Best Mountain Bikes Under $300

Physical activity has been a part of human nature since, well, forever. As society developed, it grew with it in different ways.

Best Choice
Merax 26" Aluminum 24-Speed Mountain Bike with Disc Brakes Lightweight Bicycle...
Good Choice
Mongoose Status Mens and Womens Mountain Bike, 26-27.5-Inch Wheels, 21-Speed,...
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Trinx MTB Mens Mountain Bike 26 inch 21-Speed M136 (Black Green)
Merax 26" Aluminum 24-Speed Mountain Bike with Disc Brakes Lightweight Bicycle...
Mongoose Status Mens and Womens Mountain Bike, 26-27.5-Inch Wheels, 21-Speed,...
Trinx MTB Mens Mountain Bike 26 inch 21-Speed M136 (Black Green)
Best Choice
Merax 26" Aluminum 24-Speed Mountain Bike with Disc Brakes Lightweight Bicycle...
Merax 26" Aluminum 24-Speed Mountain Bike with Disc Brakes Lightweight Bicycle...
Good Choice
Mongoose Status Mens and Womens Mountain Bike, 26-27.5-Inch Wheels, 21-Speed,...
Mongoose Status Mens and Womens Mountain Bike, 26-27.5-Inch Wheels, 21-Speed,...
Don't Miss
Trinx MTB Mens Mountain Bike 26 inch 21-Speed M136 (Black Green)
Trinx MTB Mens Mountain Bike 26 inch 21-Speed M136 (Black Green)

That’s why we have so many sports today. From football to swimming to skydiving, there’s something for everyone.

Although all these sports appear completely different, they have one thing in common- adrenaline. One of the most adrenaline-inducing things is mountain bikes, of course! It’s also very challenging and involves a lot of skill, which is an added bonus.

Though they can be rather expensive, and it’s hard to find the best mountain bikes under 300.

Top Rated Best Mountain Bikes Under 300 Dollars Comparison

Trinx MTB Mens Mountain Bike 26 inch 21-Speed M136 (Black Green)
  • Frame: 26"x19" AI6106 Aluminium Special-shaped Tubes
  • Fork: Trinx Steel Suspension Travel 100mm
  • Shimano EF65 Shifter, Shimano TZ30 front and TZ50 Rear Deraileurs, Shimano Cassette;
  • KMC C50 Chain, CST 26"*1.95" Tire, Alloy Double Wall Rim;
  • Shimano 21 Speed MTB 26"x 19" with Disc Brakes Suspension Bike

It’s a bit less challenging to find MTB under 500 dollars, but the real beauties you can find for such a steal can prove to be the best bikes you’ve ever owned.

Contrary to popular belief, such a thing exists! In order to learn something new about mountain bikes and to find those hidden gems on the market all you have to do is stick to this article.

Though, keep in mind that each mountain bike is special and that you’ll need to choose one according to your needs. Thankfully, there’s plenty to choose from!

10 Best Mountain Bikes Under 300 Dollars Reviews

1. Mongoose R2780 Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle

Mongoose R2780


If you’re just starting out with mountain bikes, the Mongoose will be ideal for you. It’s great for building confidence and skill until you’re ready to take up something more challenging.

It’s able to provide such experiences due to the overall softness. Don’t be fooled though; you’ll still be able to cover all sorts of terrains.

The frame is made out of aluminum and is solid. It will be able to support you while handling the track beneath it with no issues. It might be a bit heavier than other beginner bikes on the market; the bike offers all the control you will want and need while riding it.

Plus, you’ll be able to ride it regardless of the weather conditions. Finally, let’s not forget how durable aluminum is. The bike will last you a lifetime if you take care of it properly.

With its frame and full suspension being its biggest assets, you might have just encountered the best MTB under 300.

Some Features Of This Mongoose R2780

  • The aluminum frame maximizes comfort.
  • Quick release front wheels.
  • Rear disc breaks.
  • 21 speeds.

