When we think about first dates, they normally bring up images of romantic dinners in some restaurant, or a drink at a nice bar. But for some people, that may seem cliché and a little too uninspired.

Others want to be creative and a little bit adventurous. This can especially be nice if you have already known a thing or two about each other (maybe you have texted beforehand, as in the case of Tinder dates), and have discovered a shared interest. In such a case, you may want to do an activity for a first date, like going for a bike ride, or even better, riding a tandem bike.

In this article, I’ll discuss why riding a tandem bike may be a great idea for a first date, then I’ll share the ultimate tips you will ever need when planning.

Why is Riding a Tandem Bike a Great First Date Idea?

  1. It’s a Great Way to Build a Common Ground – have you ever been on dates where you seem to have nothing in common that you could talk about? Doing an activity together like riding a tandem bike helps avoid that awkwardness. After the ride, that surely will be a topic you both could talk about.
  2. It’s Inexpensive – Traditional dates like dining or going for drinks can be expensive, but riding a tandem bike is not. It can even be free. You just need to pack some snacks and drinks you could share and not be too conscious about what you’ll end up spending.
  3. It’s a Great Way to Get to Know Each Other – First date conversations can be quite superficial sometimes, but when sharing an activity together, you’re able to get to know each other better while enjoying your time together. You’ll be able to discover common interests or some cute quirks about each other’s personalities.

Tips for Riding a Tandem Bike on a First Date

1. Is it for you?


Let me start with what seemingly is the most obvious question, is riding a tandem bike for you? Maybe you’ve been googling some exciting first date ideas and came across this suggestion and instantly thought, “this sounds like fun.” Before pitching the idea to your date, consider your own experience and confidence level in this activity, because let’s face it, you wouldn’t want to embarrass yourself on your first date. Also, is your date into it? Before even suggesting it, find out what your date’s interests and personality are like. Nothing is more disappointing than a prospective date suggesting random things you don’t care about.

2. Choosing the Right Tandem Bike

Assuming you’ve already thought the first question through and are now decided, you now go to the next step: choosing the right tandem bike. Whether you’re buying one or just renting, this is something you will want to do some research about. You would want to choose a frame type that is efficient, stable, and comfortable. You also want to be sure that it fits both of your sizes, which can be a little more difficult if one of you is significantly taller than the other. There has to be more standover clearance for the captain (the one in front, as opposed to the stoker, who is the back rider) as they are the ones that hold the bike at stops. You also want to see what bike features you will be needing.

3. Planning on a Destination


If you’re riding solo, you can just bike away without necessarily having a planned destination in mind. But you cannot afford this much spontaneity when tandem biking with your date, especially on your first date. Plan on a destination together. Will it is a city ride, or will it be a day in nature? There may be a quaint coffee shop you want to take your date to. Or a bar. Or a diner. The important thing is to add something to look forward to at the end of the trip. Here’s where you’ll make the memories you can build a relationship on after the date. If you want some tips on what to say afterward, check out these tips at ConnectionCopilot.

4. Tandem Bike Ideas


For the more creative and romantic, here are some ideas we suggest which will take your first date up a notch.

  • Picnic – maybe you can pack a picnic basket with a bottle of wine, some snacks, and a comfortable blanket. This is especially great in the summer. Find a nice spot in a park where you could sit and talk comfortably.
  • Bike to an event – Maybe there’s a music festival, an outdoor concert, or a local fair that you’d like to check out. Riding a tandem bike to the destination may be a great idea.
  • City tour – This especially works if you live in a city that has a lot of things to offer: impressive architecture, historic landmarks, and generally just nice views both of you can enjoy.

5. Be Considerate and Prepared

Since this isn’t going to be a solo ride, you do not only have yourself to think about. Think about your date’s needs too. What kind of snacks and drinks should you prepare? Is the place you will be riding through safe? Do you have some basic tools (and skills) to show if your bike suddenly breaks down in the middle of your ride? Anticipate the eventualities and prepare appropriately.

6. Make Frequent Stops to Chat and Enjoy Each Other’s Company


Remember that ultimately, first dates are about getting to know each other and enjoying each other’s company. If that means stopping to take pictures or to enjoy a beautiful landscape, do so. Take the opportunity to find out what your date is like. Ask thoughtful questions. Tell stories.


We get it. Tandem biking may seem like an odd, scary idea for a first date. But with proper planning, it can turn out to be one of the most exciting, memorable first dates you’ll ever have.