Doing a 30-Minute Cycle for Bodybuilding

30 minute cycling on a daily basis, will not only help you build stamina and leg muscles, but it can also help tone your abs, stomach, laps and buttocks, giving you an all-round flexibility your body deserves. If you want to build leg muscle for instance, you should consider riding uphill or pulling a child along because it requires pushing your body’s weight alongside the weight of your bike, with the use of your quadriceps and hamstrings.

Your stamina is defined as the ability of your body to endure for extended period of exercise or activities. One of the best possible ways of increasing your body’s stamina through cycling is to increase your cycling session on a daily basis. If you start ​for 20 minutes per day cycling, you can then add 5 minutes to each session on daily basis to increase endurance.

Which of your muscle groups does cycling help you tone?

Cycling will help you build your body by focusing on 7 main groups of muscles, these are;

  • checkThe quadriceps ( these are muscles located in front of the thighs),
  • checkThe hamstrings (muscles located in the rear of the thigh),
  • checkHip flexors,
  • checkCalf muscles,
  • checkThe butt (Gluteus Maximus),
  • checkThe Plantar flexors of the foot, and
  • checkDorsiflexors of the foot.

Here are a few steps you can take to build your body by cycling for 30 minutes a day;

#1: Choose a realistic target

If you can comfortably cycle 20 miles without struggling with your breathing or feeling ​fatigued, it will make more sense to add 5 extra miles ​to your target on a daily basis. On the other hand, if you struggle to cover 20 miles a day, you may want to reduce your cycling intensities in order to cover the same distance. The secret to building your body here is to ensure that you ride as fast as you can, even if you have to cover a shorter distance. Riding ​slowly in order to avoid fatigue will not increase your body’s stamina and endurance, hence it can take a longer time to build your body.

#2: Warm up your body before cycling

Having some light push up or weight training before cycling can help stretch your muscles and prepare them for 30-minute cycling on a daily basis. Having light training before cycling will also improve your balance and improve your flexibility, boost your energy levels, improve endurance, and in the long run, increase your bone density. When you jump on the bicycle without warming up your muscles, you will burn yourself out quickly, and you wouldn’t be able to cover much distance, this means you will eventually cycle too slow, and that wouldn’t help you build your body.

#3: Make use of your upper body muscles more, while cycling

Most people do not achieve great results with cycling because they relax the muscles of their upper bodies when they cycle. The upper body muscles are ideal for supporting and stabilizing the body during cycling. There are four groups of muscles you need to strengthen within your upper body while you cycle, these are;

  • checkThe internal and external abdominal muscles,
  • checkThe muscles of the arm,
  • checkThe muscles of the chest and shoulders, and
  • checkMuscles of the back.

As you increase the speed and distance of your cycling, these muscles become stretched and contract when you slow down- repeating this on a daily basis will eventually help you tone and strengthen the muscles of your upper body.

#4: Cycle to tone up your calf muscles

The muscles of your calf are worked out during cycling ​simply due to the “Plantarflexion” effect, during the pedal stroke. To build the endurance of your calf muscles, through the Plantarflexion effect, you should consider standing on your tiptoes occasionally, and increase your pedal strokes at the same time. As your foot is flexing while your toes point downward, your calf muscles are stretched, and when you return your foot to normal position, then the muscles contract. Repeating these steps quite often will eventually help you strengthen your calf muscles.

#5: Cycle to flatten your stomach

If you have an extra layer of fat in your mid-section, it will be ideal if you pay more attention to toning up the area. Cycling can actually help the body burn more calories, which in turn can help one lose weight. Though cycling does not make use of the abdominal muscles primarily, but your abdominal muscles are required to help your body maintain its balance and stabilize while you pedal. In order to increase your core abdominal muscles, you need to shift from side to side occasionally while cycling and still maintain your balance while riding.

​How to get the most from cycling

#1: Make sure you set your seat at a comfortable height, and your knees are slightly bent when riding. #2: In order to avoid injury, make sure you increase your cycling volume slowly.#3: You may want to maintain a cadence of between 90 and 120 rpm, doing this will place minimal stress on your body joints. #4: You may ​wish to make use of a stationary bike in your home if you live in a busy ​neighborhood or you are not comfortable riding outdoors. #5: always dress appropriately for the weather. You can make use of the cycling costume designed to be comfortable under varying weather conditions. #6 You may want to try out a clip-less bicycle if you want to increase your muscle toning. Clipless-pedal will increase the energy used in creating pedal stroke, hence it helps you build a stronger leg while improving your overall control of the bicycle. #7: If you want to build strength, endurance, fitness and muscle tone, then you must not be afraid of climbing hills occasionally- they simply help you work harder. 

Riding a bicycle for 30 minutes a day has numerous health benefits, you can even enjoy much more by if you can pick the best hybrid bikes for women ​for road and off-road, especially one that is adjustable, safe and comfortable in different situations.