Whether you’re buying your first car, or your tenth, you should know the importance of regular car servicing and why skipping out on that annual or bi-annual service isn’t a good idea.

When it comes to keeping our car’s in tip-top shape and working efficiently and safely, there’s not too much that’s more important than a service. With experts from your dealership working on your car, or certified mechanics, you can rest assured you’re keeping on top of any issues down the line.

That in mind, we’ve listed a few of the most important factors to do with regular car servicing and why you should always move forward with your scheduled vehicle servicing.

You’re Keeping On Top of Oil Changes


For our readers who aren’t too in the ‘know’ about cars, you’ll want to make sure that you have someone routinely checking your vehicle’s oil level.

To keep things simple, your car’s oil is essentially the ‘blood’ of the vehicle and it is what keeps the engine and all subsequent components operating effectively and without rubbing, etc.

If your oil is low, dirty or someone has put the wrong oil in the vehicle, you’ll be dealing with a myriad of issues that could eventually lead you to replacing your car’s whole engine — a costly and cumbersome task.

You Keep Tyre Pressure Safe

A second key point that comes from regular servicing is keeping on top of your tyre pressure.

There’s a good chance you’re not too sure about your tyre pressure unless it comes up on your dashboard, and it’s hard to know when to put a little more air into your tyres from time to time — if you know how to do this at all.

That in mind, without a service your tyres could slowly deflate and cause issues with uneven wearing, sluggish responsiveness and more.

Heading down to your local mechanic or finding a reputable mechanic through Enji AU for a regular service will have your tyres inflated to the correct level and they’ll also have a look for things such as nails and other damage to tyres.

You Keep Radiator and Coolant Fluids Topped Up


As you may already know, your radiator and coolant are two key parts of your car that keep the machine running optimally and give your vehicle the chance to cool down during a drive during the day as suggested by

With these fluids low, or entirely run out, you’re running the risk over majorly over heating your car and even burning out the engine and leaving you with a major repair bill down the line.

Again, consistent servicing will ensure you’re keeping on top of your coolant levels and having your car’s radiator fluid topped up. This will ensure you’re keeping your car operating effectively and reducing issues like high fuel burn.

You’re Doing Everything by the Book

We know it can be difficult to hand off your car to a mechanic for a service, which costs a little money, though it’s far better than doing it on your own.

When we hand over our vehicles for regular car servicing, we’re getting the assurance that everything’s done by the book and being correctly checked off. This means that your car is going to be serviced in a way that covers all of the nuances associated with that model — something at-home servicing often forgets.

In line with this, your manual will outline some rather complicated servicing steps that you might not understand, and so handing this task over to the professionals during a regular service is a good idea.

The Takeaway


Those points in mind, it’s quite clear to see that regular servicing is vitally important for your car’s longevity and will mean that you’re preventing issues before they become costly or even leave you out in the cold without a car.

You’ll want to make sure to keep an eye on everything listed below:

And more.

All of these things should be dealt with, and there’s no easier way to do this than heading down to a mechanic or your vehicle’s dealership for a service.

To end, the most important thing to keep in mind that regular car servicing ensures your vehicle’s safety and prevents the risk of accidents. For example, uneven tyre pressure and uneven rubbing can reduce your vehicles chance of breaking quickly when the road conditions are unideal.

That in mind, always be sure to book in your routine servicing.