Motorcycle jeans and leather pants are among the most popular choices when it comes to choosing a pair of riding trousers. You might also want to take a step back and consider the differences between denim vs. leather.

There is a big difference between a classic pair of jeans and a pair of leather pants. While both are practical and functional for many different uses, jeans are easier to live in and care for. Leather pants, on the other hand, tend to be more expensive and require special care.

Both jeans and leather can be dressed up a little with a simple t-shirt, dress shoes and a casual watch, or dress down a little with skinny jeans and a pair of sneakers. But then again, leather’s becoming more of an elite-only outfit. That is why it is important to decide whether you want to go with a pair of solid colors, solid browns or a pair of dark browns or black. The dark color will give the pants that “athletic” look without looking heavy or gaudy.

Denim Jeans – The Modern Style For Bikers


Denim jeans tend to have a more modern look and have the added bonus that you can jump off your bike and enter any event / restaurant or bar and fit into the scene. Leather pants on the other hand (although fine on the bike and offer lots of protections) can look out of place in other social situations and draw attention to you as a biker.

Denim though it went out of popularity a few years back, is actually making a comeback. Today, you can find a number of popular brands of denim – like Gap, Levi’s, and other well-known names.

You want to get a good pair of rugged motorbike jeans and not just any pair, just the best. A quality pair of motorcycle jeans will keep you comfortable and make you look great – as well as offering decent protection if you do have any accidents. Visit RuggedMotorBikeJeans and check some of them available on this website.

Leather Pants – Still A Great Choice


Leather, however, has some great advantages over denim. The first is that the leather is very comfortable after it is worn in, especially if you live in warm climates. This is because leather breathes and also forms to your shape over time. It will not only provide you with warmth and comfort during cold weather but also will keep you warm and well protected against the road.

Leather is also very durable, which is great because you don’t have to replace your leather jacket often (unless it gets soiled). This is why many die hard bikers still choose to wear leather motorcycle trousers over denim jeans.

If you are ready to buy a new pair of motorcycle pants, choose the one that offers the best combination of features – denim vs. leather. If you have more than a couple pairs of denim jeans in your closet, why not go for that one special leather pair which you can pull out for longer rides and in cooler months.

As long as you choose a color that works well with your jeans (and a color that matches the rest of your wardrobe), you can easily mix and match the two. When shopping for motorcycle pants, you may find you want a different style from the ones you already own. Some jeans may be too baggy to work well with your bike (while other jeans may not fit at all!). In these situations, you can simply swap out your jeans with another pair.

Both leather and denim do offer you a lot of versatility –they can both be worn with different colors and styles, so you can easily change the look every time you ride a motorcycle. This will ensure that you always look great. Leather can look really cool on some people. The only problem is that the leather tends to fade over time. Also if you take it off it can look quite unsightly.

When shopping for motorcycle jeans always try on as many as possible. You want to try on several pairs of jeans so you know which pair you like the best. Also you want to try on different colors or different fades, so you know what fits you the best. The worst thing is to have a pair of pants which are so tight that getting on and off your bike takes the skills of an acrobat!

Denim or Leather (Or Even Mixed!)


It is also possible to get a pair of jeans that are made from denim and leather. The best thing about this type of riding gear is that they give you the best of both worlds and styles – and do last for a very long time.

You should be able to tell a good leather or denim pant from a pair that is made from synthetic materials. {unless it is an authentic reproduction. Denim pants, in general, tend to look better if they have a straight line in the waist and have an elastic band around the ankles. In contrast, most leather pants made from synthetic materials will be loose and saggy. You can tell the difference between genuine leather pants and imitation ones by looking for a tight waist and an elastic waistband.

One of the most important factors in choosing between leather and denim is the material. It should be noted that leather pants are generally heavier and will feel a lot more comfortable after you have worn them in for several weeks. Denim is lighter and initially more comfortable, but can tend to fade faster and also wear out quicker than leather.

You can compare the two types of jeans and decide which is better – denim vs leather in many ways. Be sure to take into all the factors : cost / durability / protection and style (being the main deciding points for most people). Will you be buying this pair of biker pants for the long or short term? Will you be riding all day in them or doing short rides to cafes and restaurants? Just take the time to do your research and you should be able to make an informed decision. Stay safe out there on your bike!