Each RV has its charm and its features. And no matter how much you custom-build or shop around for an RV, there will always be a couple of things you’d want to change or improve. Once you use an RV to a certain degree, you will begin to see something that could be improved to cater to your safety and comfort.

Fortunately, most of these needs can be added as upgrades to the RV through time. Check out the list below and see if you need any of these RV upgrades.

An Upgraded Mattress


As of today, financing an RV has become a lot easier. You can just hit up financing institutions, such as My Financing USA, for an affordable loan for the best second hand RVs in the market.

However, even if you find your dream RV for a reasonable price, the chances are that even this RV still won’t have a bed that is comfortable to sleep on. Whether you buy a secondhand or a new RV, it’s still a given that the mattress it usually comes with is a bit disappointing.

Also, since a third of your life is spent sleeping, upgrading your RV mattress is definitely worth the investment. However, remember that the size of RV mattresses are not the same with regular mattress sizes. Shop around for mattresses explicitly made for RVs. These mattresses are frequently “short” sizes. Several mattress companies even make customized beds for various RV styles and models.

Blind Spot Detection System


Having a blind spot detection system installed in your RV is a foolproof method to help any unforeseen road accidents and injuries. Traveling using your RV can be much more relaxing and enjoyable if you have some kind of system to prevent accidents. Thus, ensure your safety with a blind spot detection system that will allow you to focus more on enjoying your travels.

Hanging Towel Rod


If you’re trying to maximize your RV space, a hanging rod is one of the easiest methods to solve your problem. Although several RVs already have a hanging rod installed, most do not. Thus, installing a hanging rod is one of the simplest but most essential upgrades for an RV.

It is better to install the rod in your bathroom since it will permit you to utilize the space and make it more spacious. Although it is a simple method, it is undeniably essential.

Hardwired Surge Protectors


Most RVs are already equipped with standard outlets. However, this would be useless if an electric efflux overloads the outlets when your PC, TV, or other electronic gadgets are plugged in. Thus, if you depend on electronic devices while working on the road or relaxing indoors, the smartest move is to install surge protectors in your RV.

You can prevent outlets from short-circuiting by securing individual plugs. You can also opt to install a hardwired surge protector that mediates the electricity that flows into your RV. The latter will secure your whole RV whenever an electric surge happens.

Laminated Floors


Whether you purchase a second hand or a brand new RV, it is better to get rid of the carpet. Laminated floors are simpler to clean and look neater than a carpet. Furthermore, you’d also need to consider where you will travel.

Whether you go to the beach, the mountains, or even in the city, odds are you’ll wind up bringing sand or dirt into your RV. Debris can get caught under your carpet and are a major pain to clean up.

Lithium Batteries


If the source of your RV’s electricity fails or runs out for some reason, the battery will automatically start up. However, a standard battery can only last for a limited amount of time. Thus, it is better to upgrade your backup electricity source to lithium batteries.

They require less maintenance, are lighter, and they even last longer than regular batteries. Unfortunately, if you compare them with other deep cycle batteries used for RVs, you’ll find that they are a bit more expensive.

Ride Steps

The RV factory steps that initially come with the vehicle are generally unstable, and their state only worsens the longer you use them. If you frequently travel using your RV, you’ll encounter various terrain and elevation that can make climbing up and down the ride steps significantly challenging.

You can purchase steps that fold into the RV and are adjustable. Opt for lightweight and removable ride steps. It is easy to choose one for your RV, for it comes in multiple sizes for all RV types. Furthermore, steps that are stable and don’t wobble are the best option if you have children and pets.

Solar Power System


If you want to save up on electricity, all the while doing the planet well, you can opt to upgrade your RV with a solar panel system. Although this purchase is significantly costly, if you consider how much you’ll cut down on your electricity consumption in the long run, the cost is worth it. A lot of newer RV models already have a solar-powered framework installed. In short, all you need to acquire are the actual panels.

Tire Pressure Monitor


Many vehicles, not only RVs, are prone to having their tires breaking down, especially if they’ve been running long distances non-stop. Thus, you must have tire pressure monitors to assist you in keeping track of your tires’ state.

In case your tires suddenly show signs of losing air or overheat, the monitor will inform you via a display on your phone or dashboard. A tire-pressure monitor will help significantly lessen the times you’ll experience unexpected flat or blown tires.


Purchasing a used RV that is still in good condition can significantly help you save money. However, no matter how much you think your RV is perfect, there are always some things that you’d want to improve. If you like to travel frequently, you’d know how better traveling becomes when it is convenient. Thus, by investing in accessories and upgrades for your RV, you can fully enjoy the limited space your vehicle offers.