The adrenaline rush, speed, unique clothing style and wild lifestyle. These are the first associations that come to mind when we think of bikers. They are a perfect combination of boldness, restlessness and pure hedonism! What’s so attractive about them? There must be something worth mentioning because their style literally ruled the world.

Clothing and gear they are wearing for their safety, has easily become a worldwide trend. Taking it off the roads and making it mainstream has boosted their popularity and has made it possible for everyone to (at least) look tough. The truth is, a biker-inspired look will make every man, or women stand out!

While the biker style essentials are helmets, leather jackets, gloves, leather pants or denim jeans and boots, that is only the beginning. Every biker knows that he can express himself and differentiate himself from others, by having the right accessories.

According to their popular belief, symbols that can be seen on their jewelry and accessories have the power to protect them, as well as personify their freedom and strength. Skull ornament shows they have no fear of death and danger, but we can also find animals such as dragons, lions, tigers and eagles.

Every biker, or anyone who wants to feel like one, is a proud owner of at least a couple of these items:

1. Biker Bracelets

Silver, stainless steel, leather. From simple to heavy and chunky chains. Whether they are classic or colorful, handmade or not, these bracelets are something that catches the eye of everyone around the person who is wearing them!

It makes your hand look more masculine, it goes best with a rich black leather jacket, but non-bikers can combine them with everything, even suits! Biker inspired bracelets have become a go-to accessory that will make any outfit look different, with a watch next to it or the bracelet alone, you can even stop bothering to take it off, and you won’t be wrong!

2. Biker Rings

This is a must in the world of bikers. Massive rings with skulls or animals are what personifies strength, power and respect they possess. When it comes to rings and bikers, the connection between having a ring like this and earning respect goes back in the past, where kings were wearing them to show off their status!

They have also been considered as magic talismans or some kind of protection for their owner, or they can be used as identification within the different groups of bikers. They are showing who you are, are a great conversation starter and more than anything, they are the strongest statement makers! Despite all of this, they simply look powerful and beautiful! Visit this website to choose the right one for you.

3. Biker Belt Buckles

Having one of these, especially when matching with your jewelry and other accessories is what gives biker outfit a special badass moment. Combined with leather pants, it really shows off the unique and unusual personal style. Why choose a boring, plain and simple belt, when you can add to it by customizing with your favorite symbols and talismans.

4. Money Clips

They are making it stylish wherever they can! It’s not just about looking great, it’s about feeling great as well. That is the case when they pull out their money to pay for something, and suddenly, everyone’s watching! It is also practical, fits in their pocket and there are various designs to choose from. Made of silver or stainless steel and with added rocks, it’s definitely a part of their personality. Wallets can also be customized, made of all kinds of leather, with the same animals and skull symbols that can be seen on their jewelry.

5. Biker Earrings

Bikers who wear earrings are maybe the bravest! A cool accessory like this is showing that they care about their appearance but on the other hand, they don’t follow the rules! Disobedience is their choice in life, and they find it boring to look like everyone else. Did you know that famous rock and other performers borrowed this style from bikers? Skulls, claws, gothic designs and crosses are the most commonly worn by bikers. It will never go out of style to deny public morality and stand out from the crowd!

6. Biker Necklaces

White T-shirt, black leather jacket, blue jeans and an interesting necklace, isn’t it every woman’s dream? Chains or leather, wearing them on their chest is a constant reminder of who they are and who they represent so that their peers can recognize them instantly. Biker necklaces with the right pendants can give their outfits a touch of luxury and intricacy! If you are looking for the right present for your partner or a friend, consider getting started with a piece of jewelry that goes around their neck.

7. Biker Wallet Chains or Keychains

If they want to, every piece of accessory bikers wear can fall in line with their lifestyle! That is the case with keychains and wallet chains. Connecting their keys is as much important as for anyone else, if not more. During their endless rides with their steel horses, it’s important to organize their personal stuff.

Not to mention the fantastic outfit ideas with chains and skulls hanging out of their pockets, keychains and wallet chains are both useful and cool. These accessories are designed to keep their keys in place, but they also make one more place to show their creativity and personal style.

Besides bracelets, rings, belt buckles, money rings, earrings, necklaces and keychains, almost every piece of clothing or jewelry bikers are wearing, can be customized and personalized according to their taste, culture or club membership. However, it’s undeniable that bikers brought the revolution in the fashion world, intentionally or not, making every other man in the world wanting to taste a little bit of freedom, strength, courage and speed. What looks good on them, looks good on everyone! The important thing to be aware of is that safety should be number one if you are a biker. Safety first, great style the second!