Jeeps are built to last for several years, even decades. So much so that they are often passed down the family tree from one generation to another. In addition, those of us with conservative budgets end up buying used jeeps that were on sale. Regardless of how you inherited your jeep, it’s yours now! So why not give it a complete makeover? You may be driving an old jeep, but that doesn’t mean it should look like one. After all, appearances matter, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Fitting your jeep with all-new modifications can be a controversial topic among car enthusiasts. Unfortunately, some gear heads are puritans who believe that you should stick with the factory-made installations no matter what. Of course, we disagree! All types of automobiles, and jeeps in particular, have a lot to gain from setting up a few cool mods.
If you’re driving around in your off-road beast without turning some heads, something’s definitely wrong. But don’t worry! Just follow these simple tips to transform your rackety jeep into something straight out of a Fast and Furious movie.

1. Give it a good wash-down

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Has your jeep been stowed away in the back of the garage for years? Is it now caked with dust? Then it’s time for a good old wash-down! Yes, the first step to revamping your old jeep is to scrub every part of its frame and hose the dirt off the tires. Although it might take up an entire afternoon, washing your jeep is critical to giving it a brand new look. Try and avoid using hard-bristled brushes or any other abrasive materials while cleaning your jeep. So, what’re you waiting for? Grab a bucket, some soap, and get on with it! Make sure you don’t miss the tough-to-reach spots.

2. A lick of paint never hurt anyone

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Jeeps, like all automobiles, can take a beating if left neglected. Time will ensure that the paint starts peeling off your jeep. Minor dents and ripped seat covers are also indicators that the jeep is in desperate need of a makeover. Once the mud and sludge have been washed away, you might notice a few scrapes, dents, and scratches on the exterior of your jeep. This absolutely calls for a paint job. If you’re someone who believes in self-reliance, then do it yourself. First, get the doors and hood off as it is advisable to paint them separately. Next, detach the hardtop and sand the chassis well. This will help get rid of buffs and ugly scratches. Once you’re done with the prep work, apply some masking tape and paint away! On the contrary, if you think this is beyond your abilities, head over to a trusted body shop and ask for a cool custom paint job.

3. Jeep Headlights from the front

Any dilapidated jeep is bound to have problems with its headlights. A faulty headlight system usually spells trouble as it seriously compromises driver safety and comfort. Moreover, if you like going on long camping trips in secluded areas, picking the right pair of headlights must be your utmost priority. While jeeps tend to come pre-installed with halogen-bulb headlights, their extremely short lifespans and constant replacements are a huge downside. Instead, upgrade to a pair of digital LED headlights from Mjsoffroad. They are way more energy efficient than any other headlight system on the market. In addition, LED headlights last longer and will definitely lend your jeep an aesthetic appeal. Visit LEDFACTORYMART to check out advanced Jeep LED Headlights or high-quality jeep accessories.

4. Grease the wheels

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Anyone who is familiar with jeeps knows that tires are their biggest strength. However, tires require regular inspection because they tend to get worn down depending on the number of miles you rack up in your jeep. If you notice that the tires on your jeep have been sanded down to resemble an eraser, it is highly recommended that you buy a new set of wheels (literally!).

5. Spruce up the suspension

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It is widely known that a jeep’s suspension is the second-most important part of the vehicle after its tires. Without a good suspension, your jeep is likely to feel less powerful and may experience constant breakdowns. So, believe us when we say that investing in a new suspension system is worth it. Make sure you allow a substantial portion of your budget for new springs as they will vastly improve the performance and speed of your jeep.

6. No road, no problem

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Say you’ve finished all the steps mentioned here and there is still some of the budget left to be spent. At this point, consider making modifications to your jeep so that it works better off-road. Fitting in a winch, installing lift kits, and setting up rock sliders will surely come in handy amidst the great outdoors. Off-roading is more than an art, it is a skill that needs to be mastered. Either way, you better make sure that your jeep has all the necessary gear before you go down paths less traveled. Ditch the factory-fitted tires and opt for an all-terrain set of wheels that will get you just about anywhere. Custom hoods, extravagant bumpers, and backup cameras are also popular accessories among the off-roading community. On the other hand, if you’re worried about getting stranded in the middle of nowhere, invest in a reliable set of winches, check


Your jeep is now all spruced up just in time to hit the road. Don’t waste another minute and go out there looking awesome. But beware of any boulders, lest you have a trusty new mod to protect your jeep. An automobile such as a jeep can be fitted with an endless number of modifications. That’s why it’s a good idea to inspect your jeep thoroughly before driving into the body shop. When you’ve identified the areas that need the most work, purchase mods that will transform those sections of your jeep. Unless your jeep has been through extreme conditions, a good wash, some paint, and brand new seat cushions are all you need to make your jeep look spick and span.