend formal meetings, you shouldn’t choose loud designs or ones that stand out too much. Decals can say a lot about the car owner, so before settling on a design, consider the message you want to send out and the image you want to set for yourself. Make sure that your decals are appropriate for the environments and locations you typically visit.

Stick to a Theme

Since decals come in many shapes and sizes, they can easily clash. When getting decals, make sure to stick to one theme, and try to stay consistent. If you go overboard trying to include so many ideas in your decal, it can look like your car crashed right into a decal store! Choose a uniform theme, and switch it up with a new one whenever you feel like it’s time for a change.

Decals are easy to remove; all that you need to do is start by cleaning the decal and the area surrounding it using a cleaning cloth and soapy water. Then, heat the decal with a blow dryer to weaken the adhesive properties, making it easier to remove. A heat gun is also an option, however, it may ruin your car’s paint. Use a plastic card at an angle and gently scrape under the sticker to peel it away. Don’t use a sharp object as it may ruin your car’s paint. If there is glue residue, you can carefully dab a small amount of glue removal product on the residue using a cloth. Let it sit for one minute and then use soapy water to remove the glue. Repeat for as many times as needed, and after you are done, wash, dry, and wax the area to ensure that you have removed it properly, and to maximize protection.

Customized Car Decals


If you haven’t come across any designs that caught your eye, you can always get customized decals. Many online stores allow you to shop now at your own convenience. Customized decals are great because you can get them in the colors, designs, and slogans of your choice. You can also customize decals of your favorite artworks, television characters, cartoons, catchphrases, or animals.

Sizes and Designs

If you decide to go for ready-made car decals, you must first consider the different options available. You need to decide how much of the car you want to cover with decals. For example, there are many full-body decals that you can choose from if you want to cover the entire car. If you choose to get several smaller ones instead, visualize how you want them to look like so that you place them accordingly without having them look crammed. Many people get dragon accents or full-body flame ones. For racing cars, people usually get offset and dual racing stripes. In any case, you have to decide on the direction you want to go for before making any purchases.

Getting decals for your car can be an awesome way to make your vehicle stand out. It is a cheap way to give your car character and upgrade its appearance, and the best part is they are easy to apply and remove, and won’t damage your vehicle. Keep the above tips in mind to choose the right decals for your car.