2. Merax Finiss 26″ Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike With Disc Brakes


For those looking for a cross-country mountain bike but not willing to spend a lot of money, the Merax Finiss is a perfect choice.

Anyone who knows anything about mountain bikes will tell you that a good cross country bike needs to ride smoothly, to have dependable and strong breaks, and to have good suspension. Will this mountain bike has it all.

Another factor you need to consider when purchasing a mountain bike is the speed. Basically the more options for speed you have, the better. That’s why this baby has 21 possible speed controls.

It’s extremely convenient and easy to switch between them, too, as you have the Shimano system in your hands. For those who don’t know, the Shimano is a new way to shift between gears, and it’s much easier to operate than the traditional system.

You’ll be changing gears much more quickly, too.

Highlighted Features This Mountain Bike

  • Lightweight aluminum frame.
  • Front and rear disc breaks.
  • Double Wall Aluminum Wheels better for smooth rolling.
  • 21 speed.

3. Vilano 26″ Mountain Bike Ridge 2.0 MTB 21 Speed Shimano With Disc Brakes

Max4out Mountain Bikes


What’s more ideal than one of the best mountain bikes under $300? One of those which also doubles as your everyday bicycle. That’s exactly what this baby is.

Suitable for daily routes to work as well as blood-pumping ventures on weekends. You won’t get that value for this price anywhere else. The design speaks a lot about its double purpose, too.

It’s elegant and sophisticated, so you’ll be proud to ride it down the street as well as in the mountains. It’s an entry level bike, and that means anyone can give it a go.

Beginners will have an easy time adjusting to it and building up their skill, while amateurs and professionals will enjoy the simplicity as well as the features the bike offers.

One of such is definitely the wheels, which offer a supreme grip thanks to the alloy. What’s more, they’re very easy to maneuver.

Special Features Of Vilano 26″ Mountain Bike

  • Suspension fork.
  • Alloy Mag wheels.
  • 21 speed.
  • Mechanical disc breaks.

4. Mongoose Stasis Comp 26-Inch Full Suspension Mountain Bicycle

mongoose bike


Anyone who lives in a hilly area and needs a smooth way to commute should check out this mountain bike. This is an ideal bike for any such commute and will get you from A to B safely. The simplicity of it allows people of any skill to try it.

One of the most important things a mountain bike for such purposes needs to have is high-quality breaks. Strong breaks are crucial for any terrain and are especially needed on hilly terrains.

This bike is also very lightweight despite the fact the frame is made of aluminum, which just makes it more comfortable.

The mountain bike can handle both road and off-road trails, and it has a sound grip on the ground beneath.

Of course, the discs help the breaks do their job properly and offer you a feeling a safety throughout the entire ride.

Mongoose Stasis Comp Main Features

  • Full suspension frame made of aluminum.
  • Suspension fork in the front.
  • Disc breaks in the front and back.
  • 21 Shimano speeds.

5. Kent T-29 Men’s Mountain Bike

kent t-29


The company is famous for their high-quality bikes for professionals. This time they’ve come up with one of the best mountain bikes under 300 dollars for those riders who really like to kick things up a notch and try out some hardcore off-road trails.

The frame of the mountain bike is aluminum which is a great thing as this material is able to sustain more damage.

That quality will also make the mountain bike extremely durable. To ensure maximum safety, the bike has a dual rim brake system. That system allows you to have more control over your bike than the conventional systems.

Plus, it’s much safer and quicker. So it will increase your safety and your confidence. Another feature which will do the same is the already mentioned Shimano system which allows you to switch between speeds with ease.

Highlighted Features Of Kent T-29 Men’s Mountain Bike

  • The heated aluminum frame which makes it lightweight.
  • Alloy rims for lightweight rotational feel.
  • Shimano speed shift.
  • All-terrain tires.

6. Vilano Blackjack 3.0 29er Mountain Bike MTB with 29-Inch Wheels

Vilano Blackjack


Anyone who needs a versatile bike which can handle anything from hard trails to asphalt should search no further. The Vilano blackjack is here. Thanks to its handcrafted frame, it will be one of the most lightweight mountain bikes you ever ride.

