Motorcycles are becoming popular nowadays because of the convenience it provides when moving in and out of traffic. Unlike four-wheel vehicles, motorcycles can easily be maneuvered through tight spots so as to prevent getting stuck in traffic for hours.  

But unlike car drivers, a motorcycle rider must have some gadgetries to include in their everyday ride. Passengers and drivers in a car must always use the seatbelt to avoid severe body impacts from any untoward incidents. For a motorcycle rider, a seatbelt is impossible, but there are still ways to lessen the effects of accidents from daily rides. One of these ways is by putting a motorcycle riding camera. 

Installing a Riding Camera

In installing a camera, the rider must choose to have a high-definition and high-quality video camera so that everything will be recorded properly. Blurred output can be reduced, eliminating the need for guessing when it comes to identifying specific details such as plate numbers or even the face of the people involved in any incident. A motorcycle rider should also opt to install a video camera with an audio recording feature so that any verbal altercations can be saved which is very useful too.

In installing a video camera, any motorcycle rider must know the laws in their country by researching the rules and regulations being implemented in the area. Riders must also use a video camera for ethical purposes without violating the privacy of any individual or having any intent on harming the reputation of a person.

Ensure that you are also focused on your driving and your safety, not on the video camera. Furthermore, one must install a camera that does not damage the helmet. Drilling holes on protective gears are not allowed. Instead, it is advisable to use a strap or clip to mount your camera on your helmet. The main thing to consider is that it should not alter the protective function of your helmet and the camera should be easy to take off. 

Additional and Useful Camera Features

Installing a video camera is a small investment compared to what it can achieve in the future. Whatever the outcome of having a video camera in your motorcycle, you must ensure that you have extra features to make a hassle-free video recording experience. The motorcyclist can look for functional features in cameras including an Engine Start Mode. This feature is handy as it eliminates the need to press any button to start video recordings. 

Another feature is the Loop Recording wherein the rider need not worry if the memory card is already full. The functionality automatically loops the recording if the capacity is already at its maximum. An Emergency Lock Button is useful for emergency purposes since it can automatically lock the motorcycle. The auto-capture function can be set to take photos in your preferred intervals allowing the camera to automatically and continuously take pictures. Also, you must choose a waterproof camera so you can easily use it even if there is a terrible weather condition.

Importance of Investing in a Riding Camera

Using a camera every time you ride also corresponds to preventing accidents

Evidence Recording

Aside from the fundamental requirements of wearing a helmet and having functioning lights, installing a camera will ensure that every mistake or every move that happens before an accident will be recorded. These video footage can then serve as proof of evidence of who is at fault and what went wrong.

Also, a camera can record several factors that will help in solving any motorcycle accidents. These include license plates, weather conditions, surrounding areas, and even drivers who violate the laws such as using their mobile phones while driving. It can also record abusive law enforcement personnel or even drunk drivers. 

Los Angeles is no stranger to motorcycle incidents as there are a lot of enthusiasts and big rider clubs in the city, and road accidents involving a motorcycle happens more than what you may think. There’s a lot to know regarding how to act after being involved in an accident while on your bike, but you can click here to educate yourself. Keep in mind that legal representation is vital to dispute a motorcycle injury accident.

Insurance Claim

Another reason why a motorcyclist needs to have a camera is that it can be handy for capturing those moments of unbelievable and questionable driving skills. With a riding camera, it would be fairly easy to provide footage of an event to prove the driver’s skill. In case of accidents, insurance companies will be able to evaluate whether the rider is liable or whether you are suitable for any insurance claims.

Having a piece of evidence will help in paying affordable premiums because some insurance companies will require a helmet camera if the motorcycle rider wants to pay lower insurance premiums. Insurance companies can provide your camera footage for settling any disputes and figuring out who is responsible for the incident. 

Public Safety

A video camera can also help in resolving road rage chaos. A 2019 study, shows that only 10% percent of Americans called the police to report drivers on road rage. It further mentions that although physical confrontation does not usually happen, there were instances that verbal confrontation, throwing of objects, sideswiping and ramming of cars have happened.

These days, social media is the new name of the game. With just a click, a recorded video can help identify involved trouble makers and dangerous riders or those so-called hit-and-run perpetrators. Hence, a motorcyclist can be very helpful in the community in lessening out the number of drivers who make the road very dangerous.

Share your Wonderful Travels

In connection with social media, a plus factor in having a video camera is that you can easily share your momentous motorcycle rides whether it’s good or bad. This will help you in developing your part in the motorcycle riding community. You can also gain new friends as well, aside from improving your riding skills.

This is very useful also for vloggers who love to document every riding moment. Vloggers can even edit their adventurous rides so they can create incredible montage videos or they can even add other effects to their blog videos, including music, narration, and still images plus interviews with other riders.

A riding camera may be viewed by some as simply an accessory and a trend. But remember that it provides added security for the rider and for the public. It’s similar to having another set of eyes to record the events on the road. The recordings can assist in insurance claims and in settling disputes. And who knows, you may even capture something fun or unusual that you can share with your friends!