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Did you ever consider motorcycle speakers to be a necessity? For many motorcycle owners, buying speakers might feel like an impractical approach. But trust me, those who preferred buying motorcycle speakers shared beautiful experiences.

Riding a motorcycle is a lot different than driving a car. Thus, motorcycle speakers are dramatically different than car stereo speakers. But whatever it may, motorcycle speakers make life a lot easier. One of the most popular benefits of motorcycle speakers is they protect the rider from distractions. Additionally, in-helmet speakers are made to take calls with ease while riding.

Many top-of-the-line motorcycle manufacturers offer in-built motorcycle speakers in many of their models. But what about those motorcycle owners who don’t have any facility of that sort? For them, aftermarket motorcycle speakers are the saviors.

What Are The Most Common Types Of Motorcycle Speakers?

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Though motorcycle speakers sound like something unique, the buyers still get some options to choose from. Not only the models of motorcycle speakers but there are two major types of speakers as well. And both are pretty different from each other in terms of features and experience.

Handlebar Fitted Speakers:

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You have already predicted the type of speaker from the name. Handlebar fitted speakers are the most common ones as motorcycle owners generally prefer an external system like this. Apparently, handlebar-fitted speakers are appropriate for any vehicle model. They are loud and also make your motorcycle look more stylish with their unique design statement.

In-Helmet Speakers:

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For those who want to have an invisible device, in-helmet speakers are appropriate. In-helmet speakers allow the rider to take calls without any hassle while riding. The speaker gets attached to the helmet. The motorcycle owners who don’t want to add any extra device on their external surface can go for this type of speaker.

No matter what you choose, motorcycle speakers are actually safe to use while on the road. Additionally, motorcycle speakers help you to stay vigilant of your surroundings without compromising on your favorite entertainment.

The Advantages Of Motorcycle Speakers

Whenever you decide to spend on motorcycle speakers, you definitely have some purposes in your mind. For every motorcycle owner, the need for buying motorcycle speakers may vary. Many people still think that there is no point in spending on motorcycle speakers as motorcycles are not covered vehicles like cars. When the wind gushes on you, it will create distortion.

Well, a little bit of distortion is definitely made. However, the motorcycle speakers will still get you the experience of clear and crisp sound. And trust me, you will soon fall in love with your motorcycle speakers.

Here Are A Few Benefits Off Motorcycle Speakers:

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The Amplify Your Vehicle’s Look:

Trust me, all the motorcycle speakers available on the market look outstanding. You can choose from various shapes and sizes according to your vehicle. Along with the excellent sound, the speakers enhance the look of your motorcycle.

They Bring Safety:

Safety is one of the most crucial concerns when you are on the road. When you install motorcycle speakers, they allow you to concentrate on the streets all the time. Furthermore, helmet speakers will enable you to take calls and communicate on the go without shifting your vision.

They Increase Your Motorcycle’s Resale Value:

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You will definitely not ride the same motorcycle forever. Consumers always prefer buying motorcycles with unique features to stand apart. And spending on motorcycle electronics increases the value of the vehicle. And if you spend on motorcycle speakers, your motorcycle will get a great resale value.

What To Look For While Buying Motorcycle Speakers

Now that you know the advantages and types of motorcycle speakers, this is the right time to take the next step and make a purchase. If you have a motorcycle with an in-built audio system, and you are not happy with the sound quality, you still can go ahead and replace your factory-installed speakers with an aftermarket one.

There are several reasons why buying and upgrading your motorcycle speakers are worthwhile. And here is a list of what you must look for while buying and upgrading your speakers.

Water Resistance:

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Remember that your motorcycle cannot offer any safety to the speakers as a motorcycle is open to Mother Nature. Thus, while riding your motorcycle, your speakers will be exposed to all the elements, including sun, sand, dirt, water, and all-natural obstacles.

To keep your motorcycle speakers in their best condition for longer, always prefer buying a water-resistant model. Because if they’re not water-resistant, water can get into the motor assembly of the speakers and cause corrosion. If you want your speakers to last for years, spend extra bucks and invest in a water-resistant model.

UV Exposure Rating:

As your motorcycle speakers are exposed to the sun, the UV rays can damage the material and cause fading, cracking, or degrading. But spend on a model that can withstand UV exposure. You can protect your speakers even after years of direct sun exposure. Remember that when your speakers start falling apart after just a few years, it’s a frustrating experience. If you want to use your speakers for the most prolonged period possible, prefer buying the model that has passed the test of UV and heat exposure.


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Not only the outer material, but you also need to consider the internal materials while buying your motorcycle speakers. Choose to purchase the speakers with optimum power handling capacity and those made of excellent quality components. Look for large diameter voice coils and weather-resistant interior elements to make the most of your motorcycle speakers.

While buying motorcycle speakers, we always suggest you stick to the big names. Remember that big brand’s manufacture products that last longer. Additionally, those speakers will undergo many steps of testing before launching to the market. Reputable brands ensure that your product will get warranty coverage and support even after the sale is complete.

When it is time to upgrade your existing audio system or add new motorcycle audio to your vehicle, visit our website. We have a vast range of products under one roof. Our team of engineers can help you install your motorcycle speakers. Remember that professionally installed speakers last longer.