Cycling is good for your health and it is also an exciting hobby for many people. However, like any other sporting activity, you need to take into account certain measures to improve your skills in this particular field. To learn about the proven ways to improve your cycling power, you can use the checklist below:

Choose the Right Bike

Different types of bikes are designed for various purposes. For instance, tour bikes are designed to cover long distances, while racing bikes are specifically meant for racing. If you want to learn more about how you can improve your cycling power using the right bike, the professionals at can offer basic tips that can help you become a star.

You can begin with a lighter bike and gradually move to a heavier one. Likewise, you should always remember that constant practice is good since it helps improve your cycling skills.

Monitor Your Cycling Time

As a beginner, cycling for about 30 to 45 minutes can help you stay fit but as you gain more experience, you can gradually increase your cycling time. This helps improve your cycling power when your muscles gain more strength and endurance. Essentially, your muscles should develop some form of resistance so that you can endure long rides.

Make Vital Adjustments to Your Bike

You must adjust your bike to a comfortable position to avoid shoulder and back injuries. Bending too much can cause back pain so you need to raise the handlebar to prevent this.

You also need to properly adjust the height of the saddle so that you sit in an upright position. Make sure that your legs do not stretch too much as this can cause knee ache which can affect your cycling power.

Always Prepare Your Body For Cycling

Before you embark on a cycling trip, make sure that your body is ready for that exercise. You should not force yourself to cycle when you are feeling weak unless you are not going to overdo it. You can stretch your muscles and make sure that your joints are fluid and ready for the task before hitting the pedal.

High-Intensity Interval Training

You can also perform high-intensity interval training sessions that can help you improve your endurance when riding long distances. According to hard-training sessions prepare your muscles for challenging circumstances. You can do intense training sessions at intervals so that you condition the muscles to sustain difficult conditions.

Keep Your Body Hydrated

Dehydration can lead to tiredness and fatigue which can impact your power to cycle. It is crucial to drink enough water before and while you are cycling. You can carry a water bottle on your bike to ensure that your body is constantly hydrated.

If your body has sufficient fluid content, it can endure situations that demand more energy, and it can also resist early fatigue. The other advantage of drinking a lot of water is that it helps replace fluids that are lost from the body through sweating.

Eat Right

Cycling consumes a lot of energy so you must also eat foods that are high in energy such as bananas, peanut butter, nuts, oatmeal, as well as salmon. You can also add a variety of fruits to your diet to increase energy. It is crucial to avoid foods that are high in fat content.

In the same vein, you should also strive to burn much fat in your body. Constant training helps you burn fat gradually which, in turn, can help you endure longer rides. Too much fat in the body can suppress the free flow of blood as some of the major veins could be blocked by the fat substances. The increased blood flow helps the body endure hard and straining situations.


It is vital to improving the flexibility of your body and muscles to help you cycle. You can do this by stretching the muscles before and after cycling to prevent cramps as well as to loosen them to improve the flow of blood. Improved flow of blood is vital since it helps to supply nutrients and oxygen that keep your body going strong. The other advantage of stretching is that it helps prevent cramps in your muscles.

Interval Cycling Workouts

You can also perform interval cycling workouts that help your body build power and at the same time, help it recover quicker from repeated surges. For instance, you can cycle harder for about 40 seconds in medium or high gear then take about 20 seconds to recover.

You can then repeat 10 times; this effort helps you develop efficient pedal stroke. You can also pedal as fast as possible in a standing position when you are in an incline position then change to a sitting position after a few seconds. Give yourself time to recover and then repeat the process again.

Perform Indoor Cycling Workouts

You can use an indoor bike to supplement your real bike for your cycling workouts. An indoor bike is convenient because it simulates the actual bike, and you can train whenever you want to. The indoor bike offers perfect pedaling experience and is solid which helps improve your cycling power. You can perform a variety of drills using an indoor bike as you can adjust it to different positions.

Lift Weights

Weightlifting is another ideal kind of resistance training that contributes to muscular endurance when you are cycling. You can become a better rider by performing lifting since it helps maintain the body muscles so that you can cycle more efficiently. When you have stronger muscles, you can last longer before tiring or fatiguing.

Find a vast array of cycling power meters for your interval cycling workout at Power Meter City. A power meter lets you accurately measure the power you expend on the pedals, providing valuable insight you can use to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing your power also eliminates the guesswork of training, eliminating “junk” training (or training that doesn’t help accomplish your goals), and making the most of limited training time.

Cycling is both exciting and it is also good for your overall health. However, to gain more cycling power, you must use the right bike and always make sure that you are prepared for the activity. The other important thing is that you should make necessary adjustments to your bike to prevent discomfort and back pain that can strain your energy. More importantly, you should always know that constant practice helps improve your cycling power.