Customising your car plate with the numbers, letters, and colours of your choice is to ensure your car stands out from the crowd. But before you do that, there are a few things you should know.

You’ll Need a Budget


Car number plates can be quite expensive and it’s important to know how much money you have available for a customised option. Personalised plates have varying price tags depending on rarity and demand, so it may take you some time to find out one that falls in your budget.

Moreover, the great thing is that you don’t need to buy only new places since you can always check out the used ones. It is very popular these for many drivers to choose some unique number plates, and there is a big market.

However, more unique symbols can be very expensive. The best example is the plate with symbols No.1. The owner of Chelsea football club, Roman Abramovich bought it for over $300,000.

Small Note for Investors

The good news is that certain car plates have relatively high desirability based on changing trends and current affairs. Investing in a car plate is pretty much like buying a stock in a company, albeit, one that is built on a shaky foundation. There is a fair bit of speculation involved in future prices of car plates – it could go up, or it go down.

Don’t pour your life savings into it. As long as you don’t expect to become a millionaire overnight and have a relatively good risk appetite, you will enjoy the process of buying car plate sales at

On the other side, it can be a profitable investment if you manage to buy some interesting combination for a decent price. It is a popular trends these days, and we expect that even more people will start looking for personal plates.

Explore All Your Options


It’s a myth that there is only one style of car plates available. The truth is that car plates in Australia can be purchased in a number of letters, numbers, and colours. You can choose from existing slogans or create your own.

It’s worth noting that rarer car plate characters cost more money. They may not be available either. Remember, this is a market that is purely dictated by supply and demand – it’s why some prices often go through the roof.

You can bet that thousands of car owners have already applied for their number plates. This is why you should consider all your options and not get disappointed if someone else has a personalised plate that you were dead set on acquiring.

Think About Longevity

Don’t rush into buying a car plate just because it’s trending now. What’s “in” today will be “out” tomorrow. Instead, look for a number plate that you will love several years from now – don’t let the trends be your guiding light.

You can opt for a name that is related to your favorite musician, sports team, or a hobby you’ve taken fancy to. The goal is to get something interesting and unique that might get a higher value over time.

You Can Use Phonetics to Get Past Expensive Names


Many drivers are resorting to visual tricks to spell a name on their car number plate. This trick is especially effective if you want an option that is expensive or unavailable. Not to mention the fact that number plates with visual tricks look good. For example, you can use the letter B for 8 and Z to represent 2.

Play around with different characters (you can choose up to 7) and ask your friends and relatives to critique your personalised plate. A second opinion won’t hurt, besides, you’ll be stuck with the number plate for many years so take time to think over the new combination.

You Can Increase the Value of Your Car

The market for used cars is huge today. You can find all kinds of models from different years of production, and you don’t need to worry when you are planning to sell your vehicle. In case that you want to sell the plates with the car, having some unique combination can significantly increase the price. You might be able to sell them for much more than if you choose to sell them separately.

It Can be a Great Marketing Idea


Another reason to consider buying personal number plates is that you can use them to promote your business. You should check out the official database of available combinations to see what could be the best choice. Whether you are running a small store, you are a lawyer, or a plumber, choosing the combination that will be related to your business is a great way to attract more clients.

Improved Appearance of the Vehicle

Even though plates are not considered as visual improvement, if you buy some special model it can attract more attention while you are driving. A lot of people who love to restyle their cars and add a lot of customized parts and new features would like to have a unique plate as well.

On the other side, buying some special version can cost a real fortune, but you can always find some more affordable solutions. On average, an interesting model of plates will cost between $300 and $500.

The Bottom Line

It is always a good idea to invest in this option. First of all, you should check the regulations in your country related to available symbols, size, and colours. Also, be sure to check the registry to be sure that the plates you bought are legal.

The average price of personalized plates is around $100 when you buy them from officials. However, chances are great that you will have to include some effort and find the combination that is not already taken.

If you manage to buy a new or used one for a decent price, it can bring many benefits. First of all, it can gain more value over time, you can use it as a marketing tool, and it will make your car look more attractive and unique.