There are a lot of good things about living in the modern era – it’s all full of conveniences such as door to door auto transport. In order to make this experience even more convenient for yourself, here is a list of the most common mistakes people commit with booking and using the door to door transport service that transport companies provide – at least according to

What to avoid when using door to door transport

The service itself sounds superbly sublime in its convenience – it’s like having a pizza delivered straight to your door, the only difference is that it weighs a couple of tons and it runs on controlled explosions from dead dinosaur juice. However, there are several mistakes that people make, and today we’ll tell you how to avoid them to make it easier on everyone involved in the transport process.

The vehicle is not available


This is a rather frustrating moment not only for the carrier, but also for the owner of the vehicle. This happens whenever the service is being used to deliver a vehicle which has been purchased from a dealer or an auction, only for it to not be available for whatever reason.

Whenever you book a door to door transport service, always make sure that the vehicle is ready for pickup, that it runs, it breaks and steers, otherwise you are going to incur penalties and the service will become more expensive. Making sure that the vehicle runs, from a distance, may be difficult, and dealerships will often give promises which they cannot keep, so make sure you have someone go and check it out themselves.

Hire someone to go do it for you, or have a friend or a relative from close by do it – because if the vehicle is not ready, the carrier will drop you and will probably charge you the full price of the delivery as compensation for the wait.

People don’t consider the size of the trailer

Another big issue is that people simply don’t consider what is coming to pick up their vehicle. Something which you should always do, is to get contact information of the driver and information on the trailer which is coming, so you can determine if it’s suitable for the terrain and the size of the streets up to your address.

You’ve probably seen those car shipping carriers on the highway and you know how large they really are – imagine trying to maneuver that in the narrow streets of a suburban area – not pleasant at all. So pick a more suitable location, like the outskirts of a city, or a large parking lot of a large chain store or a supermarket – you definitely have one of those in your area.

Vehicle is not operational


Another important thing to consider is if the vehicle is operational at all – if it’s not, you should let the carrier know in advance, otherwise it will be a lot more difficult for them to provide you with a good service. Giving them advance notice helps them supply the truck with the appropriate equipment to accommodate the condition of the vehicle.

Failure to Conduct Enough Research

Many consumers will just Google “auto transport” or a similar query and book with the first firm that comes up. Unfortunately, there are a number of shady businesses out there. Some firms may provide bait and switch pricing, then inform you that there has “been an issue” and that you must pay an extra fee after they have taken ownership of your vehicle.
In order for your shipment to continue, you may need to pay several hundred dollars. They will keep your automobile if you do not pay, potentially until you take them to court. In any case, you’ll be without a car for a while as a result of this.

Some businesses will cause damage to your vehicle and refuse to pay for it. Others may have unsatisfactory customer service. When it comes to shipping a car, though, there are some reputable organizations to choose from. You merely need to conduct little research to make sure they’re reputable before booking your car transport. To find out what previous customers have to say about a vehicle transport firm, use sites like Consumer Affairs and Google reviews.

Leaving Personal Property in Your Car


If you leave personal things in your automobile during transportation, the shipping insurance will not cover them if they are lost or destroyed. As a result, if you leave any valuables in the car and they go stolen or are destroyed, you will be responsible for the full cost of their replacement. Before your vehicle is picked up for shipping, do yourself a favor and remove any important stuff.

Putting Faith in Unlikely Promises

Auto freight is a risky business. A car firm can’t guarantee a single delivery day due to bad weather and traffic delays. Even if you pay more to have your car delivered on a specific day, a trustworthy business will notify you that they can only move your car within a set amount of time. Typically, this is a three- to five-day period. They can’t additionally promise a certain delivery date because the shipping process is based on the final destination’s distance.

Not Recording Damage


On the bill of lading, make a note of any damage that occurs during the shipment. You must do your own visual check after receiving the vehicle. This manner, you can be certain that your vehicle will not be damaged while being transported. Damage does occur, but only very rarely.

If it does, though, make a note of it on the bill of lading during your delivery inspection. You will be able to file a damage claim with that specific car shipping firm in this manner. You will not be allowed to file a damage claim if you do not do so when your automobile is delivered and the driver is still there.


The process of exporting a car from one location to another might be simple and straightforward or complex and tedious. It all depends on how well-prepared you are for the pick-up and delivery of your vehicle, as well as how few of the previously stated errors you make.

Use this guide from the beginning of the car shipping procedure, when obtaining quotes and researching firms, until your vehicle is securely delivered. Avoiding these blunders can save you thousands of money as well as a lot of time.