Many bikers already have a particular road they would like to try at least once in their life. Whether it’s the scenery or just pure thrill, here are some of the most scenic rides around the world, with some offering an adrenaline rush, some that run through quaint towns, and others that are just beautiful to ride.

#1: Big Sur Highway in California


As of August 23, 2021, the Big Sur Highway is under construction, so this road trip may have to wait, but it is definitely one worth taking. This portion of California’s Highway 1 is one of the most scenic drives that anyone can take, whether on a motorcycle or in a car. This 70 mile plus highway attracts millions of people every year. Big Sur is also a drive that is more suited for experienced drivers because of all of the twists and turns.

#2: Route 66 in Arizona


Route 66 in its entirety runs from Chicago, Illinois to Los Angeles, California, but the longest portion of the Historic Route 66 runs through western Arizona. Arizona may not have the scenic ocean views of Big Sur, California, but it has the notable desert views that are breathtaking. Though it isn’t located near Route 66, a trip to the Grand Canyon in the northwest corner of Arizona is another must-see scenic view, and it is also a great drive for bikers to experience.

#3: The Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia


At the tip of Cape Breton Island in Canada is a 135-mile loop of greenery and ocean views. The entire area is something for everyone to experience, with several outdoor activities, special events, music, and cuisine to enjoy. To get the most out of this trip, whether long-term or short-term, plan to spend 3-5 days here. You can also enjoy hiking, swimming, boating, and water sports in addition to the unique culture and the scenic drive. Just be extremely careful during bad weather, or avoid driving altogether.

#4: Buffalo National River in Arkansas


This river, in one of the U.S.’s national parks, spans for over 140 miles, with plenty of hiking trails that also make for a scenic bike ride. There’s even a road that goes off into the Ozark National Forest, where you’ll find Blanchard Spring Caverns and Mount Magazine, the tallest mountain in Arkansas.

#5: Schofield Pass in Colorado


Although it is a relatively short drive, Schofield Pass in the Rocky Mountains is definitely not the trail for first-time riders. At over 10,000 feet in the air, this thrilling ride is best left to the most daring, but most experienced bikers. Unfortunately, the pass has claimed at least 12 lives, so even experienced bikers should still be very cautious. The best time to visit is from April to October.

#6: Beartooth Pass in Wyoming


This thrilling, but also dangerous pass at nearly 11,000 feet, Beartooth pass is marked with winding roads and steep drop-offs. Many people will tell you that it is definitely worth the ride, though first-time bikers should wait until they are much more experienced before taking on this pass. It attracts bikers and cars alike, so be extra cautious as to avoid serious motorcycle accidents on this pass. It is closed in the wintertime due to icy and slippery road conditions, so plan your trip accordingly. is a great resource for information on motorcycle accidents.

#7: Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia


Tucked in the southern part of the Appalachian Mountains between the Great Smoky Mountains and Shenandoah National Park, you will find over 400 miles of one of the most scenic routes within this mountain range. Known as America’s favorite drive, you can enjoy the relaxing scenery of up-close and personal rugged mountains. This drive attracts cars, motorcycles, and bikes, though there are no bicycle-only lanes, so it is important to share the road with cyclists.

#8: The Friendship Highway in Tibet

If you love to travel around the world, there are some great places all over the world that have scenic riding trails. Also known as the China-Nepal Highway, Friendship Highway is another ride for the seasoned riders, with muddy and dirt roads, with some passes climbing up to 16,000 feet in altitude.

#9: The Black Hills in South Dakota


Spanning around 5,000 in South Dakota, the Black Hills is a trip that every biker (no matter your experience) should try at least once. Every August there’s a Sturgis rally where around 100,000 bikers ride down this road. You will even get a glimpse of the famous Mount Rushmore monument in the background.

#10: Pisco, Peru


This port town near the Andes Mountains has some of the most interesting geography. Take a ride up through the mountains and 700 miles later, you’ll end up in Manu National Park. There is a ton to do in the town of Pisco as well, such as kitesurfing, paragliding, visiting the “Band of Holes” in the Peruvian desert, and enjoying the unique cuisine.

#11: The Millersburg Ferry in Pennsylvania


This ferry will carry you and your bike across the Susquehanna River in just 20 minutes, and it will only cost you $7.00! This old-fashioned mode of transportation operates from May through October, but only if the water levels are suitable for travel. This ferry is a remarkable piece of history, established before the town of Millersburg itself.

#12: Salmon Scenic River Byway in Idaho


Up in the Sawtooth Mountains is this 160-mile pass that flows right alongside the Salmon River. Along this ride, you will be able to see rafts riding down the river right beside you. However, be wary of deer and moose, as they tend to come out at dawn and dusk.

Even if you aren’t the most experienced rider, don’t cross the more challenging rides off your bucket list. Once you’ve become more experienced and comfortable with higher passes, you will be able to take on some of these more difficult rides.


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