Undoubtedly, Mercedes is a great cars, not available to everyone. But even their purchase these days can no longer be considered something out of the ordinary. Such were the views of business partners Klaus Brackmann and Bodo Buschmann. In 1977, they set up a Mercedes dealership and considered what a highlight it would be to add to their business. The idea came simple, but great you just need to do tuning. But not superficial. And so the studio Brabus appeared, the name of which was formed from the names of the creators Brackmann Buschmann. The price of a Mercedes Brabus produced by Brabus GmbH may seem fantastic to many. This is a famous German company located in Bottrop and engaged in independent production, restyling and tuning of the Mercedes-Benz automobile concern. The main activity is the tuning of engines and car body parts. The Mercedes Benz lineup includes more real SUVs than lightweight models. Such jeeps surprise their owners with high cross-country ability in any conditions and on any roads. These cars are the favorites of the Brabus tuning car.

Mercedes Benz Brabus is a combination of all the above tasks of a tuning studio in the end, an almost perfect car is obtained (if possible, given the highest factory characteristics of Mercedes).

Note that the atelier is not engaged in a radical alteration of cars when examining and comparing an ordinary Mercedes and Mercedes Benz Brabus, an average person will hardly notice significant differences a replaced nameplate, new body kits, perhaps carefully designed optics and characteristic Brabus wheels on a Mercedes. Once in the car, the same man in the street will be able to see new differences a carefully designed interior, taking into account the wishes of the customer, as ergonomic and comfortable as possible. And the greatest difference the same person will be able to see when the Mercedes Brabus will show the maximum power and performance in comparison with other competitors.

1. Brabus G800 iBusiness


The G800 iBusiness (W463) was unveiled at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. On the one hand, nothing special, just an improved version of the Mercedes-Benz G 65 AMG, on the other hand, it was tuned so that it turned not only into a small mobile control center, stuffed with various modern equipment, but also into a terrible more attractive “monster”.

The G 800 iBusiness easily makes 100 km in 4.2 seconds, despite its not at all aerodynamic shape. Equally easily, this G-CLASS reaches a top speed of 250 km h with its specially limited electronics. And if you remove this restriction, then 270 km h.

The Mercedes-Benz G 800 Brabus iBusiness was supplied with an improved one with a powerful turbocharger, 4 heat exchangers, other turbines and other minor modifications (modernization of the crankshaft, increasing the diameter of the cylinder shaft and pistons, cylinder heads equipped with a special camshaft, etc.) a standard twelve-cylinder, 36 -valve, V-shaped, 6-liter M 275 E 60 AL turbo engine.

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2. Brabus 7.3S


The first modified S-class appeared in the mid-90s of the last century. The legendary S600 in the back of the W140 with its 12-cylinder engine was taken as a basis, the volume of which was increased to 7.3 liters, and the output was brought to 582 liters. with. and 772 newton meters. The car was equipped with a new braking system, a different exhaust and a redesigned suspension, which was supposed to maintain the legendary smoothness of the ride, but at the same time keep the road even at a speed of 300 kilometers per hour. The sedan didn’t set speed records (the lighter Brabus EV12 with the same engine did it for it), but it is even more luxurious than the original S600. The salon was lined with unique Brabus Mastik leather with folds, retractable tables for rear passengers and individual entertainment systems

3. Mercedes-McLaren SLR Brabus


The standard package for the coupe and roadster includes new aerodynamic elements, a tuned suspension, a stricter limited-slip differential and an upgraded V8 engine with a power output of 650 hp. and 820 newton meters. By the way, the exhaust system of the modified supercar is not certified for use on public roads.

4. Brabus Rocket


Brabus Rocket, built on the basis of the first Mercedes CLS, reached a record 365.7 km h in 2006, surpassing the result of its own sedan Brabus E V12 S Biturbo with that 6,3 engine with 730 horsepower. Three years later, colleagues from the G-Power studio created a 750-horsepower Hurricane RS sedan based on the BMW M5, which was able to accelerate to 367 kilometers per hour. Bottrop waited for the second generation CLS and made an even more extreme Brabus Rocket 800 based on it, the power of which was clearly hinted at by the number in the model designation. The engine was pumped up to 800 hp. with. and 1420 Nm, but the thrust had to be limited by electronics at the level of 1100 Nm otherwise the 7-speed “automatic” would not have survived.

5. BRABUS 850 CLS63 Shooting Brake


The most powerful station wagon, which has access to public roads, was built by the Germans on the basis of the CLS 63 AMG in the back of a Shooting Brake. For the CLS, Bottrop offers three powertrain options ranging from 576 to 838 horsepower. The most powerful is built using a 5.9 liter “eight” with two turbochargers. The breathtaking moment of 1450 Nm had to be limited at around 1150 Newton meters. The drive is full, and the crazy traction is realized by huge 20-inch wheels. The aggressive carbon-fiber body kit serves a purely practical function the super-powerful powertrain needs more air for cooling and boosting.

6. G 500 4×4² from Brabus


The off-road vehicle Brabus G 500 4×4² has electric retractable footpegs, an air intake for the hood, a wheel chock and special off-road protection.

Also, the car is equipped with a new radiator grill and new headlights, which are installed on a new carbon panel.

There’s a lot to see under the hood of the SUV. After tuning, the power of the car is increased from 422 hp. up to 500 hp, and the maximum torque from 610 Nm to 710 Nm. With this powerful engine, the Brabus G 500 4×4² accelerates from 0 to 100 km h in 6.9 seconds.

7. Brabus Tesla Model S


The tuning package for the Tesla Model S is limited to exterior modifications only. For example, Brabus has installed carbon spoilers, 21-inch wheels, a carbon diffuser and many other auto parts on the car.

The interior of the car is presented in the form of brown leather seats with blue stitching (i.e. stitching).

The cost of this car is approaching almost 200 thousand euros.