People who love portable e-scooters that perform pretty well in the urban jungle, usually struggle to find the right one for them, that mill meets their needs and requirements. These devices are very popular in recent years, since they are convenient and affordable, but will also help you move faster through the streets. They are a great choice for the young people who go to college, or those who should arrive at work on time, but don’t want the public transport solutions, or it’s too far to just take a walk.

According to, you have a chance to explore the city around you and access the environment, as long as you use it on paved surfaces. No matter how durable are these scooters, they are primarily for the urban environments. When comparing Mantis 8 and Mantis 10, we can see that there is no such a big difference between them, and it’s on you to explore their features, so you can find the best option for you.

Also, keep in mind that it’s not a good solution for young people who still go to school because no matter how good are they at operating these devices, their inner sense of danger and responsibility is not the same as the adults. So, if you plan to buy it as a gift for your young child, maybe it’s better for you to wait a few years more. So, what do you need to know about the Mantis 8 and Mantis 10 scooters before you buy one of them?


1. The quality compared to the price


This is maybe the best device that meets the $1,000 price range, and still provides excellent quality and durability, and you can even switch it to an eco-mode. The tires are tubeless, and it comes with LED lights.

2. Safe and stable ride

Kaabo Mantis 8 provides great and stable riding. It’s also smooth, no matter the speed. The scooter is lightweight by itself, which means you can easily conduct it. They are good for urban areas, both Mantis 8 and Mantis 10, but knowing that their tires are extremely durable and thick, you can even use them off-road, but you must be sure about the terrain.

3. Battery that lasts longer

Mantis models are popular among people because of their battery capacity. You can pass even 56 kilometers with only one charge. On the other hand, that means charging takes up to 12 hours. The battery indicator will show you the current situation, and you will have no risk of shutting down in the middle of the ride. In general, we can say that using the Mantis 8 scooter is a great experience, especially on-road and in the city. Using it off-road requires additional attention because the tiny rocks and other things that can be found on the trails can damage the construction. Also, we really like the option to fold it, and literally store it in the backpack. The motor is heavy, but the whole construction is lightweight, knowing that the motor is pretty powerful, and that makes it easily portable, which is good, especially if we travel and want to use it there.


1. The off-road experience


As we already said, in some cases, Mantis 8 and Mantis 10 can be used off-road too, but knowing that the tires are tiny, compared to the other off-road vehicles, the whole ride can be bumpy and you are putting your favorite device at risk of damaging. Our suggestion is to explore the trail before and see if the e-scooter can handle those conditions. Or if you want to be sure it will last longer, and you will get the best of it, using it on paved surfaces is a better idea.

2. It’s not waterproof

We are talking about a tiny device that also has a motor so it can work nicely. But, on the other hand, that means there is no covering shell to protect the vulnerable parts. That means you will have to avoid using it while it rains outside. Our suggestion is not to risk, and pack it up, take it with you, and you can use it when the rain stops.

A practical solution if you are getting back to the office


During the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us worked from home, without access to the office. Public transport is an excellent solution, but many people try to avoid using it, since there are a lot of people inside, and no one is maintaining a proper distance. The popularity of micro-vehicles is on a rise and it’s growing stronger every day. Now, when a lot of people are vaccinated, or they already had COVID-19, we need to start going back to our daily habits, as usual. But, struggles with public transport are real, and not everyone is ready for that. But, that’s why there are e-scooters available. It’s cheaper than buying a car, and it’s a great option for personal transport. Keep in mind that while you are using, you are a part of the regular traffic, and you must behave properly, and respect the rules. Just because you are faster than the pedestrians, it doesn’t mean you can put them at risk. Because of the speed, your reactions can’t be precise, and you must adjust it when passing through the sidewalks. Be extremely careful on the roads, because most of the streets are not adapted to this type of transport.


Mantis e-scooters are a good solution for adults and young adults who want to avoid big groups of people in public transport vehicles. They can use them to go to college or at work, using a safe and smooth ride through the streets. Being very careful and respectful about the road conditions and rules is a priority. In many countries, e-scooters don’t have a clear status, which means it all depends on the rider. So, be careful, and of course, explore all the options you have before you buy it.