Cycling is becoming increasingly popular because people are becoming aware of all its benefits. It is said that once you get into it, you’re in it for good. It’s a great way to make sure you keep active because most of us are forced to sit while at work.

Those who decide to approach this sport professionally, know how demanding psychologically and physically it can get. But along the way, so many interesting moments and funny things happen. Here is a list of those only a true cyclist will understand and find funny.

1. Mucus shot


As it takes tons of energy to keep up with the pace of other riders, it happens that your nose gets clogged. It’s that situation when you simply have to give your strongest nose exhale to get rid of the stuff blocking your nostril. As you’re cycling with a bunch of other athletes, a mucus shot can end up on any of your colleagues.

2. Looking at people who eat candy

That moment when you get off your bike after a long race. And the look you give to the guy eating a candy. Only your teammates understand the trouble you’d go through to steal it. The need for sugar after you get off the bike is utterly strong.

3. Forgetting how to walk


For athletes who have just started to do cycling professionally, the first long race can be a confusing experience. After hours of pedaling, walking seems weird, and falling off your feet is what happens when you get off the bike. It confuses both the athlete and people looking.

4. Most sacred holidays are in July

Although people look forward to the winter, because of the holidays, cyclists have a completely different view on this. July is what they celebrate like it’s Christmas. Why? Because of the great weather and the possibility to explore new routes.

5. You have a bike in your living room


Normal people gather around the TV in their free time. Not cyclists, though. The central object in their living room is not the TV, but a bike. Because what else would you do in your free time? A television would only be for watching cycling news, which you can also find here.

For most people, this is the type of activity that provides a fun, consistent, rational way to exercise, improve heart function and lose weight. An additional advantage is that it can be practiced by people of all ages, regardless of form. Everyday cycling is an extremely efficient and enjoyable exercise. It is without a doubt the most energetic activity that requires the work of the whole body. Be it your wrists, arms, or shoulders, every part of the body must be in motion and keep pace.

The good side of it is that you choose the speed at which you want to ride. It makes you use your hips, legs, and abdominal muscles and thus helps to melt the accumulated fat and finally leads to a beautifully shaped body and the desired weight.

If you’ve been wondering what are the concrete benefits, here are some:

1. It is very good for the heart


Research from Purdue University in the USA shows that regular pedaling reduces the risk of heart disease by 50%. If people were physically active enough, about 10,000 fatal heart attacks would be avoided each year.

Riding a bike for only 20 miles a week halves the risk of serious diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and the most common form of diabetes.

2. Stimulates lung function

Those who practice it regularly use 10 times more oxygen than those sitting in front of the TV. Regular usage of a bike will help you strengthen your cardiovascular system, thus enabling your heart and lungs to work more efficiently.

3. It helps control body weight


It accelerates the loss of extra pounds and contributes to achieving a healthy body weight. It can burn almost the same number of calories as running, and puts less strain on the joints than running or aerobics.

It is also highly recommended for anyone over forty. It activates and speeds up metabolism and thus speeds up the process of losing weight. It burns more fat. Sports psychologists have discovered that the body’s efficiency in burning calories and fat is not only accelerated while riding but also for a few hours after it.

4. Positive impact on the mood

Believe it or not, it can have a positive effect on your mood. Moderate riding has been shown to alleviate depression, reduce stress levels, improve mood, and boost self-confidence. When you are under some pressure, after a few kilometers on a bike, your mood will change.

5. It rejuvenates


It also works against aging, according to scientists. They discovered that increasing circulation while riding also increases the flow of acid to surface cells on the skin.

In this way, various toxins are eliminated, the complexion is purified and collagen production is increased.

6. It affects the quality of sleep

To stay fresh in the morning, it is highly recommended to use a bicycle as a means of transportation to school, college, or the workplace. In addition, if you ride a bike during the day, do not doubt the quality of rest and sleep.

All of the above gives enough reasons to start cycling, but there’s one more we failed to mention, that should serve as a motivation to all of us. It is a fact that switching to cycling makes a positive impact on the environment. We’ve reached a point when this is more important than ever. One of the easiest ways to contribute to the preservation of the environment is to hop on a bike. Replacing cars with bicycles reduces greenhouse gas emissions and thus slows down climate change. So, in addition to the positive impact on human health, cycling is the fastest, most flexible, and most reliable way to get around cities.