Whether you are a professional cyclist or you just like to ride bikes for fun or for the sake of exercising, in either case, you need to put on protective gear. Cycling gloves or mountain bike gloves offer protection to your hands when you go about your cycling adventure.

For a successful cycling experience, you need gloves that will provide maximum grip on the bars while still giving your hands a comfortable feel. In the event of an accident, the hands are used to gain balance and to ease the effect of the impact.

That is why the hands can easily get injured. The best mountain bike gloves are those that can protect your hands in case of an accident. This piece contains five of the best mountain bike gloves any cyclist would love to put on for their cycling adventures.

How to Select the Best Mountain Bike Gloves

The following are some important things that you should observe when you are selecting the best mountain bike gloves.

Materials Used

Not all mountain bike gloves can be trusted with various forms of cycling. The materials used for construction matters a lot in the general quality of the gloves.

The quality of the materials and the thoughtfulness put into combining different materials plays a greater role in determining the quality of the gloves. Look out for the best materials combination and you might end up with the best gloves for your cycling experience.

Every part of the glove plays a different role, and therefore, materials used on every part will vary. The material in contact with your hands must be absorbent and must be able to give you a comfortable feel. The material in contact with the bars must provide maximum grip.

Type of Drag System

Traditional fly fishing reels were designed with a spring and pawl system to come up with a drag on the fishing line. There are other types of reels that come with disc-drag, which are adjustable and less expensive.

Perfect Fit

This is pretty obvious. The kind of gloves you buy will determine the success you will receive from every cycling experience.

You need gloves that can perfectly fit into your hands. No compromise on this, and you just have to choose right. You should always look out for gloves with thoughtful features put in place to provide you with the perfect fit.

You won’t like it when your gloves are not conveniently held onto your hands. Avoid gloves that can easily slip off your hands while in the middle of your cycling.


This is one of the most important factors anyone should look out for. There are many mountain bike gloves out there that promise comfort but in real sense, they don’t provide it at all.

The five gloves mentioned in this article are designed ingeniously with the right material combination to provide the most satisfying comfort any cyclist would like to get. The materials are comforting to the skin, and this contributes to its excellent overall performance.

Safety Features

Your safety should be the number one priority when selecting the best mountain bike gloves. The design of your gloves determines its functionality and comfort. Look out for innovative features included in the designing of the gloves.

Don’t be ignorant to think that gloves are too tiny to contain any form of innovation. The level of innovativeness put into the construction of cycling gloves will greatly determine their durability, functionality, aesthetics, safety level, and any other important quality expected with the best mountain bike gloves.

Best Mountain Bike Gloves

Recommended Best Mountain Bike Gloves

With all factors and features considered, the following are some of the best cycling gloves that are ideal for any mountain bike rider.

1. Fox Head Men’s Bomber Glove

Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel with CNC-machined

These gloves are designed to provide maximum protection to your hands besides offering optimal comfort as you ride.

They have plated motocross gloves and are like a suit of armor to the hands.

Increased Durability

The glove features Pittard perforated leather that greatly contributes to its durability. The gloves are of good quality and can, therefore, last for longer even with constant use. It doesn’t lose its grip so easily too.

Optimum Fit

It boasts individually molded polycarbonate knuckle pieces for the perfect fit. This features conveniently ensures that your glove fits just right for the sake of comfort and efficiency, or even performance.

High-Quality Design

With a double-layer clarion palm, hook and loop closure, and silicone lever grip, these gloves provide excellent performance. They look classy and feel much better than other models.

Maximum Protection

Boasts full-coverage of individually modeled polycarbonate ballistic plate that functions well to keep your knuckles well protected. You can ride for longer on a rough terrain, but the effect on your hands will be minimal

2. Giro Bravo Gloves

These fancy-looking gloves are ingeniously designed to ensure maximum comfort and protection while still adds you a classy look as you ride.

Its amazing quality rivals most gloves that cost twice as much.

Wicks Away Moisture

Giro Bravo gloves use breathable mesh on its tops and automatically wicks way moisture. This allows you to experience maximum comfort even when you have sweaty hands.

