If you are looking for a way to save up on some money while reducing the carbon footprint you have on the planet then cycling is definitely the right decision. No matter what your reason is to start cycling, getting into this hobby or way of transportation is pretty simple, easy and cheap.

Sure, you can just get any kind of a bicycle and start pedaling around the streets of your city, but why not make your experience of riding a bike much better than it already is? There definitely are some things you will have to consider to make your bicycling life much easier. So, if you are getting more and more into cycling, you should read our list of the most important things you will need to have to make your cycling experience comfortable.

The bike

Yeah, it is obvious that you will need a bike to start bicycling, but it is actually not that simple. Considering that there are several types of bikes you can purchase, you will have to do in-depth research to find out what type of bicycle you need, on which one you will be most comfortable and easiest to ride.

Not only are there different types, but there is also a huge variation in price. Do you have $500 to spend on a bike? Well, great, but you need to consider that there there is one you can buy for $250, one for $500, others for over $1000 and sometimes ones that cost more than $10,000. Normally if you are just getting into this way of transportation you won’t need one that is more expensive than a brand new car, but you will still have to make a smart investment.

If you plan on riding on a bike, the cheapest type is usually the road bike which will give you the best experience when cycling for longer periods of time. You might also consider getting a hybrid one or specialty bicycles such as cargo, cruiser, electric, etc.

Biking clothing

If you do not plan to cycle a lot throughout the day and just want to get quickly to your office building, then you probably won’t need any kind of special clothes.

However, if you decide to take this hobby more seriously and if you want to improve your speed and your maximum distance then you will have to invest in a good pair of biking clothes. Our first recommendation is that you get a pair of padded shorts.

These shorts can keep you cool during your rides, reduce the sweating and they usually have padding on the back so you can be a bit more comfortable when sitting on the saddle for longer periods of time. With regular jeans, your bottom will get seriously sore only after 15 minutes of paddling.

You could also consider a biking shirt too if you want to feel lighter and cooler during the hot summer days. This type of clothing won’t cost you anything above $50, although there definitely are more quality brands that can go well above $250.

Water bottle

What’s the most important thing our bodies need every single day to stay energetic and healthy? The answer is simple, water. Without any water, you can’t sweat as effectively which means your body cannot cool itself down which will result in poor performance.

Considering how tiring can cycling be and how much you will be sweating under your clothes during the summer season, you will have to constantly keep yourself hydrated, especially during the long rides. If you made the right bicycle investment, then you probably have a bottle cage on the frame of your bike where you can store your water bottle.

Keep in mind, if you prefer any other kind of drink that can hydrate you during your long pedaling rides, you can freely fill it with anything you want, it does not have to be water.

A lot of people avoid buying water bottles because they believe regular plastic bottles are much more convenient, but that is simply not true. Not only are these plastic bottles worse for our environment, but constantly reusing them can also be toxic for humans too. A proper water bottle is a long-term investment and can be reused thousands of times, it is pretty easy to clean and can even keep your water cooler if you bought a metal or a glass one. Check this if you want to find about the best water bottles you can buy.

A pump

If you have ever cycled more than one day in your life, you probably know how annoying can a flat tire be. Not only is the pedaling much harder when your tire is deflated, but you are also much slower and you can even damage your wheel if you keep riding on it. Unfortunately, this is a very common situation for everyone who rides bicycles which is why you should always be ready for such a situation.

Get yourself a small electric or hand pump and put it in your backpack every time you go out to cycle. You could even get a spare tube if you have the knowledge to replace it.


Just like any other type of transportation, riding a bike can be just as dangerous, especially if you do not have any kind of protection. So, if you plan on spending money on your riding gear, make sure that you invest in the right protection. Your health comes before everything else.

We recommend that you invest in a good helmet that will protect your head from any kind of fall or damage. Cheaping out on a helmet may result in one that easily breaks and can even be the cause of your injury.

While knee or elbow pads are not as important, we still prefer to wear them because who likes scratched arms and legs after a fall?

No matter what kind of gear you have for your biking experience, the most important thing is that you are always aware of your surroundings and that you ride safely.