Thinking of leaving snowy New York in October and migrate to Florida for the winter? Some people find the first winter in Florida to be quite an adjustment. Of course, the weather is just beautiful and there’s so much to do and see. In this post we have a number of tips to make your trip a success and your car transport NY to Florida to go as smooth as possible. Separately, check this transportation website to learn more about transporting your vehicle from New York to Florida.

Winterize Your Northern Home

It will be easier to switch off and relax if you close up your home in New York properly before you head to Florida. This involves:

● Turning off the main water switch.
● Turning off the electricity mains.
● Locking all windows and doors.

Ask someone you trust to check in on your house occasionally while you’re away, and to collect your mail. It would be a good idea to suspend any subscriptions for the time you’re in Florida, especially if it is longer than a month.

Set Up Online Bill Payments

You may be away for two or three months, but your bills still need payment. Set up online payments for as many of your bills as possible to avoid late charges and other issues.

Stay Connected

Instead of being isolated in Florida, get involved with the local community. There are many opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors especially if you’re still active, with golf, tennis, bocce, swimming, walking, hiking, cycling and so much more.

You may also be missing your family, so consider inviting them over for the holidays. They will appreciate the opportunity to thaw their cold bones and enjoy the Florida sunshine. If they can’t for whatever reason, you can still stay connected, thanks to modern technology.

Get to Know Your Way Around

It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the neighborhood, and especially with the available facilities, such as medical care, convenience stores, supermarkets, farmer’s markets, and Florida-based locations of all other important facilities you regularly use at home.

Why you should consider car transport NY to Florida

A large percentage of retirees make use of auto transportation companies to help them with their needs for car transport NY to Florida, and RVs across the country instead of driving.

Obviously, having a car when you’re in a different state is a must. After all, you want to make the most of your trip by visiting the many attractions in Florida autonomously and without spending your entire life savings on public transportation. If you decide to leave your car in New York and rent a car in Florida, be sure to leave your own car in safe hands. Car thieves know just how to target homes that are standing empty.

When you require car transport NY to Florida, you have several options available to you:

● You could drive your car, but it is a significant distance, which could put a toll on you and wear and tear on your vehicle.
● You could ask someone else to drive your car while you fly to Florida, but depending on how far the person is able to drive in one day, it could take a few days for you to receive your car. Also, wear and tear is still an issue.
● You could ship your vehicle.

Businesses and individuals from everywhere in the US hire car transportation companies to ship their cars from New York to Florida and if you look around, you’ll even find snowbird deals, especially in the busiest shipping months. You can avoid regular car shipping scams by ensuring that you are hiring a reputable car shipping company to facilitate the move. Find a company that has significant industry experience and infrastructure to facilitate your vehicle transportation.