Soft Absorbent Microfiber

The gloves’ functionality goes beyond its protective feature and can be used to wipe off the sweat off your forehead as you ride. It features absorbent, soft microfiber that you can use to wipe perspiration off your face.

Hook-and-loop Strap

This is the features that perfectly hold your gloves into place so that they don’t compromise their effectiveness. The gloves will not get off your knuckles easily while you go about your riding.

Durable Palm Construction

The palms of the Giro Bravo Gloves are constructed from the durable Clarino synthetic leather. This makes it strong and can last longer while still giving you the best performance.

3. Inbike 5mm Gel Pad Cycling Gloves

Inbike 5mm Gel Pad Cycling Gloves

If you don’t want to hurt your hands in case of a cycling accident, these are the right gloves for you.

They will protect your hands and give you the comfort needed for a successful ride.

Breathe Free and Stylish

These bicycle gloves are designed for cycling enthusiasts. It boasts a Breathe-free and stylish design that makes it comfortable and well ventilated. It’s exactly what a professional cyclist would need.

5mm Gel Palm Pads

The 5mm gel palm pads are distributed in the palm at the point with bearing positions. They work excellently as a buffer layer and could ease your palm fatigue while riding.

Palm Superfine Fabric

This material is fixed on the right spot to offer a sleep-proof effect and to make it durable. All these add to its overall comfort and durability. Once you put them on, they stay on your hands no matter what.

Easy to Wear and Put-off

Can be worn and put off pretty easily. It features a pull-tab that makes it easy to put it off. All it the gloves provide optimum performance and any cycling enthusiast would be lucky to have it.

4. 2014 Fox Head Men’s Dirtpaw Race Glove

Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel with CNC-machined

This is another top quality pair of gloves. They are thoughtfully designed to keep your hands from getting injured in case of a cycling accident.

It is also very comfortable to wear.

Convenient to Cyclists

Convenience is very important in cycling gloves, and any cyclist would be looking out for features that improve their cycling experience. These gloves can be used to wipe sweat.

Extra Grip

The gloves are fixed with silicone gripper on the fingertips to maximize its grip. This material minimizes any chances of slipping on the bar while you go about your cycling.

Perfect Material Combination

The gloves are made from a combination of high-quality materials. It is made of 72 percent polyamide nylon, 20 percent polyurethane, 5 percent polyvinyl chloride, and 3 percent elastane.

TPR Hook and Loop

For a more steadfast fit, the gloves feature TPR hook and loop. This feature works perfectly to hold the gloves tightly but comfortably on your hands, so they don’t get off without your knowledge.

5. Racing Reflex Gel Mountain Bike Gloves

Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel with CNC-machined

This is a lightweight cross country glove that is of lightweight, flexible top hand fabrics.

Which offers excellent performance and comfort for cycling enthusiasts.

Half Finger Style

The glove features a half fingerstyle so that it allows you to control the holding even better. This allows for more ventilation and allows you partly to feel the bar firsthand for better control.

Absorbent Micro-Suede Thumb

This material is convenient in that it will not get soaked in sweat easily. You can wipe the perspiration off your face, and the comfort or grip won’t be affected in any way.

Gel Palm Inserts

It boasts intelligently fixed gel palm inserts that work well to distribute even pressure across your hands. This, in turn, relieves your hands of fatigue so that you can ride for longer.

Exceptional Grip

The double layer AX Suede Fit palm provides exceptional grip. It is a very convenient feature that ensures your hands don’t slip easily on the bars as you cycle.

The Final (Best Mountain Bike Gloves)

These are five of the best mountain bike gloves. You chose any of these, and you are a lucky cyclist. With all factors considered these products tower high above their competitors and can be trusted to provide excellent performance.

I have tested all of these gloves, and I can confirm that they are indeed the best. Every single feature you’d expect from a good mountain bike glove is included in these gloves.

They are innovatively designed to give nothing but the best performance in every situation under any condition.