Traces, habits, basics, roadster, supermotard, GT, hypersport … the list is long and the choices are sometimes difficult, especially if you balance between the necessity of aesthetics and practicality.

Which bicycle, for what needs?

Beyond the aesthetic criteria, the choice of bicycle depends mainly on the call. Depending on your use (roads, cities, short, long trips, daily trips or reserved for sightseeing on weekends, etc.), you will need fairing or bubbles (or at least one pass), baggage, etc. Your choice will also depend on your height and weight. When stopping, it’s important to make your feet flat to control the weight of the motorcycle and keep it stable. It’s all about the safety.

If you are not too strong, choose a light bike if the slightest maneuver in slow motion will quickly turn into a nightmare. Conversely, driving with your knees on your teeth is not good: if you have a professional basketball format, it leads to the path you will go to. All of this seems clear, but it will actually exclude many models during your research. Finally, because your choice will also depend on your budget (purchase of bicycles, equipment, gas, maintenance costs, insurance), we strongly recommend that you attack with a used motorcycle. This will significantly reduce your budget, both for purchases and for insurance premiums.

Also think about the electricity solution, for example if you drive in the city. Scooters, trails, roadsters, and even, sports, choices are starting to develop. In the city, the problem of autonomy is not really a problem, given the possibility of “connecting”. And at the newly established company, the power supply terminal must be installed beforehand. And even on any terrain, it is possible to ride electricity. Advantages: large and direct engine torque, almost zero engine maintenance, reduced usage costs, and mechanical reliability considering a small number of moving parts (only rotor), and, cannot be ignored, silent. If the occasional offer is still rare, it will develop over time.

What strength?

There are no questions here about playing flaps-joy. But to deal with the facts: strong bicycles have never been a good idea to start … they still don’t have to be built on strength and movement. The Young Label brings together more than 2000 motorcycle models, from 125cc to 1100cc, with thermal or electric motors, which gradually give you the control you need to ride a strong motorcycle. They are chosen because of their ease of use, engine character, part cycle, braking quality, stability, and maneuverability.

Of course the two considerations above are formal considerations for choosing a motorcycle. But the fact is that these two variables speak; models and prices, are the two main determinants of why someone chooses a motorcycle. They are determinants especially in developing countries with loose traffic regulations. But we use motorbikes as a means of transportation rather than as a means of death. For this reason, security factors must be taken as the main consideration before buying. Hopefully this article can provide benefits for you.


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