There are 8 speeds on the bike which is a sound variety, but what’s more impressive is the Shimano system which operates them.

As you already know, that makes the shifting more accurate and faster. Bumps are always better to be avoided, which is why the mountain bike has an excellent lockout system. The suspension allows you to cruise over bumps without feeling them.

And of course, let’s not forget the secure breaks. There are mechanical disks in both the front and back of the mountain bike, so you’ll be sure your breaks will react every time.

Vilano Blackjack 3.0  Quick Features

  • Hand built frame suitable for hard trails.
  • Suspension fork.
  • Double wall rims with alloy.
  • 8 speeds with Shimano system.

7. Kent Excalibur Men’s Mountain Bike

Kent Excalibur Men’s Mountain Bike


Another entry level bike which doesn’t pick who rides it. That’s simply because everyone benefits from it. The bike is a bit heavy, but that doesn’t really matter because it ensures its durability. After all, aluminum is a very durable and resilient material.

Even though the bike is in the lower price category, it doesn’t feel cheap or of low quality at all. The materials are actually rather durable, which in turn makes the bike resistant to damage and durable, too.

It’s a great mountain bike for everyday use and will make its rider feel happy and confident.

That being said, the bike was primarily made for off-trail cruise rides. This is the reason behind its weight. You can’t get a bike which can endure such trails without it being a little bit heavier than an ordinary bike.

Highlighted Features Kent Excalibur Men’s Mountain Bike

  • Handcrafted frame made from aluminum.
  • Alloy front shock.
  • Shimano TX 35D speed.
  • The front disc brake as well as a linear pull brake.

8. Takara Ryu Front Suspension Disc Brake Mountain Bike

Takara Ryu


What’s very common about mountain bikes of this caliber is that the manufacturers pack them full of features (some of which aren’t even necessary) and devote no time to the design.

Then you basically end up with a mush of features on an ugly bike. That’s not the case with the Takara Ryu, though. This is one of the most elegant bikes you’ll ever ride.

It’s not exactly one of those folding mountain bikes, but you definitely need to put it together. The set-up is easy and takes no more than half an hour. What you end up with is an amazing product which you can rely on despite the nature of the terrain.

That’s also possible because of the secure breaks the mountain bike has. It will keep you safe on rocky roads and cruise smoothly over bumps thanks to its suspension frame.

Some Best Features Of Takara Ryu

  • Disc brakes in front and back.
  • Shimano rev twisters.
  • Front suspension frame.
  • Shimano Tourney derailleurs.

9. Trinx MTB Mens Mountain Bike

Trinx MTB


Who said that mountain bikes are a valid option only for adults? This bike is most suitable for children ages 12 or 13 due to its size. It’s also a sound investment as you’ll get a great mountain bike for your kid without having to pay a lot of money for it.

After all, they will grow it out at some point. It doesn’t mean adults can’t ride it, though. It’s perfect for anyone who’s shorter and lighter.

When you first get the bike, you won’t have to assemble it completely. All you’ll have to do is attach the handlebars, front wheel, and seat. It’s not a hard installation, but if you’re not really up for it, you can always take it to a shop.

Even though this isn’t a famous brand, the construction of the bike is solid, and it is very durable.

Top Features Of Trinx MTB Mens

  • Special shape tube aluminum frame.
  • Shimano 21 speed.
  • Disc breaks in front and back.
  • Travel suspension form.

10. Kingttu G6 Mountain Bike

Kingttu G6 Mountain Bike


One of the most important things a mountain bike can do for you is lower the impact while you’re riding. That’s exactly what this one will do. You won’t feel any impact whatsoever. That’s what makes it such a smooth ride.

This mountain bike is lightweight, and rather small which means that it will fit anyone short.

It also makes it auditable for your child. This feature is also what makes the bike very easy to control and move around.

Don’t be fooled, though, the size in no way impacts the durability. How could it, when the frame is made of aluminum which is able to sustain a lot of damage?

