We all know about disc brakes as it is very popular with the autos. But now we can see its implementation in the bikes as well. But the question is how do disc brakes work on a bike? In here, we will give you an overview of how it works. Disc brakes are getting more sophisticated and slick looking by day. They are still not as advanced as a trailer brake controller, but they came a long way since birth. The biggest flaw was always its design. People who use mountain bikes always go for good design.

disc brakes work

But that is not the case with the trailers as they will be out of site. So, if a disc brake is not good looking, one will not buy it, as it affects the overall design. As safety is our number one priority, we should be focusing on brakes. According to RoSPA, 18477 people were injured, and 102 were killed in an accident in 2016. Speed can be a high in mountain bike or a regular bike, but we must know how to control them effectively.

So one of the challenges is to make it strong enough to withstand all the brakes and bumps and produce lightweight. So we have to keep an eye on both performance and aesthetics. Otherwise, if you are buying a mountain bike, you will avoid it.

How Do Disc Brakes Work On A Bike Perfectly

  • The most significant advantage of a single-piston floating-caliper disc brake is, it self-adjusts. The caliper slides sideways to be at the center every time the brake is applied. As there is no spring, pads stay in touch with the rotor. It helps to the brake cylinder to engage with the brake pads faster. You might have to change the pads from time to time. But it is a minimal price to stay safe. When the friction item is worn out, it will start to make a noise. You can change the pad then.
  • If there is a vibration when you are stopping, you will have to look at the brake rotor. A small tuning should fix the problem. But too much adjustment always causes a problem. Because every time you open a brake rotor, the spec gets distorted. That will cause difficulty in the future.
  • There are two levers on the brakes. You will find a cable running from the handlebar. When you apply it, it pulls the levers, and the brake pads squeeze the wheel.
  • If you are using a mountain bike, you might have a suspension system. The disc brakes used in here work the trailer disc brakes. The brake lever applies hydraulic fluid from hand to brake show by a small piston. It causes a larger one to squeeze the pad. And as it is bigger than the first one, you will get multiplied force. You will find a small device that helps to pass the fluid to make the brake work efficiently.
  • The important thing is, you get to improve your power of braking without damaging wheels as this system does not rely on the rim. You can even apply brakes if the wheel is damaged.
  • The latest disc brakes come with precision adjustment. You can control where the pad will contact the rotor precisely. You even can update the levers reach. The advanced one will help to get rid of bubbles.
  • Broad levers and extra grip dimples help to get better and quieter pad clearance, smooth running, and increased power.
  • Split pins are used instead to adjust the pad. These pads last longer than the usual ones which are very suitable to ride in the mountains.
  • You can bleed out the mineral oils easily. You should change pads to boost power. When riding in a mountain or remote terrain, more strength you can squeeze the better.
  • The pistons use an alloy, and tighter tolerance and great finish allow receiving the brake fluid. It provides excellent freedom and retractability. A superb disc brake uses titanium bolts and lever made of carbon to lose the weight.
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How To Choose A Disc Brake For Bicycle

First, decide the price range. Then go on your preference. If you rely too much on your brake, go for the power. If the mountain is your regular path, go for the brakes that work smoothly and needs less force to apply. Being able to control the brake in slippery condition is very important.

Then use your personal preference for the brake. Same goes for a hard grip and some likes the softer ones. You should be able to adjust it with pinpoint accuracy. It is essential. This is what you should look for when you are buying mountain bikes.

If you are looking to buy a cheap mountain bike, make sure the number of gear is high. Gear shifter should be smooth. You should not have any problem riding it smoothly.

Never compromise with the wheel. If you do not get a good grip on the road, it is very likely to lose control. It is a bit different than using a road bike as the terrain is softer down there.

Applying disc brake in both the wheel gives you ultimate stopping power. But if you are buying cheap mountain bikes, you can use a mix of v brakes and disc brakes.

Shimano R685 hydraulic disc brakes are fantastic to use. It will stop the bike immediately with good power. Levers might be an issue as it is a bit big. But if you have a good grip, it should not be a problem.

According to the Dubai tour winner, disc brakes give you the chance to make the frame stiffer. You can add carbon to make it stiffer. Though it might add some weight, it will provide you with an advantage in complex scenarios. If you are in a race, this is very important.

What causes disc brake fade or failure?

Dragging is a big no-no for brakes. Heat can be an issue too. If you are using a giant wheel, rotors should be in that proportion. If your pad is worn off, that can be an issue also. You might lose the brake power in some scenarios. Original brake pads and rotors which are chosen by the manufacturer allow decreasing this type of situation.

You must be aware that a manufacturer process everything that matches. Some parts compliment other parts and, it is essential. Always use the original components. Bicycle disc brake maintenance is easier than mountain bikes. But proper maintenance is required to make the brake perform smoothly.

How to deal with brake failure?

Bigger rotor always gives you an advantage if you are in high temperature. You can use Icetech to get rid of the heat. Still, go for real parts. Buy good pads and avoid drag brake. Good airflow will keep it fresh. Make sure the caliper does not get too hot. A hot caliper might boil the fluid.

What is the fundamental difference between a mountain bike and a road bike?

You can reduce the weight by taking the braking surface out of the rim on a mountain bike. But you cannot do it on a regular bike. It will just make it vulnerable. You have to consider the weight too. Wheel designing is more critical than weight designing in here. Go for hydraulic brakes if you want a lighter solution. Generally, Disc Brake is at least five hundred gram heavier than the regular ones.

When you are using road bikes, you use brakes more than you think. Its most significant impact is on the tire. So, you will need excellent brakes.

Do we have to change the pad or rotor when using disc brake?

You will not need to change those. As the bikes are more substantial and steeper, there is less chance to generate heat. If you are good at riding a bike, your technique should be good. You can cool it off as you need. The shape of the rotor plays a vital role in here.

What about rotor or caliper shape, or pad size – can those dramatically improve performance?

They all play a vital role. If you use the mountain bike disc brakes in regular bikes, you should get better performance. Longer and thinner brake pad is always an advantage. It gives you a better chance to cool down.

What can you do for proper setup?

A proper manual or training session is required if you want to set it up yourself. Magura brand already teaches their customers. The best part is all the manufacturers’ tests each and everything multiple times to make everything perfect. For aftermarket support, the manual is your best friend. Most of the manufacturer provides an in-depth manual. Shimano uses the shops which are very experienced in mountain bike brakes.

Final Verdict

So, if you are looking to buy mountain bikes, make sure you are using disc brakes. Now that you know how disc brake works on a bike and its importance make sure to use the best one. You can use the Disc brake on both road bikes and mountain bikes.