We’re all looking for the perfect way to invest our money. Some people decide to invest in the stock market, others stick to precious metals, and some investors look for a little more fun and excitement. Investing in motorcycles may be right up your alley if you’re looking for a cool investment.

What Types of Bikes Make Good Investments?

When we discuss motorcycles as investments, we aren’t generally referring to the standard models you see on the roads every day. If you want to purchase a motorcycle to use as an investment, you need a vehicle that will hold its value – or quickly grow in value.

Most people will pay more for motorcycles based on the bike’s:

· Nostalgia Value
· Rarity

Bikes built prior to World War II and bikes that were only given a limited production run tend to bring the highest prices. However, you may also be able to use newer bikes – often from the 1970s – as solid investments, as retiring Baby Boomers look for bikes that remind them of their youth.

It’s important to note that you can still use more common bikes as an investment. While bikes that aren’t quite as rare will probably not gain value as quickly, they will still retain the value they already have, making them a solid and fun investment.

What Should You Look for in an Investment Bike?

Buying a motorcycle as an investment requires a bit of research on your part. There are some people out there counterfeiting older bikes. Some sellers will use refurbished parts to construct a bike that they try to pass-off as containing all original parts.

If you have a solid background in motorcycle mechanics, you can probably identify these issues on your own. If not, make sure you bring someone knowledgeable with you when you go to make your purchase. This can prevent you from purchasing a bike that doesn’t have the value you expect.

You also want to focus on buying an investment bike with low mileage, if at all possible. Be aware that racing bikes or performance motorcycles are more likely to increase in value.

Finally, a motorcycle is an investment you can go out and look at any time. Your investment isn’t tied up in stocks and bonds when you purchase a bike. So make sure that you select a bike that appeals to you, personally. After all, you should be able to enjoy your investment.

What Kind of Benefits Do You Get from a Bike Investment?

Many motorcycles hold their value over time, protecting your funds in a cool and fun way. Some motorcycles will increase in value, earning you a substantial return on your investment. You can show off your investment motorcycle in shows and at other locations, upping the cool factor.

You can also use a motorcycle investment to get additional funds when you need them. You can also resell your motorcycle for immediate funds. If you want to keep your bike – allowing it to increase even further in price – you could take out a title loan on your motorcycle.

When the time comes to sell your investment motorcycle, you can auction your bike or contact a private buyer. You can put your money into a new project, or even purchase a new bike to serve as a cool and unique investment for your funds.