Wind won’t stand in the way of its lightweight construction, either. This is actually a very fast mountain bike, partially due to the unbeatable Shimano system for gear shifting.

Kingttu G6 Highlighted Features

  • Dual suspension frame.
  • 21 speed with Shimano system.
  • Disc break in front and back.
  • Pedals and seat included.

How To Find The Best Mountain Bike Under $300

green bike pic

Before you buy your own mountain bike, there are some things you should know about them. Understanding these features will help you choose the perfect mountain bike for you.

It will also help you understand what you’re actually buying and if you’re getting the value for the money.

Types Of Mountain Bikes


First of all, you should be aware that there are multiple types of mountain bikes out there. The categories are based on your riding experience, capability, and most of all, budget.

1. Fat Mountain Bikes

These mountain bikes are called “fat” because of the wheels they have. Their wheels are between 3 and 5 inches in width. If you haven’t gone off trail riding before, then you should definitely opt for a bike like this.

They’re the safest option. The wheels are what makes them suitable for all sorts of terrains. In fact, you can even ride them on sand or snow!

2. Trail Mountain Bikes

These may just be the most common type of mountain bikes. They are great for trail riding and are therefore suitable for anyone. This is because trail riding doesn’t require a lot of skill.

They’re not really recommended for hardcore outings and rocky terrains but are still very fun to ride. They offer a comfortable and safe riding experience.

3. Cross Country Mountain Bikes

If you’re a competitive rider or want to become one, this is the type of mountain bike you should get. They’re lightweight and offer a lot of control to the rider. This is also why they’re very fast.

You’ll see that it’s a breeze going uphill with this kind of bike. The breaks on these bikes are, naturally, always really good, too.

4. All Bikes

This is a special type of mountain bike that is suitable for professionals. It’s designed for rocky terrain and mountainsides, being able to tackle the worst of terrains.

The performance features are the best thing about this type of mountain bike. The level of quality really needs to be upped so the rider can get an excellent riding experience.

Key Features Of Mountain Bikes

mountain bike ride

Now that you’re familiar with the types of mountain bikes out there, it’s time to find out just what kind of features there are.

Of course, you can’t expect all of these to be present in lower priced bikes, but the best mountain bikes under 200 will still have them. The key features to consider are:

  • The wheel size- the most common size of wheels for mountain bikes is 26 inches, 27,5 inches, and 29 inches. This is a very important feature to consider. That’s because the wheel size determines whether the bike moves easily on various types of terrain or now. The size you get depends on the kind of terrain you’re riding and on your daily plans and activities. You can be sure that the 26-inch wheel size is ideal, though.
  • Gears- Mountain bikes typically have up to 30 gears. Though, keep in mind that most of them are unnecessary for daily needs, so you don’t have to have a mountain bike with 30 gears. That is unless you have demanding habits and activities. If you’re just planning to ride your mountain bike on pathways and roads, fewer than 30 gears are more than okay. That being said, a range of gears is still something you want on your mountain bike. Low gears are what you need for uphill riding, for example.
  • Suspension- This is something that shouldn’t be overlooked when purchasing a mountain bike. It limits the bounces and the strikes you feel during your rides. In other words, it lowers the impact. That means that a mountain bike with suspension will offer a much more enjoyable riding experience as you will be more comfortable. You know your mountain bike is really high quality when it has the suspension in both the front and the back. That means it will absorb impact evenly and keep your whole body safe.

The most important feature of mountain bikes: Frame construction

28 Bikes Bottomed Out In Ultra Slo Mo

A huge part of the key features, the frame construction makes or breaks your bike. That’s why it’s especially important for you to understand what it’s made of.

You should always look for the least heavy bike depending on your budget. That doesn’t mean sacrificing the material it’s made of, though.

There are two most common materials used for the construction of frames of mountain bikes. The best you can look for is aluminum. That’s because bikes made out of steel are way heavier. Steel is good for road mountain bikes.

That’s because the trail is flat and there won’t be a lot of bumps. If you want a proper mountain bike for off-road activities, though, definitely look for an aluminum frame construction.

