In case you have always dreamt of designing a truly innovative motorbike model, in this article, we will support you with essential steps on how to do that! So, go on reading!

Motorbikes are incredible transport. The concept of such a vehicle is easy yet challenging. It is an ideal paradigm of shape following functionality. Nowadays, as automotive engineers have already created a boom for designing super innovative transport (from autopilot cars to flying taxis), they are making effort to bring innovation to designing amazing concepts for motorbikes.

In case your small business or startup is connected with developing innovative motorbike models, we would like to assist you with representing a simple step-by-step process on what should be done to start the design of an innovative motorbike model.


In this article, you will get to know how to go from idea to sketch, CAD, testing, and 3D printing while designing a motorbike.

If you have serious doubts regarding the strategy of bringing your solution to life, it would be great to check 3D modeling at, where automotive engineers with innovative thinking can support you with the most detailed consultations on that.

Now, let’s start with our guide.

Sketch the Concept of Your Future Motorbike

You should start your design procedure by sketching a motorbike concept on paper followed by finalizing what you admire most of all. This can be implemented using a traditional pencil.

When beginning a sketch, we advise you to simply start by drawing circles where you would like to place wheels. This is your background. Here, don’t limit your imagination! We bet that following the steps from the article, you would be able to build the most innovative model. Sketch the most unbelievable design you can!

Why do they need sketching? Preparing the most detailed sketches beforehand provides you with a powerful strategy to refer to once you proceed with CAD. Well, it doesn’t mean that you will only model exactly what you had sketched! Later, 3D modeling will enable you to go on experimenting because this advanced technology always supports engineers with discovering more about dimensional accuracy, proportions, and design for final 3D printing.

By the way, in case you want to distance from traditional pencil sketching, you may use the tool called Autodesk Sketchbook Designer which serves for developing digital sketches of motorbikes.

Develop CAD Model


A few words about CAD should be mentioned now. Although there exists a wide range of top-performance CAD tools, we recommend you implement Rhino. The last is a perfect non-uniform rational B-splines solution with an extremely powerful level of accuracy and flexibility. The tool is especially useful for developing innovative motorbike models because it enables uninhibited form research, on the contrary to other parametric modeling solutions.

At this stage, a good idea would be to design several iterations of the original motorbike design (even the simplest one) via cloning the key model and altering the specifications of every iteration. As soon as you get completely satisfied with a certain iteration, you can transit this file right into MakerBot Print. The last is an incredible tool that supports in preparing a solution for further 3D printing.

Though 3D modeling/printing has been dynamically practised on the market for already several years, this engineering design approach still demands an excellent degree of skill. As soon as you master it, 3D modeling will offer you a wide scope of optimization. Here, the way to success is acquiring a good feel for print orientation (though it takes practice, don’t hesitate and start). Who knows, maybe your nerves while practicing it will lead to designing something impressive, agree?

All you need to do is just print, test, again print, and test… When it comes to testing, don’t forget to consider crash tests. Read more about crash tests!

Final 3D-Printing


Now, it is time to print the final motorbike model. We would like to add that previous testing of multiple motorbike model options has already given you a reliable starting point for the production steps that will follow.

Regarding which software to choose for final 3D printing, we would recommend using the program called CatalystEX. This is a high-efficiency solution used by the majority of automotive engineers while printing any type of component of the motorbike in 3D format from any kind of 3D printer. As a decent alternative, you may practice the tools like Autodesk inventor, Autodesk Alias Automotive, or Autodesk Showcase.

Paint Motorbike’s Components and Assemble Them

You should take the 3D-printed components and decide on the color scheme and the kind of paint (enamel, spray paint, lacquers, or acrylic). The only thing to consider is that in case you airbrush the components, you should understand what the system can process, ok?

When it comes to assembly, the first step is taking the frame and putting the components on. You will see how the motorbike model looks like. In case something looks not so ideal as on your sketch, it is not the end of the world as you may optimize a certain feature with 3D modeling.