We know you love your bike, but sometimes it’s those small details that really make your bicycle your own. There are plenty of things you can do, from less permanent add-ons like bar tape or grips to permanent paint jobs. However, this article focuses on applying floral decals in a tasteful manner. To subtly add flowers to your bike, try out the following creative ideas.

How to Subtly Add Floral Decals to Your Bike

Whether you have an American chopper bike or a standard push-pedal, these floral decals, paint colors, and bicycle accessory suggestions will boost the overall look of your ride.

1. Green Bike, Yellow Sunflowers


Find a retro-style bike with an upright riding position and large balloon wheels, as these bicycles will provide the most surface area. The Raleigh Prim with the thick gears and shiny wheel covers is one example of this bike style. Paint your bike frame a yellow-green to start.

Add photo-realistic yellow sunflower decals near the pedals to make it look like your bike is traveling through a field. Add a wicker basket on the handlebars and sign up for sunflower delivery through an online service, like Bouqs, so you’ll always have fresh blooms on your bike.

2. Add Flowers to Your Seat

Most seat covers are made from either brown or black leather, but you can add a little spice to your bike by layering on white and yellow daisy decals. On the other hand, you could order an entirely new bike seat with flowers printed right on top, so you won’t rub the decal off.

You can also buy a clear plastic bike seat that’s capable of opening up either on the top or sides. If a manufactured “invisible” bike seat is hard to find, you can make a custom cast. While you’re at it, put real-looking fake flowers inside, so it looks like you’re sitting on roses.

3. Don’t go Easy on the Flower Decals


Just because you’re laying on the stickers, it doesn’t mean your bike will suddenly look childish or crass. However, there is a fine line between too much and too little, so we’ll need to set a few guidelines here. For this look, only use line-art decals and paint your bicycle a single color.

For example, paint your bike white and add black line art flower decals across your entire bicycle. The decal will be subtle enough that it won’t draw too much attention. Still, the design will still be unique enough that it will separate your bicycle from others, making it easy to find.

4. Add Flowers to Your Helmet

What if you don’t want to add floral decals to your bike but still want to have a bit of flower power on your trips? Either buy or deck out your helmets with flowers; just avoid bright colors, or it’ll look too childish. While you’re at it, install a helmet light to make your night rides much safer.

Classic bike helmets (dome-shaped) offer a bigger surface to work with than sports helmets, which have way too many holes. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t do something fun with it. On sports helmets, use minimal or small decals. Otherwise, your sticks will be cut off.

5. Small Accents, Bold Color


Many bike owners forget to customize their cranks, pedals, spokes, and stems, but you can do a lot in this small space. Instead of putting your flower decals somewhere noticeable, place small flowers (baby’s breath or daisies) along your bike’s components, bar tape, and grips.

Before you put some love into the more forgotten aspects of your bike, consider your paint color first. Decide whether you want your bicycle to be bright and bombastic or darker and elusive. Darker colors will make your decals stand out more, while lighter colors will help them blend in.

6. Pastel Blue, Old Crates

I’ve seen several weddings and cottages use old bikes as decoration, so we’re going to see this concept as inspiration on our own working bikes. First, spray paint your entire bike frame pastel blue (or baby blue). Other pastel colors, like green, pink and purple, will work fine, too.

While waiting for your bike to dry, take 2 old wooden crates (old milk crates work) and decal the 4 sides with faded flower decals. Once done, screw one on the handlebars for a front basket and the other at the back for a back basket. Tie rope around the crate for a more rustic look.

7. Wrap Around Vines


On the top tube, seat post, seat tube, and down tube, you can start wrapping ivy decals around that make it look like the earth is trying to take back your bike! Use photo-realistic ivy stickers if you want a more natural look, or choose one in grayscale or an outline for a cartoony effect.

Paint your bike either bright green or forest green, depending on what look you’re going for. If you want a more subtle design, use dark green ivy decals on a forest green bike. If you want to go bold, paint your bike lime green and start placing black ivy stickers throughout your ride.

8. Between the Wheel Spokes

Back in the day, businesses used to advertise between the wheel spokes. When done correctly, the advertisement would either light up or reveal a hidden word when the bike was in motion. Instead of doing anything that fancy, we’re just going to put some flower decals in there.

Although it isn’t exactly water-resistant, you can paint or place decals on round-shaped cardboard and slide it in between the spokes. If you want to keep your flower decals with you for longer, try plastic or any other water-resistant material. If you want to switch it up, make multiples but add flower decals in a variety of colors and shapes and swap them out.