These mountain bikes are lighter and offer more control to the rider. That’s especially important when you’re riding uphill.

Aluminum is also great because it can sustain more damage, and that keeps your bike durable for longer.

There are also construction frames made from carbon and titanium available. Carbon, for example, is extremely lightweight yet still very resilient. That’s why it provides a stellar riding experience.

Though, those mountain bikes are in a higher price range. You can be sure that the best mountain bikes under 300 have frames made out of aluminum.

How To Know Your Mountain Bike Fits Your Body

landed mountain bike

Not all mountain bikes are suitable for everyone. That’s why there are so many types of mountain bikes. People are different and have different body types and sizes.

That’s why you need to know what kind of mountain bike fits you the best before you make your purchase.

After all, you need to be comfortable so that you can ride your mountain bike.

A good fit means that your riding experience will be enjoyable and comfortable instead of painful. And that’s the overall goal.

Furthermore, if your ride is comfy, you’ll be able to build skill faster, and you’ll have a gratifying new hobby.

There are three different sizes of mountain bikes. Those are, of course, small, medium, and large. The one perfect for you is the one that isn’t too high or too low.

Don’t worry, though; most brands offer the option of modifying the peak of the bike, so it fits you better.

That being said, you should be more informed about different frame sizes. Similar to cars, every mountain bike will feel different and ride differently, even if the numbers are the same on paper.

The sizes on paper can also get very confusing. That’s because not everyone understands what the listed words represent in mountain bikes.

Basically, you need to look at the seat tube length and the top tube length. The seat tube length is what implied under “it shouldn’t be too high or too low.” That means that you need a decent standover while standing over it.

All you need to do is stand back as far as you can while you’re over the bike.

There needs to be at least an inch of room between the tube and space between your legs. Don’t worry if there isn’t at first, because you can always adjust the seat. Most, if not all, mountain bikes come with that feature. That will ensure you find your ideal height.

The other length to consider is the aforementioned top tube. It’s one of the things which dictates whether the bike will be comfortable or not, after all. The most important thing to remember about the top tube is that you aren’t actually supposed to look at it.

Instead, look at the horizontal line which stretches from the head tube to the middle of the seat post.

The easiest way to know which mountain bike fits you best is to look at what the manufacturer wrote.

The size charts are usually detailed, and you will be able to find your size. It’s made easier because the manufacturer usually recommends what kind of size a certain height needs.

You don’t need to be an expert to find your perfect size. Most manufacturers are aware people have problems with these aspects, so they make the whole process fairly easy. The most important thing to remember is your height.

The rest will come easy with additional instructions and size charts. Plus, you can always further adjust your mountain bike.

Mountain Biking Tips For Beginners

mountain Bikes Bottomed Out

If you’re just starting out as a rider and aren’t sure what you’re actually supposed to do, here are some tips for you. Mountain biking is a fun hobby but can go awry if not done properly. That’s why it’s important to start the proper way.

Find The Perfect Position

The first thing you need to do is assume a neutral position. The thing you first need to pay attention to is your feet. You need to make sure the pressure is equal. That means that you can stand on your heels or on your toes.

It won’t bring you any balance, and it will make it uncomfortable and hard to control the bike. There’s a cool way to practice your neutral position and to make sure you’ve done it correctly.

All you need to do is stand tall off the saddle with your elbows locked. Make sure your knees are locked as well. Lower your hips straight down by slightly bending your knees and elbows.

This is a crucial step to master as it will determine your future habits of mountain bike riding. What’s more, all the complicated tricks and jumps start from this pose.

Tweak The Stance

The stance is the most important thing about mountain biking. Even though there’s a formula for it (which was described above) which never fails, it doesn’t mean that you can adjust it a little.

Every person is different, and the whole point of the position is for you to be comfortable. What’s more, tweaking your stance also refers to the way you adjust your body to the terrain beneath you. You can’t be stiff and in just one position while you’re riding.

You need to relax your body and move with your mountain bike. For instance, when riding uphill, shift your weight forward. And when you’re going downhill, lean back a little. That’s what’s going to keep you from falling and what’s going to make your ride more comfortable.

It’s tricky leaning back when you’re going downhill though. You need to make sure that you don’t lean too much because it’s easy to lose control of your bike.

Don’t Look Down

This seems very obvious, but most beginners forget this little tip. It’s very easy to lose your focus if you look at what your feet are doing. You need to concentrate on the road ahead of you and trust your instincts when it comes to footwork.

If you keep looking down, you’ll lose your balance very easily, and you’ll fall. So the safest way to avoid injury is definitely to keep your eyes on the road.

Not looking down also implies not looking at the ground directly in front of your bike. It will be easier to avoid whatever is in front of you if you keep your gaze straight ahead. Finally, looking ahead will help you slow down.

You can’t just hit the brakes; you need to do it gradually. And knowing your terrain will make that easier for you.

Make Necessary Adjustments

kenda bike

Although this has already been talked about, it cannot be emphasized enough. Make sure that your bike is the right size! But once you’ve picked out the ideal mountain bike for you, don’t hesitate to make certain adjustments to it.

Just because you set it a certain way doesn’t mean you need to have it like that all the time.

After all, it will surely need adjustments after some time. Every time before you go out mountain biking, you should make sure that your bike still fits you almost ideally. What’s more, check your suspension and tire pressure as well.

They need to be adjusted for your size too.

Finally, it’s not a bad idea to read up on bike maintenance. That way you’ll be able to make the necessary adjustment on the road. It will give you a sense of security in case your ride doesn’t go that smoothly.

The Gear You’ll Need

Obviously, mountain biking is a dangerous sport that requires some equipment. You can’t just go mountain biking in your everyday clothes. You need to be prepared.

So if you’re a beginner, it’s useful to know what kind of gear you need before you start mountain biking. And if you’re an advanced rider, then you can just make sure that you’ve got everything you need.

The point stays the same no matter what kind of rider you are: gear is important. So here is some basic equipment you should have before your next mountain bike outing.

A Helmet

This is the first and foremost piece of equipment you need while mountain biking. No matter how good you think you are, you can still fall. And at those high speeds and that rocky terrain, the falls can cause some serious injuries. That’s why you need a really good helmet. Otherwise, you risk serious head injury.

That’s one of the most sensitive parts of the body, so it’s important to take care of it. You should make sure your helmet is tough and that it can handle mountain biking. Luckily, there are helmets designed especially for this sport. There’s plenty to choose from.

Riding Gloves

Mountain Bike Glove

Even though this seems like an unnecessary waste of money to some people, it’s actually quite important. Riding gloves keep your hands safe and comfortable. In an occurrence of a fall, your hands will be protected. But riding gloves are important for more than just that reason.

They also offer a harder and more secure grip on the handles. That gives you more control over your bike. Not to mention that they protect you from outside weather. You won’t feel the wind of the sun on your hands, and you’ll be able to enjoy your ride longer.

Protective Glasses

These are a very sound investment next to your helmet. It’s inevitable that particles of dirt and dust will fly into your face while you’re mountain biking. It’s very important to protect your eyes.

They are also rather sensitive. A good pair of protective glasses with clear lenses isn’t hard to find.

Verdict Of Best Mountain Bikes Under 300

Now that you’ve reached the end of the article, you’re more equipped to find a suitable mountain bike for you. This is because you now understand their features and what you’re getting for the price you’re paying.

Way to go! A final question is still to be answered, out of all the best mountain bikes under 300, which one is the absolute best? The number one on the list isn’t number 1 without any reason! It’s the perfect bike for anyone.

With the sound aluminum construction and the full suspension, this is the bike you want when you’re just starting out. Though, it’s suitable even if you’re experienced and would just like to refine your riding skills.

Whichever bike you choose, remember that each one has its unique purpose. Think about it thoroughly, and choose the one that fits your needs best (and in most cases, that’s the first bike due to its universality).

Happy riding!

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